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    What is the best way to deal with preventing yellow sweat stains from forming on clothing? Or if the stains are occurring already, is there a way to get rid of them?

    Recently I have started wearing undershirts more often but as we’re entering summer here in Australia the extra layer isn’t necessarily the most comfortable thing out there.
    Are there any products that I can use in the wash?
    Or are there any undershirts that you lot recommend?
    Bonus points if the brand has some form of a presence in Australia



    stop wearing deodorant with aluminum. The more natural antiperspirants will say aluminum free and what not. They cost a little more but prevents staining on clothes.



    Oxyclean before laundering



    To get rid of the yellow staining: make a 5:1 paste of bicarb and water, wet the yellowed area with tepid water, rub the paste in and leave for twenty minutes, drop white vinegar on the stain and gently rub, then stick in a washing machine on a delicate cycle. If the stains are stubborn, replace the water in the paste with washing up liquid. Stubborn stains might need a couple of treatments.

    Works a million times better than any proprietary product like Oxy.



    Do they sell Zout in Australia? It does a relatively good job of breaking down sweat and oil. Spray down the armpits of your shirts and let the Zout soak in for a half hour before doing a load of laundry. Also, avoid using bleach if you don’t want yellowing on shirts you’ve worn along with aluminum-based antiperspirant.



    I swear by Malin & Goetz deodorant. it will change your life



    Might just be tough cookies for you. Often, it’s something in your water reacting to your sweat/deodorant/microorganisms. You could wear an antiperspirant, but that’s not super healthy—at least I don’t think it is. Might just want to treat undershirts as the sacrificial items they really are. I usually wait until RPMWEST does a $5 T-shirt special and nab one or two. They fit really well, and $5 is $5.

    Edit: Also, if you’re truly using them as undershirts, go with grey instead of white. Depending on your skin tone, it generally blends in with your body under a white button-down better than a white T-shirt would. It’ll hide (permanent) sweat stains a bit better too.



    It’s most likely because you are using Antiperspirant. Most Antiperspirants contain Aluminum which stains your clothing yellow. I’d recommend switching to a Deodorant.

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