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    I hear a lot about steamers but the only one I’ve tried was pretty useless. I love to hear your experiences. In particular I’m wondering;

    *Is it faster than ironing?

    *Do you have a model you love? Hate?

    *Is it better on delicate fabrics?

    *How big is it?

    *Any surprises?

    *How does the finish compare to ironing?

    *Where did you find yours?

    In particular I’d love to hear from any Australians!



    I have the Secura brand one from Amazon and I love it. Definitely faster than ironing and definitely better on delicate fabrics because there is no contact with very hot surfaces. On average I look more polished and save money on dry cleaning. It’s especially useful for travel since the steamer is compact and easy to use. For example, I had interviews all over the country a year ago and my suit still looked fresh.

    The only thing I wish I could do better is mark the lines of my pants. The steamer I have does have a metal surface that kind of gets the job done but by then I’m essentially ironing with a tiny iron, so it defeats the purpose.

    For non-line-making purposes, however, I think steaming looks better than ironing. Ironing often leaves a non-smooth look and it’s easier to miss creases.

    I did have a different steamer that after a while accumulated rust, or what I thought was rust. It may have been water minerals. I basically sprayed hot brown water on my clothes. Not fun times.



    I have one of tiny travel ones from Amazon. It has fabulous reviews…. and I think it’s mostly useless. I got it to help with my boyfriend’s button down shirts, but it takes longer than ironing does and the shirts are damp afterwards.

    Maybe I’m using it wrong, haha.



    i have a [travel steamer from amazon](

    i hate ironing. before the steamer, i used to pretend that the clothes while showering trick worked (it didn’t) or i would put my clothes in the dryer with a wet wash cloth. then, i started working as a sales associate in a store that did finishing touches on items, like steaming. it changed my life.

    i like my travel steamer. i’ve had it for about 3 years now and use it very regularly — some times every day. it takes between 3 minutes to start boiling and steam. occasionally, though not often, it will sputter and splatter water droplets onto my clothes. i have definitely gotten $20 of use out of it. i usually use it for woven fabrics, though occasionally i will go over a knit with it. the steam only lasts for 1 or 2 garments and it’s shape (as compared to a large floor unit steamer) can be a bit awkward. i will definitely continue to use my travel steamer, but i also am thinking about purchasing a floor unit as I use the steamer so much.

    some comments/tips i have after using a steamer for so long:

    * try to use distilled water. salt solids can build up in the boiling chamber, especially if you go below the “minimum” water level. they’re difficult to clean out.

    * the steamer will never fully replace an iron. you will never get the crispness on a cotton shirt that you would get with an iron.

    * steaming in the summer sucks because your clothes have the potential to stay moist in the humidity. it also makes the room humid.

    * you have to be careful with the steamer as you can burn yourself with the steam. also, with the travel steamer, you run the risk of pouring the boiling water out and burning yourself if you don’t hold it at least reasonably upright.



    I have [this one](, it sits on my bathroom counter and is about 0.00000001% the work of ironing. I can steam 10 garments in the time it would take me to iron one. So yes, it’s faster than ironing, see above for the one I have, it’s fine for all fabrics, it’s pretty small. I don’t think it’s as crisp as ironing but I don’t care about that. I got mine at Target.

    I hate ironing, and this has let me wear a lot more stuff that I used to ignore so I wouldn’t have to deal with ironing.



    My steamer is some small off brand thing that works fine for now (when it dies, I’ll actually do some research on what makes a good steamer). However, the biggest thing that has helped with utilizing it is having a dedicated “steaming station”. Mine is a small area on my vanity next to my closet. The steamer lives there, and is constantly plugged in and ready for action. I have an over the door hook so I can hang the items that need to be steamed/are being steamed on my closet door, and another hook so the item can cool down slightly while I steam the next thing. I also have a bottle of distilled water in the steamer station so I dont have to stop and run to the kitchen to refill while I’m steaming stuff (my steamer only holds a couple cups of water at a time which is good for around 1 item). The distilled water helps cut down on mineral deposits. I have a lint roller too for any items that have lint or hair on them. Having this station has been great because everything I need is in one place so whether I’m batch steaming fresh laundry or spot steaming something while I’m getting ready for work I’m not having to run around and waste time gather stuff up.



    Mine is from Philips and it’s the non-portable type. It’s pretty tall but it’s not particularly heavy.

    Steaming is wayyy faster than ironing and it’s great for delicates and wool (especially wool coats). I appreciate being able to steam chiffon or cashmere, but the finish you get isn’t as crisp as the finish you would get from ironing. I’d iron more sturdy dress shirts and steam in-between washes.

    Biggest surprise: watch out for steam burns! That shit hurts like hell ): I burnt my thumb for a split second and it stung the entire day.



    I have a Phillips one, quite basic – found it via reviews by also what was in my price range.

    Edit to say – it’s one of the hand held ones, slightly heavier than a hairdryer, similar in size (comparing to the Remington dryers 😉

    I hate ironing so this is next best thing – can easily steam a blouse/ dress/ trousers on the go in the morning in a couple of minutes.

    Using the ironing water also refreshes the clothes, and I find it’s lovely on more fragile fabrics which I could be afraid of ironing.

    Also like it to use in my coats in between dry cleaning.

    Changed my life for the better!



    I’m obsessed with steaming. I have two. One is a no-name brand from Amazon that cost about $20. It works great when it works. After maybe 6 months of using it, it started randomly shutting off after a couple minutes of using it and you have to unplug and re-plug it in for it to work again. If I’m steaming a shirt or a dress, this typically happens 1-2 times over the course of one garment so it’s rather annoying.

    When I got married a couple years ago in my hometown, I forgot to bring it with me for the week so I had to run and buy another one at Target to use on my wedding dress and the tablecloths. It’s [this one.]( It works better in that it is consistent and doesn’t randomly shut off, haha. Strangely I think it doesn’t steam QUITE as well as my no-name one. It seems to take ever so slightly longer to get the wrinkles out; probably it doesn’t get quite as hot. However, it’s not a huge difference and I typically gravitate towards using the Conair one anyway just because it’s more reliable.

    The steamer works beautifully on most of my silky work tops, dresses, and casual button downs. And let’s be honest, if I have to lug out an ironing board that is not happening at 6am before work. The only time I ever iron now is sometimes for button down shirts. I have a couple of cotton ones where the placket (is that the right word? the buttonhole part) gets hopelessly wrinkled in the wash and it just needs the pressure of an iron. Other than that though, I rarely ever use my iron.



    I’m from Australia, currently using a Phillips model (purple and white) and also have a Phillips handheld one (gold and white) for travel. Started with a cheapie from Kmart (black and white) to try, it was great and I used it for about 5 years before it stopped working. I replaced it with another Kmart model (diff blue and white one) but water leaked during use so I bought the Phillips one.

    Definitely faster than ironing, esp for fiddly items like dresses. Good for delicate items and refreshing things like cardigans that you don’t want to wash after every wear. Not ideal if you need to iron a lot of cotton business shirts or other items that require a more pressed look.

    In terms of size, has a relatively small footprint being upright and is unobtrusive enough to tuck in a corner.



    I have the [Jiffy ESTEAM]( I love it. I hate ironing, and this replaces the iron for me with so much less work. It’s small enough to travel with (takes up about the space of a pair of shoes) but doesn’t feel like a crappy “travel version” the way some hair dryers and other electronics do. I use it on delicate fabrics, things I wouldn’t feel comfortable ironing, and it works great. I’m in the US; I found the same steamer on Jiffy’s [Australian site](, but it looks pricier.



    I have the Pure Enrichment one from Amazon


    I’ve had it since 2015. I’ve tried the “shower as steamer” thing and never worked for me. This steamer works great. I use it as an alternative to ironing (I find ironing more difficult and plus I don’t want to have to own an iron + an ironing board/mat). I also use it to do a light clean (really focus on areas like collars/ arm pits, sleeves) on some dry-clean only delicates, which allows me to wear them 3-10 times before needing to take to the cleaner. It kills bacteria so you won’t have odor issues.



    I have the [Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam]( which I got from Costco. It works beautifully, it’s definitely faster than ironing since there is less equipment to set up, and I can just run it down a garment a few times in under a minute and have it be presentable. It works better on delicate fabrics, I find that the thinner fabrics steam better, and I’ll iron only when my steamer doesn’t get the job done (suits, some button downs, etc.). Overall, ironing makes the clothes look “crispy” but the steamer makes them look natural, the way you would see them in a store, which is why I prefer steaming.



    The ones with the fully metal heads are indestructible and work so well. The metal head can help because it kind of doubles as an iron. This is a [newer version]( of the exact one that has my heart!



    Jiffy Pro standing steamer — I sell clothing for a living so this is a must.



    My shower is my steamer.

    I work in a very casual environment, so I’m not wearing button-down oxford shirts or dressy pants/skirts, etc. My wardrobe is very relaxed and flowy, and while I do make an effort to look polished (ie: no wrinkles), the fabrics I wear are easily solved by steam from my shower.



    I’ve been debating whether to get a steamer for ages and finally bought the Phillips purple one from jb hi-fi this weekend. It heats up in like 45 seconds and holds enough water to steam one very wrinkly item or two not so wrinkly. Like others have said, it doesn’t make items look crisp like an iron would but it does make things look more polished. I recently bought some fine knit merino wool jumpers that I’m too scared to machine wash so I’m airing them out and steaming them to avoid washing them for as long as possible! Unfortunately the steamer I have is faulty (the water container doesnt lock in) but I’ll be exchanging it for a new one as it works well other than this one issue.



    I have one, it’s definitely faster than ironing, but I do have to do it the night before because the clothes are just a bit too damp for me right after.



    I don’t love the steamer I have right now so no recs there, but I do love steaming in general!

    I never truly learned how to iron or had much practice with it, so ironing has always felt like a huge hassle that I absolutely dread. I don’t want to muscle the ironing board through my apartment, make sure the garment is exactly properly situated on the board, be scared about whether the iron is on the right setting or not, be even more scared about leaving the iron in one place too long and setting my clothes on fire, etc. Steaming takes all of that out of the picture and is so much easier.

    I also found that some of my work shells (mostly woven poly) didn’t do very well under the iron; either the wrinkles wouldn’t quite get pressed out properly or it would take forever, and sometimes it seemed like the iron left a bit of a sheen on the garment. Steaming works much better for my shells because gravity does some of the work for me while they’re on the hanger, plus the steam doesn’t mess with the appearance at all.






    Can you use one of those pressurised steam irons for upright steaming [if you separately buy a stand]? Trying to see if I can 2-birds it.



    I got [this one]( at Target originally (I think).

    1. Way faster than ironing.
    2. I also have a travel iron that takes to heat up and never actually steams my clothes well.
    3. I originally bought this for my clothing resale stuff, so I’ve used it on a ton of different fabrics and never had a problem.
    4. I’m 5’3 and it’s taller than me, for sure lol
    5. Just surprised at how quickly it heats up and how well it works!
    6. I hate ironing with a fiery passion. This is so much better.



    I have a Phillips steamer (the purple, non-portable one) that works wonders. It’s about a metre and a half tall but pretty light. It won’t iron lines but I use it mostly for dresses/skirts and cleaning op shop finds. it’s quicker than an iron in my experience. It’s not good for ironing lines though.

    You’ll need to get distilled water, especially in Australia as we have hard water here and you’ll most likely get mineral build up that’s more trouble than the cost of distilled water.



    I am really happy with my handheld Conair Pro. I bought it from Kohl’s but I see it’s $20 less at Walmart. They are calling it ExtremeSteam but it looks like the exact same item. I use distilled water with it. It works well though you will spend more time on heavier fabrics. I also have a stand-up type of steamer, also from Conair, but I was tired of sharing my bathroom floor with it. The handheld stows nicely in a decorative bin.



    Hi! I bought the jiffy steamer a bunch of years back- it’s so freaking awesome. I bought the J-2 model (now the J2m) it’s was like $200 and the best investment. I use it everyday. I still iron certain things but I would say it works well for 97% of my wardrobe.

    I’ve purchased and returned other steamers because they weren’t really that effective but a friend had a jiffy and it worked better than any others I have tried.

    I realize you are in Australia, a friend from Melbourne who came to visit and used it was able to purchase it once she went back home.

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