The emperor’s new skins: Video games are getting pre-teens interested in apparel.

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    The emperor’s new skins: Video games are getting pre-teens interested in apparel.



    Does this mean in 5 years mfa will loop back around to telling people not to goth ninja?



    Acting like this is new.. I used to spend far too long making my character in THPS look like a punked out chode because that was the style I liked



    People about to start walking around like squids



    Reminds me: Years ago I was throwing a house party at my apt and these two girls (adults in case someone gets it twisted!) wanted to try playing Rock Band. I set it up and go about my business. About 30 minutes later I come back to check on them and they’re still outfitting their avatars.

    Edit: Thanks u/DreamSteel






    All those realistic shooters from the late 00’s made all those kids interested in guns which you can still see today on Reddit. My brother wouldn’t be playing guitar today if it wasn’t for Guitar Hero. Video games have a profound impact on the development of adolescents.



    I can see why. More and more games offer the ability to customise your character. Even if people don’t directly dress like game characters they feel the need and want to express their styles in game. It’s why games like Destiny and the Sims have millions of customisation combinations. It’s social. They want to look good in game just as people enjoy stylising themselves. Fashion is expressing yourself, even with virtual systems.

    On the other hand games like the world ends with you show off more abstract fashion styles like gothic lolita and street clothing. Stuff people normally wouldn’t see in their normal day to day. Just because it’s a game doesn’t mean it can’t convey what people wear everyday.

    I think another great system is that games have drastically different outfits for each character, emphasising that clothing defines a person as much as their outward personality. Joshua from TWEWY dresses in a loose shirt and slacks. He oozes rich kid without care. Neku has street wear, loose shorts and a sleeveless hoodie topped with a huge pair of headphones. He outwardly projects a very different look than Joshua and it reflects who he is.



    I really liked the way the [gun shop owner]( in persona 5 dressed so I modeled an outfit after him (sans the earmuffs and hat) and it’s a really nice rainy day fit.



    Daedric Armor will never not be the height of fashion and function.



    Splinter Cell: Conviction is a big reason why I started wearing clothes other than black t shirts and cargo shorts.

    Fortnite definitely has kids these days getting odd haircuts and wearing lots of athleisure stuff.



    I was thinking about this other day; about how much shows like Gundam and video games like Super Smash Bros, Zelda, Halo, Custom Robo, etc. helped me establish an aesthetic that I enjoyed, that perhaps the average person who wasn’t exposed to so many Eastern influences might not appreciate.



    [Look, it’s all about a crisp transmog with sweet mythic skins](



    The should really really being back City of Heroes…. Imagine the monetization possibilities



    Fortnite was a mistake.



    I think the social media stars are more influential than fortnite skins. The reason you see every second kid wearing a pair of adidas is probably thanks to rappers and shitty douchetubers



    A pink bunny suit is not pre-teen interest in fashion or apparel. Nor is the rest of the streetwear cosplay dress-up clothes with ears or anime characters on them.



    It all started with Ragnarok online and the insane amount of third party servers that had tons of items to change your looks



    Teaching kids greed and materialism as part of their play. Insidious.



    This is disturbing on so many levels. I legitimately also thought I was on r/gaming for a second.



    article written by a true normie npc



    Kill me.

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