The crotches of all my pants prematurely wear out and tear. I don’t know if it’s because I’m hypermobile-y flexible or have thick things, but I need a solution if anyone has advice.

Home Forums Women’s Fashion Tips The crotches of all my pants prematurely wear out and tear. I don’t know if it’s because I’m hypermobile-y flexible or have thick things, but I need a solution if anyone has advice.

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    The fabric of the crotch and inner thigh become thin, frayed horizontal lines develop, and eventually the fabric rips open and I have to get rid of them. Sometimes the inseams will start to fall apart too, but usually it’s the fabric wears out. My pants seem to last about a year until this happens. I thought the issue maybe that my pants were just too small, but it’s happened with pants that fit well and weren’t very tight. It even happens with leggings! My next idea besides stretchy pants is a diamond crotch/gusset, but all I’ve found with that is hiking pants.



    I have this problem too. I just sew another piece of denim on The inside. You can’t see it and I get more wear out of the jeans.



    I have thighs that could start kindling. I simply use those cut out iron-on patches on the inside of the crotch.



    Hm, I was gonna say maybe they are too small, but seems like you’ve already tested that theory.

    The reason they are wearing thin is probably not because of the flexibility, but most likely due to the friction of fabric-on-fabric that happens when you walk/move around (if your legs rub together, that is). If that’s the case, i’m not sure what there is to do about it besides maybe looking for thicker materials?



    Stretchy pants will likely still have the same issue.

    Darn/sashiko the area as soon as you notice the fabric is thinning/fraying. You could even preemptively sashiko the area to reinforce it. If a sizeable hole forms, a small patch + darning will likely be necessary.

    Here’s a quick primer on how to get started repairing your pants (focused on denim, but applies to most fabrics):

    This covers just about all the needle knowledge you need for most hand sewing:

    Sewing Basics: Hand-Sewing Needles

    You’d be fine with just some sharps. They don’t need to be super beefy or super long.

    Don’t cheap out on them. Try a few name brands. Dritz has worked very well for me for a while. John James is cool, too

    Other accessories you might be interested in:

    You may want to pick up a thimble and needle grabber. If you’re lazy/cheap like me, you can always make a disposable or temporary one yourself out of a random scrap of leather or rubber.

    Thread guides aren’t super relevant. It’s basically cotton, polyester, or polycore (cotton exterior with polyester core). Cotton will fade and polyester won’t. Polyester is stronger. Polycore is the compromise between fading & strength.

    Gütermann is super nice thread, but some plain Coats & Clark would totally work

    This tutorial covers some of the basics pretty well:

    This video covers the same kind of basics quite well:

    Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂



    Are you me? I have ehler danlos hypermobility and thunder thighs and yeah I destroy all my jeans and leggings in the crotch/inner thighs. I have no solution only the same suffering.



    Ugh… i call it chub rub. The only “solution” i’ve found is to invest in stiffer/thicker denim with less stretch. That, plus rotating my pants frequently and trying not to wear the same pair too often, seems to increase the longevity.



    For mw it’s partly the fabric. Jeans with high stretch will pill and wear out quicker. Jeans that are more stiff tens to last longer. I also wash on cold and try to at least partially air dry them.



    Maybe its the type of fabric? I have thighs which rub and I’ve never had any pants/jeans wear out in the thigh or crotch. What type of jeans or pants do you usually go for? I also wonder if its the care for them.. do you dry your clothing in a hot dryer? That will destroy fibres (especially things like elastane) and probably contribute to your clothes wearing thin quickly especially in areas under higher stress. It also could be how much you’re wearing them. I have lots of work pants/jeans on high rotation and so each pair isn’t worn that often and keep for a long time. If you have a pair you favour and wear a lot + wash/dry a lot then it will probably wear out sooner, and that’s without factoring in quality of materials.



    I’m jealous. I install floors and even with knee pads on the knees wear out of my jeans in 2-4 months. I find washing as minimally as possible helps prolong the life, also rotating between as many pairs as possible helps. I’m coming to the end of a cycle of 5 pairs of jeans, 2 have small holes starting, soon itll be time to rotate in new pairs. Hope any of this rambling helps you.



    Recycle them less often ie buy more pants so that all of them get spaced out more. That’s what I have to do.



    This happens to my cheaper leggings! Not the athletic ones really, except for the ones I’ve got from Aerie.
    It’s happened with jeans when I was younger too- however I don’t wear jeans often anymore.

    I don’t have a solution- thick less stretchy denim is not comfortable for me nor does it work for my body type.



    Do you walk a lot? Like walk to work or have a job that involves a ton of walking? One solution might be to wear the hiking pants for your commute.



    I’ve found this happening more with Uniqlo jeans, and the pocket of a pair of jcrew jeans that I just got (the JCrew wear better in general; the jeans don’t start stretching out, begging for a wash as quickly).

    They both have stretch mixed in, altho if I remember correctly, I think the JCrew jeans only have 2% mixed in. If my jeans keep going bad, I’m going to actually look for 100% denim moving forward.



    Men’s jeans! Men’s jeans! I had the same issue where jeans would regularly fray apart at the inner thigh. My last pair of American Eagle jeans started showing signs of fray in 3 months. Tried a pair of men’s jeans (7 for all mankind found for $25 at Plato’s Closet because I didn’t want to spend a lot on an experiment) and I’m at 10 months without any sign of wear. And you get pockets for days.

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