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    Open to thoughts on how their suits compare.

    And how the SS Napoli compares to the BB Milano.



    Styleforum has fairly high marks for BB suiting. Check out their suit spreadsheet for tons of comparison.



    I can’t speak to BB but I have an SS Napoli that is fantastic for the price range, fits near perfectly and always feel like a million bucks in it.



    Suit Supply if you want to look cool, BB if you want to get a lot of wear out of it. SS is more on trend style wise but BB has a long tradition of suitmaking and an older clientele who knows what to look for and won’t be fooled. But if you only need to wear it a few times a year (maybe two weddings and a couple job interviews or something like that) SS is fine and it’s ok to want to look more on trend.



    I work for BB. BB is better, SS might be more convenient. I equate SS with the new BB MTO stuff but a cheaper price and not quite as good.



    Milano is not a line, but a cut. Milano is essentially slim fit for brooks brothers, and is their take on the Italian fashion suit.

    Suit supply main line is somewhere around the quality of brooks brothers 1818, maybe a bit lower since brooks has better construction, but then, regular priced brooks brothers 1818 is a lot more than suitsupply usually



    BB 1818 is considerably better quality.



    No idea how Books does suits.

    That’ being said, suit supply does not do separates. So if you’re like me and are a weird size you’ll be SOL getting a decently priced suit there. I’m a 46 short jacket and a 32 waist — their paired pant for a 46 is like…40. Big enough they wouldn’t even tailor it down. I had to go custom, which was not worth the price tag.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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