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    Hey all! It’s definitely leather jacket season, and for those of us not quiiite looking to splurge on the real deal, faux leather is the name of the game. I’ve found that faux leather jackets can be hit or miss…I had a $30 jacket from Target that lasted me 6 years (RIP) and have had some that fell apart way more quickly than that.

    What are your best tips and things to look for when looking for faux leather pieces? Have you found particular brands that make especially good quality jackets or especially poor quality ones?



    I have a forever 21 moto jacket that’s lasted me 5 years. Definitely know this feeling!



    Express – minus the leather moto jacket. Just keep an eye out for when they have their sales and you can grab one for around $50us. I have had a few, and just love the cut, and versatility of them.



    I was literally looking at faux leather jackets today and bought [this jacket]( from uniqlo! And it’s on sale!



    Oh god, and sized for petites especially! “That moto jacket would look really awesome if I didn’t have to roll up the damn cuffs” – me, always



    I found a really nice one in Zara! Around €30-40 I think.



    I hear the one from Old Navy is pretty good! I can’t stand polyester (unless it’s for workout clothes), but I’ve seen many here praise this [jacket]( 🙂 It looks really lovely!



    Love the ones from Express



    Express has great ones! I love their minus the leather jacket, I feel so sexy in it. Comes in all colors and if it’s too expensive they always have good deals every now and then or you could buy a used one off poshmark for cheap!



    I had a faux leather jacket from Zara that lasted me about 5 years and still looked new when I sold it..for the same price I paid if not a little bit more (scoooore)

    However, Zara’s quality has gone down a little so these days I wouldn’t prepare for a 5+ year run. Still, they always have a LOT of variety of faux leather jackets in many colors. And I think their faux suede jackets might hold up even better.

    Blank NYC is also good for this, although their jackets are a bit more expensive.




    [Just ordered this one from lulus.]( It hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t speak to the quality, but they have several vegan leather jacket options so it’s worth taking a look!



    I always get mine from thrift stores tbh. They have heaps and heaps of styles and they usually already have that worn in look and are shift and everything. Depending on the area of course but I’ve gotten like 5 really amazing ones by like H&M Zara and even mink pink so if you don’t mind thrift store shopping I’d definitely give it a try!



    Nordstrom Rack has been a godsend for me lately. I got a Blank NYC faux leather jacket for about 50 or so. I’m obsessed with it. it doesn’t have that weird stiffness that a lot of those jackets can have.



    Boohoo actually has some decent faux leather jackets if you look! My first one lasted me five years. I only got rid of it when the collar stared cracking and peeling. I get loads of compliments on my current one too! It cost me $50 AUD.

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