The hottest fashion brand in the world was built on irony and $1,000 sweatshirts

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    The hottest fashion brand in the world was built on irony and $1,000 sweatshirts



    It was built by printing “Pyrex” on gym shorts, referencing the glassware you’d use to make drugs

    Off-white has been and always will be a joke and Virgil Abloh is one very, very lucky hack who was at the right place at the right time



    Never understood the hype on Off White or his Pyrex stuff. When Pyrex was hot, it along with Hood By Air’s Been Trill,Supreme Box logos, and HUF weed clothing were almost like stereotypical streetwear. Like everything *bad* about it.

    I guess if rappers wear and promote your stuff long enough, people start feeding into it.

    I was kinda fascinated by the whole “prototype” looking design of some of the shoes, but after seeing the price its nothing more than clout.



    I’m not a fan of Virgil’s work. OW was easy to ignore, but I’m really disappointed in LV signing him on. He’s completely cheapening the brand. The chain detail on this clutch for example looks like it belongs on an Urban Outfitters bag :/



    The link to the off white website is cancer with aids gravy.




    Hot take: I actually like a lot of Virgil Abloh’s designs from the past few years. I think Off-White has some genuinely good stuff now (and they have for several years) and I’d consider wearing some pieces if not for the cost.

    That said: I agree that he’s kind of a hack. I think he accidentally has tripped into something good and within a few years it’s going to be extremely evident that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I think a few of his ideas are inspired (particularly the influence of construction on his style, and the aesthetics of prototypes) and I’m sad that he’s the one to lay claim to some of those ideas because other designers could be using them better.



    It was built on complicated shit like anything



    This kind of shit is the standard trend in fashion right now. Abloh, Gvasalia, Jebbia (Supreme founder). Three designers happy to take your money while very openly and obviously selling you complete bullshit (the rebranded Champion sweatshirts in the article, DHL uniforms, a $1,000 brick). It’s memes brought to life in physical and financial form. Memes have become high fashion. This will be nothing more than a flash in the pan and we’ll look back at it just like [these]( previous GQ features. But it’s a sad state of affairs right now.



    cuz he a fking abalone






    I seriously have no idea how this crap sells . 1,000 sweatshirts that like look hot garbage on, and they sell cause vapid celebrities wear them. I really don’t get it.



    hottest? really? Its has 5.4 million instagram followers, so? There are teenage girls who vlog about makeup with a larger following.

    I hate how journalists try to portray a bunch of instagram followers as clear evidence that someone is successful. Dont get me wrong, a company with 10 million followers is likely doing better than a company with 100k but then again those 10million followers could be 10 million teenagers who simply are following something their favourite celeb promotes, they will never be able to afford whatever the product is but they still will lust after whatever they’re told to.

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