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    The Most Versatile Sweater



    Here because the thumbnail looked like a s’more.

    Edit: Wow, this blew up like marshmallows over a campfire!



    Most versatile colour to go with for my first Shetland? Thinking of an oatmeal/camel



    Does anyone know the best time to wear a striped sweater?



    Shetland Sweaters are the bomb. I own three, and I look forward to the late deep and fall and early winter where I can finally pull on a long sleeve shirt and then put them over them. Shetland wool takes color so well and so brilliantly, that you can find them in the most gorgeous patterns.

    Derek as always has excellent suggestions on where to buy (I’ve personally had excellent experiences with both O’Connells and The Andover Shop), but I just wanted to highlight Drake’s which has a couple beautiful [multi-colored offerings]( up this [year](



    Are there any brands with sub-$100 donegal sweaters? I’ve been searching but can’t find any.



    any recommended brand for Canadians? I’ve been searching and the best one I can find is at JCrew, but not confident in their quality an longer.



    Not sure if the quality is still good, but I’ve had a JCrew Shetland style sweater for years now that I love.



    How do you wash them if you can’t let it touch water? Dry cleaning?



    I bought an O’Connell Shetland in their “mushroom” color last week and I’m very pleased with it.



    What are some American Brands for these, I assume shipping from Europe is going to cost me too dearly and I’m probably too broke to be getting one of these as it is.



    O’Connells is a solid choice if you’re willing to pay the premium. They show up on rare occasions on eBay for those hoping to score a deal.

    Vintage Alan Paine Shetlands are very similar to O’Connells; I’ve had both and by look and feel, you can’t tell the difference. They don’t pop up often on eBay either but when they do, they tend to be underpriced esp for the quality.

    Also look for Bills Khakis Shetlands. Up until a few years ago, they produced these in the USA in a few different colors. I don’t believe they do any more now.



    Do people have recommendations on Shetland brands that come in both a somewhat slimmer cut and comes in XS? Most brands seem to have one or the other. Is this just a foolish desire given the baggier nature of Shetland look?



    any opinions on how the uniqlo lambswool sweater compares?



    Does anyone have any experience with [these]( Shetland sweaters from Pendleton? Would you recommend?

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