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    Tried my first 10×10 with the original formula of 4 tops, 1 cardigan, two bottoms, 1 dress and 2 shoes. Then since it’s fall I added two jackets, so I technically it was 10×12!

    I work in a casual and creative setting so there isn’t a distinction between work and non-work wear. It’s just all the time-wear.

    [here are the outfits ](

    My major takeaways were:
    1. I desperately need real shoes, not just sneakers – ones for days when I want to feel like an adult, haha.
    2. It would be nice to have some more bag options.
    3. I really dislike this newish cardigan, it looks super cheap. I need to spend more money on better quality clothes.
    4. White jeans do not survive this challenge well.
    5. I really appreciated the extra time I had in the morning to chill out and not be anxious and rushed.

    All in all it was an ok experience, though I was pretty bored and crazy feeling around day 7. I didn’t pre-plan any outfits, some days I liked what I was wearing and others I really didn’t lol. I wanted to see if I could get out of my styling rut and try new things which was only partially successful. Aka, would never normally wear the red dress casually, and surprisingly enjoyed the fancying up, but also would rather stay in turtlenecks and jeans most of the time.

    What changes or additions could I make be less boring, without spending tones of cash?



    My advice re “adult” shoes is to consider a pair of black leather ankle boots. And my favorite outfits were days 7 and 8!



    I like that jean jacket! And I love the shoes! Added a fun vibe.



    I really like your green sneakers! And you had a nice variety of outfits. I think if you wanted more polished shoes, oxfords or loafers would fit the bill.



    I really liked all your outfits, I think you did a great job with all the pieces.



    I actually really liked your cardigan and didn’t think it came off cheap at all!



    I want the (quilted?) coat in day 5 and 9. I’ve had no luck trying to thrift them, there’s always one or two things off about them, but this looks great on you!



    I actually love the cardigan and I love the first outfit – the cardigan looks quite expensive and designer-like because of the slightly-flared sleeves and the texture. I liked it in every outfit where you wore it. But maybe the material isn’t great in real life. It photographs beautifully though.

    Also loooove for the green sneakers. They really make your outfits look extra cool.

    My fav outfits were 1, 2, 4, 6. And the muji jean jacket/coat is BOMB. So good.



    I find 10 x 10 a bit challenging myself. It does sound like a great way to make decisions about what you need.



    Loved outfit 5!! The ruffle around the neck is really nice.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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