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    Sutro Ellington Boot (Mahogany) – Leather Quick Review: It’s bad



    LMAO at that shit leather



    Purchased via Huckberry which fortunately has a great shipping and return policy.

    From a distance, these look great. The shape was excellent on my foot. No perceived comfort issues walking a few steps to the mirror on carpet. Fit runs true-to-size to about a half size big, depending on size of socks you plan on wearing. But from the second I opened the box I knew these were going back.

    Not much to say about the leather that you can’t see in the pictures. I’ll keep new shoes with scuffs or small scratches because I know I’ll end up creating a few of my own, but I’ve never seen anything like this on a new pair.



    Lately a lot of mexican shoemakers began to pop up. John Doe, Sutro, Unmarked, Miles & Louie, Scott & Lowe.

    And shortly after a review showing a shitty delivered pair will also appear. It’s sad to see that most of these brands don’t realize how a shitty pair of boots can permanently damage their reputation. Goodyear welted shoes are sought after by a limited number of people. Up and coming brands are promoted via word of mouth (or internet posts).

    There’s a lot of leather crafting tradition in Mexico. Why we’re still trying to pass shitty products as quality boggles my mind.

    Out of these brands, I’ve only seen Miles & Louie and Unmarked in person. M&L seems to have good quality. I’ll buy a pair of chukkas in the future, we’ll see.

    edit: I forgot Scott & Lowe



    I opened the link expecting to see not-great leather and assume you were overblowing it.

    It’s worse than I could have imagined.



    Hey, if pre-distressed jeans are a thing, why not for boot leather? /s



    > : It’s bad


    Cheers for the review. And that leather, geez.



    Lol I’ve seen stuff like this before. Although I wouldn’t wear them, I always just figured it was a stylistic choice by the design team.



    This is unfortunate, I would contact the manufacturer. I got a pair about 3 weeks ago and they looked nothing like this, they use top grain leather (I think.) my pair was absolutely nothing like this and I have no complaints at all.



    Post this to goodyearwelt!



    Not surprised. Cheap copy of a good boot.

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