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    Hello all! I am spending the week in LA and hoping to hit up some thrift stores. Where do you recommend?



    “Nice brands” ranging from Prada and Dior to Frame and Reformation: Wasteland. Nothing is sorted by size, though, just by category. Pricey but the clothes are in great condition. I got a silk and wool Prada dress for $70 there that retailed for $1500, but I also got a Reformation dress for $68 that was originally $200. Their pricing is a little whack. The one on Melrose is by far the largest. The one in Santa Monica seems to carry more vintage. The Studio City one is tiny and not worth the travel.

    Crossroads: My fave. The Hyperion location in Silver lake and the Pasadena locations have the best good-quality basics, in my opinion. The Melrose one is large and really close to wasteland, so I would check that one out, too, but it does get more crowded and is more “fashiony”.

    Buffalo Exchange: there is one not too far from the Melrose shopping area. It carries a mix of trendy stuff but also cool, more “thrifty” items. Not a very large location, though.

    Goodwill: My favorite is the one on Vine in Hollywood. They always seem to have a good collection of cashmere and wool sweaters! A lot of good vintage 70s-90s product here. I almost always walk away with something great, which never happens to me at the other Goodwill locations.

    If you want 40s-60s vintage, check out Burbank! Playclothes has a huge inventory and isn’t too outrageously priced. Really gorgeous dresses and accessories there.



    Definitely stick to the nice areas that’s where you might find some good stuff. For instance try near Beverly Hills but not Hollywood! Or near Pasadena.



    kind of depends on if you are trying to find vintage clothing or just cheap modern clothing, or designer. If you want vintage clothing try Squaresville, Jet Rag, American Vintage, or Wasteland if you want vintage + modern designer. Other option for designer clothing is Second Street. I always prefer Buffalo Exchange to Crossroads. the FIDM store always has a lot of clothing samples, sometimes by designers. If you do Goodwill, don’t go to city center areas, probably try a more wealthy suburb.



    There are two Goodwills in Glendale and I’ve had great luck at both. If you’re down to spend a bit more money, check out Wasteland for curated vintage finds.



    Definitely check out The Left Bank. They clearly put so much thought into the pieces they select and the gals that work there are super nice!



    I have no ideas, I just have to thank you for putting [this]( in my head as soon as I read the thread title!



    It’s A Wrap in Burbank carries clothing dumped by studios, so that’s fun. Some of the tags have codes on them so you can see what show it’s from.



    Out of the closet on Santa Monica in West Hollywood has some good finds. New clothing with tags and a great leather clutch in the handbag section.



    When my mother lived in LA, she always went to goodwills near or on the edge of Beverly Hills. She lived in Pico/Robertson so it was nearby for shopping. She found so many quality pieces for dirt cheap prices.

    Not store specific, but Google some of the places and see if you can make a map and go to places near each other. Getting around LA can be very time consuming even if the maps says are only going 5 miles that can take over 30 minutes depending on the area, for real.

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