The Haunting of Hill House wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be because I was too distracted by Olivia Crain’s amazing outfits.

Home Forums Women’s Fashion Tips The Haunting of Hill House wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be because I was too distracted by Olivia Crain’s amazing outfits.

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    Please tell me I wasn’t the only one desperately hoping for full body shots of that velvet robe. I need to find a full shopping guide for her wardrobe.



    Same! That green floral robe/dress 😍



    Oh my god, I was going to post an “I fucking love Theodora Crain” inspo album when I got some time to get screen grabs. Google images doesn’t turn up very much since the show is so new. Half scoop gloves. A deep emerald button up. High waisted/ruffled cropped trousers with oxfords and a gray tee HOLY SHIT STYLE ICON.

    Olivia is a very close second favorite, though.



    Did anyone else notice: throughout the series Olivia is wearing these long floaty robes and dresses almost every day which don’t seem to really fit the time period. But when you see them arrive on the very first day she’s wearing contemporary clothing?

    Made me wonder if the clothes she’s wearing throughout aren’t her own but perhaps Poppy’s?



    Let’s not forget Theo’s extensive collection of gloves.



    Yasssss!!! I just binge watched it Thursday night. Poppy’s flapper dress was amazing, too. Carla Gugino is what I want to look like at 50. Gorgeous and can rock any outfit.



    I am watching this right now and literally paused it while she was wearing the green drapey wrap/coat/thing in the third episode, and wondered how long it would be before one of you geniuses made an album.



    I was also entranced by her beautiful, long, flowing dresses. I love Olivia’s (and adult Theo’s) long black tresses, too.



    I kept looking at everyone’s shoulder seams and going “damn, that is some nice tailoring!” Perfectly aligned.



    Someone please post pictures because I’m too afraid to watch the show!



    Someone please post examples because I am 100% way too scared to watch yet I am thoroughly intrigued.



    As a curly-haired girl myself, I simply lusted after her AMAZING hair. Not my curl pattern at all, but it’s definitely (unachievable) goals.



    Omg yes. I need every single one. Especially that flowey nightgown thing she wears in the end.



    I haven’t seen the show but based on what I’ve read, I think you should check out Katharine Isabelle’s character in Hannibal. Her wardrobe is lots of stunning Victorian style velvet blazers.



    Me too! I made a gallery of screenshots of her outfits to post as an inspiration gallery but got rejected in moderation because there weren’t 25 photos (sadly she didn’t have 25 outfits).

    Edit: resumbitted with extra photos and approved here (plus I found a few more of her outfits!)-



    She was also amazingly beautiful!



    I have been dreaming of those velvet robes. They look like silk or maybe rayon velvet rather than gross polyester velour. Any ideas where they came from??



    Her hair and her robes. Omg. Give me please.



    Her hair is goals. Every scene I’m like yes girl, slay it! I loved the clothes also but tbh Shirley is actually more in my vein of fashion. 🙂



    Liv’s outfits were fantastic. And I am so jealous of her hair.



    100000% percent. She is an absolutely stunning woman. Mike Flanagan really has a “type” and always seems to select the most beautiful brunettes for his movies.



    Every episode I constantly annoyed my fiancé with OHMYGOD look at that dress and that velvet robe please find it for me I can’t handle it this wardrobe is killing me why can’t I have all of these things. He mostly just ignored me. Her hair was amazing too. Carla Gugino is goals for me. Theo’s high waisted pants were killer too. Honestly the wardrobe stylist was incredible for the entire show.



    Just got to the kitten funeral scene, and could barely concentrate because of how nice that outfit looked on her!





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