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    Thinking it’s time to buy a decent quality bag and recently fell in love with a coach bag. I actually dislike the brand though as a few years ago it was everywhere haha and felt over saturated. But ugh I love this bag. Does this bag scream dated to you? A couple younger coworkers mentioned that coach is “soo out and micheal Kors is the one”. So that made me not want to get Michael Kors haha but I’m 35 and don’t care so much about a bag being not trendy but just wanted to get some opinions

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    I find it interesting that your coworkers think Michael Kors is in and Coach is out. I actually have been noticing the opposite! Michael Kors has become so saturated where I’m from, that it seems everyone has an MK bag. It’s hard to resist some of the designs though because they draw inspiration from “it” bags of other higher end brands. However, MK has lost its luster to me just from the ubiquity.

    On the other hand, Coach lost its luster years ago and I don’t see Coach bags around as much. Since then, Coach has really revamped their designs. They have steered away from the logo-ed bags and have introduced a lot more understated designs. Since 2013, the creative director at Mulberry joined Coach and brought with him a more modern aesthetic. And their collaboration with Selena Gomez is meant to draw in a younger crowd.

    Regardless, I say… get the bag if you really love it! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter the brand as long as you love the aesthetic.



    I would say Kate Spade is more in than Michael Kors among the younger crowd. Michael Kors seems to so over saturated. Kate Spade was also bought out by Coach as well.

    If you love the bag, get it. I haven’t had problems with Coach quality and my bag has held up fine.



    In my opinion logo coach stuff is to be avoided but the classic “legacy” styles are well made and never really became passe. The bag you found is not one of the traditional coach styles but it leans that way so it doesn’t really seem like a risky purchase to me. As far as quality, I think non outlet coach is nicer than Kate Spade, just as a reference.



    That’s a cute bag, I love the sunny yellow colour and the shape/design seems pretty easy to use and carry. However if you want my honest opinion I think scallop detailing has been hyper overused for the past 3-4 years since Celine did it in 2014 (I think?) and in my humble opinion it looks a bit tired now. That said, the scallop detailing isn’t huge and I think it adds a lovely feminine flair to the bag so if you like it yourself, go for it (I’m imagining pairing it with a light blue gingham sundress!). At the end of the day, it’s nice to be aware of where trends come from but your personal fondness for a design detail should be the deciding factor to whether or not to get it.

    I bought a Mansur Gavriel bag myself at the end of its hype and it’s no longer the “it” bag, but I still use it all the time because I genuinely like how it looks and it goes with my wardrobe. I think it’d be pretty rubbish if you ended up spending lots of money on a bag that your friends though was “in” but you didn’t like it as much as your original option. Always stick to your gut feeling instead of others’ opinions when it comes to fashion, unless you’re really unsure what you’re doing and giving off a certain impression is important (at work, an important meeting or gala etc.).

    I myself love the 90s Coach bags you still see popping up on secondhand websites. I’d love to know if the quality is worth paying <£100 for them.



    Yeah I’m not that much younger than 35 but I don’t see very many people with MK bags anymore.

    I think the Coach bag is great. I’ve had two that are basic leather and are still in pretty good condition. Though one could use a little TLC but thats like any leather bag.

    If you like it you should buy it! I don’t think your co-workers will even notice its coach.



    MK is extremely oversaturated in my area! I’ve been liking the recent stuff Coach has come out with, as I think it generally reads more classic. I never liked their heavily logo’ed stuff from the ’90s/’00s, and I’m glad it’s moved away from that. I personally would not choose the exact bag you picked because I don’t like bags that narrow at the top, but just off looks, I do like it! 🙂



    Quality-wise, this bag should be able to last for years. However, it’s light colored and will most likely become stained with color transfer from your clothes, especially denim. A few years ago I learned my lesson after I had to return a camel colored Coach bag that was ruined after only a couple of months of use. Since then I only buy dark colors. This bag in black or brown would probably still look excellent 10+ years from now.



    I have a crossbody leather Coach that my mom purchased in the early 90s and handed down to me. It is still in fantastic shape, you’d never know that it’s approximately 25 years old.



    Over a year ago I started noticing Coach’s 1941 line and I really thought they did well with the whole aesthetic. I kept my eye on a black Rogue bag and I finally bought one when it was on sale earlier this year. I really love it and I find the quality to be great – the leather and the stitching and all the little details. I’m sure it will hold up for a long time with careful handling (I don’t use it every day) and even if you don’t handle yours like fragile China, it will take what you throw at it.



    The old stuff is bomb proof. I’m about the same age as you and I have an old leather bag by coach that’s older than we are and still looks good.



    Yeah, I’m still confused when I went from “ugh, coach” to “oh hey I actually like that”, but somehow some of their styles overcame my dislike of the brand and now I have gathered a tiny collection of coach items just after happening on things I really like. I think as long as you’re buying for your own tastes and not just for the brand or for other people you should be good!

    Edit: I don’t have much to offer regarding that specific style, just saying you shouldn’t worry too much about the perception it coach as a brand from a person who used to be vaguely embarrassed about having stuff from them!



    Coach bags are very good quality, I really have been impressed with their 1941 line. If you get a light colored like the yellow you pictures make sure you use a protective spray on it like collonil carbon pro to help prevent color transfer.

    Like others have said MK is everywhere right now and I think over saturated.

    For a similar price point to quality you could also look at Marc Jacobs, Mulberry’s new line also looks amazon, or check out Shinola (which is my personal fav for understated high quality leather bags).



    I’ve never looked at a woman’s purse and lost any respect for her. I guess if you carried around a literal garbage bag I might, but probably not. I’m very much for “you do you” when it comes to that kind of thing.

    My point is that if you love it then you should get it. Who cares if younger women think it’s “out”? They’ll be 35 and “uncool” someday too.



    I feel like MK is oversaturated, as do several friends.

    For me, I would focus on the quality of the bag and whether you’d carry it often enough to justify the price. I’m not sure of the quality of Coach nowadays. There are some Coach bags I would’ve bought recently except I’m a little cash-strapped. I think they’re good looking bags and aren’t obviously Coach. No huge logos, for example.

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