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    So I used to lurk here quite a bit and have some basics / things that I picked up from then. I was promoted to a position at work, that I work from home, and basically turned into a recluse / let myself go. (i used to constantly travel which kept me on the “thinner” side)

    I’m overweight, but also barrel chested, and have a long torso. I had to bump up to wearing a 3x a while ago, a 2XT still fits mostly fine, I’ve been lying to myself about 2x for awhile. 2x is too tight, I swim in the 3x. (this is t-shirts) This is actively going to get worked on, went to the dr. and the first number was a 3 on the weight and I about cried.

    I’m 6’3″, my neck is an 18. Olive skin, bald, short beard, rectangle face.

    I’ve got Levi’s 514 and 511’s galore in various dark colors (thanks to you guys) I do kind of have power lifter legs. I basically look like i skipped every day but leg day, and ate a pan of mashed potatoes while doing leg day.

    Shoes I’ve got all black p.f.’s, various sneakers (not stylish), and a pair of Clark’s somewhere.

    My shirt game is basically a few decent sweaters that almost fit, but are gray, and just accentuate my moobs. If I get back out of 3x land, they’d be better. My t-shirt game isn’t worth mentioning.

    I’ve got a Target for the big boy stuff, though I’ve never shopped it to see what they have. DXL, jos. A bank, J.c. Penney (our big/tall is not very good there) Just got an H&M but i don’t think they’ve got anything for me. A local menswear place that won’t be cheap, but would probably be good, as they do have several in house tailors.

    I dont want to spend a ton of money (the midriff has got to shrink, it usually doesnt take a ton of time for me to tackle that, but it is where it is right now.,) just have a few basic outfits that I can leave the house in and look presentable. I’ve been wanting to be able to do the sport coat / blazer thing for awhile but even in 2x land they kind of fit like crap.

    It sort of looks like button ups with a spread collar and a blazer would be alright? Anything to steer towards, anything to avoid at all costs? Nothing formal, just out to dinner, or in public, I’m not a complete schlub. Value is kind of key here, in that I ideally want to be re-buying smaller versions in a few months.



    Can’t get links right now, but old navy button downs are your friend. I’m in the exact same situation as you, here’s hoping we can get back on track.

    One thing I can say, if you have a cheap tailor around you, don’t be afraid of having them take in some cheap 3xs.




    I feel like this is solid, not real sure, sort of looking for affirmation? Not a super self confident dude. I think I’d probably have to start with the untucked look and sort of work my way up.



    Champion has a line for bigger builds

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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