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    I am a big fan of bringing only a carry-on with me when I travel. Regardless of the destination/weather, I always try to squeeze everything in my carry-on. But the 2 problems I am consistently running into:

    1. How to pack enough different outfits so that I don’t look like I am wearing the same thing over and over again on pics?
    2. How can I pack for every occasions – going out, outdoor activities, casual walking and nice dinner?

    My personal tips are:

    1. Get a better luggage – Briggs and Riley has a patented technology which gives you 35% more space compared to a normal TSA approved carry-on
    2. Tops and bottoms >. one-pieces because I can mix and match and create more outfits that look different on pics. While dresses/rompers are cute and easy, they stand out too much, and you can’t rewear them for pics.
    3. Bring 50% basics of neutral colors (like denim shots, white skirts) and bring 50% statement items of bright (or non-neutral colors) I found this trick the best in terms of optimizing your outfits on a packing space constraint.

    So ladies, tell me about your packing tips! And what “property” are you looking for when choosing what to pack – is it “the most comfortable” or “the most stylish” or “the most versatile”?



    Anyone else feel like this is an ad?



    ” Get a better luggage – Briggs and Riley has a patented technology which gives you 35% more space compared to a normal TSA approved carry-on”

    these ads disguise as articles are getting pretty clever



    >How to pack enough different outfits so that I don’t look like I am wearing the same thing over and over again on pics?

    nobody cares about that if you don’t…

    my personal tips are :

    – I only bring two/3 shoes,counting what I am wearing on the plane, always things I can walk lots on and some black leather flat shoes (depending on weather) on the luggage. I only bring 3 shoes if I predict shoes will be wet. Probably all black.

    – scarves, plenty of those, light ones. I got some thin silk ones which pack tiny, a lightweight cashmere one. But I might bring 3 or 4. scarves are for prints, the other pieces can be basic and neutral.

    – earrings.

    – small leather handbag, black usually. for day wear, when travelling, a big tote or backpack is essential for daywear but for any place nice, you feel a lot more together with just something small and appropriate. Plus really nice for your back to be able to put away the big bags. so yeah I skimp on shoes but bring an extra bag.

    >Briggs and Riley has a patented technology which gives you 35% more space compared to a normal TSA approved carry-on

    that is awfully hailcorporate… don’t need special luggage. BTW packing cubes are extremely helpful.



    I wear shades of black, navy, and charcoal grey exclusively in all areas of life and this really helps when travelling as well. Downside is that it’s really hard to tell what is what in a suitcase full of all-black clothes and it takes some serious familiarity with your clothes in order to pick out what you’re looking for, short of unpacking everything when you get there (which I’m not a big fan of).



    Wear your heaviest pair of shoes on the plane if you’re bringing multiple to save space in your carryon. Same with jackets!



    Traveling light is my top priority. I don’t care about looking stylish in a tourist destination because I’m gonna look like a tourist and take touristy photos, and I will embrace it.

    I take tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched into at least three combinations. One or two additional layers. I only bring more than one pair of shoes if I know I have to dress formally, otherwise I bring walking sandals/boots that are nice enough for fancy restaurants, touristy walks and light hikes, and everything in between. Minimizing to the extreme has helped me realize that all these occasions you outlined above aren’t as distinctly separate events in need of distinctly separate outfits as one may think. Nice-looking athleisure or a casual dress can serve many functions.



    I travel for conferences so your mileage may vary for longer trips. My criteria for packing is “whatever makes the airport and plane trip easier”.

    I bring one top per day I’m away, that will pair with the one or two (dark) bottoms that I wear. Nothing with metal or decorations that looks like there’s stuff inside. In warm climates, calf-length dark skirt, in cold climates, dark jeans. Dress shirts for presentation day/s and fancy places.

    I wear black sports shoes the whole time; plain enough to not grab attention. I need this because my feet swell a lot on planes and take a few days to shrink. Also, they don’t have metal nor are they thick soled so security is easy. Depending on the shoe, they should be able to handle a light hike in clear weather. Bonus if they dry quick as some places are very picky about dirt on your shoe and you may need to wash them for the return trip.

    I usually bring a cheap sheer scarf for the plane ride as some airports and planes can get a bit cold. It’s light weight and I can just stuff it in a pocket or something when it gets too hot, or when you go through security.

    This isn’t a clothing thing but, I pack 2 sheet masks to use the day I get to my destination and the day after that. My skin reacts poorly to the plane aircon and the sheet masks do a great job at getting that moisture back without the weight and space. They also don’t need special packing to take as carry on.



    How to pack light and still look good?

    I always try to book the airbnb with a washing machine. That’s my hot travel hack.



    All my clothes are black so everything goes with everything else.

    A lot of my clothes are thin but equally warm in the winter, and if I roll things I can fit a lot in a small bag.

    I have a fantastic roller Rucksack that is very light and can get a ton of stuff in it for carry on only trips.

    I also don’t care about repeating outfits unless it’s very hot where I’m going and sweating will make repeating a challenge. Men don’t worry about repeating outfits, why should we? Besides, I have outfits that I really love and want to wear repeatedly so if I can do that I will.



    I did six small trips (4-10 days) earlier this year while in Europe, and I only used a carry-on suitcase twice. Otherwise I just brought a backpack. This encompasses many weathers (super warm in Morocco, super cold in Iceland).

    My key travel properties:

    * Comfort. I refuse to be cold, or hot, or to have feet that hurt.

    * Low-maintenance. I only brought items that don’t wrinkle, otherwise I feel sloppy.

    * Flattering–I need to take pics!

    * Avoid black if I’m taking pictures. Black doesn’t pop in photos. If I’m on a solo trip and am just meandering around I don’t care, but if I’m taking pictures I try to have a pop of red or royal blue or a pattern near the face.

    My MVPs were:

    * Cole Haan zerogrand oxfords–super comfy for walking, warm enough for snowy Paris with wool socks. I wore these everywhere except for Iceland, where I wore Docs for glacier walks and stuff (tbh would not recommend)

    * Uniqlo ultra light down jacket–great for snow and chill with a sweater, packs down tiny.

    * Lightweight jersey dress with an asymmetrical hem: dramatic with a scarf for nighttime, good for exploring with a shirt over it for day time, doesn’t wrinkle.

    * Scarves. Pack down light and add a quick pop of colour, good for when wind is blowing in your face.

    * Makeup. Red lipstick, light eyeliner, and eyebrows are all I need to look like I tried, and it’s way lighter than clothes.



    Alright I crushed my packing last night and have been bragging to everyone about it because I feel like superwoman. I booked one of those crappy UA flights that only allows for a personal item. I had a backpack and longchamp and panicked thinking the backpack was too large. I fit EVERYTHING for my 4-day trip to New Orleans into the longchamp. Plus my work laptop, chargers, makeup/toiletries bag, jewelry, and my dlsr camera. Here’s what I put in:

    * 1 romper
    * 1 jumpsuit
    * 3 tops (1 silk tee, 1 rayon wrap, 1 cotton halter)
    * 1 dress (this is my “nice” dress)
    * 1 eberjay pajamas
    * underwear/bras/etc
    * 1 pair of “nice” shoes
    * 1 going out bag

    PLUS – wearing jeans, another casual top, a cardigan, and white sneakers on the plane

    My trick was to use a medium-sized packing cube. I had NO idea that these bad boys could fit so much stuff. I rolled up everything and just stuffed it in like a madwoman. I made sure that there was NO space left by filling gaps with underwear and stuffing my makeup bag in there too. My packing cube has an exterior zipper that you can use to make the cube smaller. I was able to close it up on 1/2 of it. I plopped it into my longchamp with the thicker side on the bottom and there was plenty of space leftover. I slid in my laptop to the flatter side of the bag, stuffed my glasses case on the side (I might move this to my cardigan pocket for a bit of space), and disassembled my camera to slide it into the side.

    The key for me was packing clothing that I knew could roll down a lot. For example, jeans are terrible at rolling and take up precious space which is why I’m wearing mine whereas silk rolls up VERY well and doesn’t wrinkle terribly. I do feel like I could’ve swapped the romper and dress because they’re thicker materials but they’re cute and it worked so whatever.

    I can’t wait to unpack everything and take pictures (I might share them here). After packing up the longchamp I almost feel like the backpack had too much space…

    Edit: I need to note that being fashionable was my top priority over comfort for this trip and I think I successfully did it.



    I don’t get to travel much for pleasure, due to budget and time constraints, along with an unwillingness to “rough it.” When I do, I aim to look (and feel) like a local, as much as possible. I aim for reasonable comfort, but style is my priority (I don’t like super-long days of sightseeing, so foot pain isn’t normally a problem). For most trips under eight days, I do prefer a carry-on, too. Here are some of my usual strategies:

    * I bring 75% neutral or semi-neutral clothes (semi-neutral would include colours like blush, light blue or rust). The other 25% are statement items. (I might try your 50/50 version though!)
    * Accessories are the best way to introduce variety. Scarves and belts take up almost no space, so I normally pack way more than I need. Accessories also make great souvenirs.
    * I’m not very sporty, so I mostly bring items that can be dressed up or down. By bringing 2-3 pairs of stylish flats and 1 pair of low block heels, I’m ready for all activities.
    * Layers are essential. If I’m going somewhere chilly, I pack a thin merino jumper, a cashmere one, and packable down jacket – and I wear a wool coat on the plane. Layering all four of these items keeps me comfortable in very cold temperatures.
    * A simple sleeveless dress is a great piece – you can make additional outfits by wearing a button-down shirt or a skirt over it, or by wearing a turtleneck underneath. Or you can dress it up with heels and jewellery.

    It never occurred to me to try a different carry-on brand, but it sounds like a good option! Thanks for the tip 🙂



    A Tip i have for packing isn’t necessarily connected to fashion. But it saves a lot of space! I roll most of my clothes. Just put 3 tshirts on top of eachother and roll as tightly as You can. You can basically do it with all your clothes Except for some maybe fancy blazers etc. They might get a little wrinkled, depending on how You roll it. The tighter the better.
    Another Tip is stuffing your socks in your shoes and underwear. Especially if your shoes are quite firm and take up a lot of space.



    Ha I just got back from my first vacation ever that was over a few days long and it was iNCREDIBLE. That said here were my mistakes:

    1. Overpacking: Some things were perfectly perfect, honestly, I had a great time preplanning outfits and because my closet in general gets along really well with the rest of my outfit, I honestly was free to choose any random assortment of clothes and have things go together. That said I succumbed when my partner said he was bringing a tie ‘just in case’ and a bunch of other dressy things ‘because who knows’ and instead of just packing accessories to dress up the things I already packed, I went ahead and packed a fancy dress I never wore. I also didn’t need to bring quite as many tops as I did, I wasn’t sure what the weather would really be like (and it did vacillate so that wasn’t entirely un-useful).
    2. Not packing my *own* shampoo and conditioner (my pink hair! nooo!)
    3. Not really checking the weather: this was really item 1, but I brought a trench coat I didn’t need, and my heaviest sweater was only worn once that week.
    4. Not packing ‘base layers’ at the same time, if I’d packed my uniqlo base layers the few moments it did briefly get chilly on the warm days I wouldn’t have felt bad. I didn’t want to tote my coat around for a few seconds of warmth, but if I had properly thought of layering I wouldn’t have needed to bring as chunky a sweater either.
    5. I was ambitious about working out and packed athletic gear—and then I got sick and didn’t have time to work out. It was wasted space in my bag but it might not have been so idk about this one so much

    What I did really well:

    1. Because I can easily select any random things from my closet and probably make an outfit with it I can be prone to option paralysis when it’s clear that nothing looks *bad* with anything else, and because it’s so fun to *make* outfits I can tend to make lots and then feel bad about only keeping so many. I stuck to one color palette as a way to keep myself from straying too far and that was the best thing I did!
    2. Wore my heaviest clothes rather than pack them! Hurray!
    3. Made sure I had enough space for the things I might buy!

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