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    Uniqlo parent goes digital as it faces Amazon



    So their site is a conglomerate of all their brands at one site?



    Good fucking luck. Consumer sales are a side business for Amazon at this point.



    It’s good to hear that cutting costs in Japan through automation also translates to higher wages for their workers in China, and not just for bigger bonuses for executives.



    Fast Retailing is an Amazon customer. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180927005961/en/AWS-Announces-New-Amazon-EC2-High-Memory

    > FAST RETAILING CO., LTD, known as UNIQLO brand worldwide, has the conviction and vision to offer the ultimate everyday clothes that make people’s lives richer and more comfortable. Strong growth in international market with more than 1,200 stores outside of Japan. “Our fast-paced industry requires data and analytics in real time, and we use SAP HANA database to support us,” said Makoto Hoketsu, CIO, at Fast Retailing. “We have been running HANA on Amazon EC2 X1e instances with 4 TB memory, and will transition to the new Amazon EC2 High Memory instance with 6 TB memory to support growing business demands. These new instances offer performance suitable for our large HANA deployment, while enabling the benefits of cloud, like automated deployments, simple management from the AWS console, and integration with other AWS services. The flexibility of moving from one instance size to another within minutes means that we can scale our business operations without having to overprovision capacity today.”



    Uniqlo is always out of stock of the items I want. They also need to mature their supply chain before relying on a new online UX.



    I don’t envy Japanese companies trying to compete with US tech giants. The Japanese have a few cultural advantages, but on the whole they’re very far behind for almost anything software/internet-related.



    Good because their app is suboptimal and their delivery turnaround times are wicked slow for 2018 online commerce standards. Good clothes and great prices but they definitely need a digital upgrade.



    Goes digital but can’t open more stores in the southern US.



    Uniglo sucks

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