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    My part time retail fashion job released a holiday product workshop and in it, there’s descriptions of “our” customers, which fall roughly into three types: (I’ve very loosely paraphrased here, as the actual material is likely copy-written and confidential!)

    Value Seeker:

    This shopper is looking not for a bargain, but for a *value*. She knows the difference between a good price and a good value. She comparison shops and reads reviews. She waits for sales or uses coupons or rewards points. She cares about transparency, ethical standards, and sustainability. She isn’t super stylish or trendy, and loves to find wardrobe “solutions” that work over and over. Once she finds a high value for price brand, she’s loyal. She prefers function, longevity and match to her values and price over high-style.

    Style Seeker:

    This shopper loves to shop! She expresses herself through clothing and her friends go to her for advice on fashion. She doesn’t limit herself to only a handful of “known” stores—you can find her in thrift and consignment stores, as well as cute boutiques and antique stores. She loves building looks, following trends, and finding unique, stylish, interesting pieces. She likes personalized attention and enjoys trying the more experimental looks in the store. (*this is me, to a T*)

    Time Seeker:

    This shopper doesn’t like shopping! She’s rushed for time. She may be frustrated at her current clothes, which are out of date or don’t feel or fit right, but with kids, school, demanding job and social life, she just can’t seem to find the time to upgrade! If she finds a “uniform” or a piece that gets made in different fabrics/color stories every season, she’s in for life! She wants to come in, grab items, pay, and go! Online shopping is her best friend. Price isn’t as much of a concern for her, so she won’t go the sale rack and dig for a “gem” like the value and style seeker.

    Which one are you? 🙂



    I don’t really feel like I’m in any of these categories. I’d probably fit under like The Picky Shopper. I will try on tons of things, ranging from basic to out there. The most I’ll ever buy is 1 or 2 usually, because so few things look/feel good. I’m that girl you see making 2+ trips to the changing room with the max number of items. The problem is that I literally hate the process after five items, but I have to keep pushing through because I desperately need new clothes.



    Can I be a comfort seeker?

    I’m between value and time, leaning value.



    For these descriptions I fall more into style. Shopping and clothes are a hobby, I shop for fun and not just out of necessity. I’m willing to try anywhere to find something I like. Normally I’d describe myself as a value shopper but aside from using sales/coupons this definition doesn’t fit. Although I am very loyal when I find brands that work for me over and over again.



    I’m if you mash Value and Style together. I shop like the style person, but I’ll only buy if it’s a value. $3000 jacket for $300, sign me the fuck up. $20 bodysuit full price? No thank u



    I feel like a cross between Value and Time. I don’t fully fall into the Time shopper category because I love to shop, but since having a baby I don’t have time to do it as much. I also don’t like online shopping unless I’ve purchased an item before and know exactly how it will fit. I am willing to pay a higher price if it means better value for sure, especially since higher quality items will last longer and I won’t have to carve out time for shopping as often. I also much prefer having things that will look classic and flattering over time as opposed to more trendy or experimental looks.

    Now that I think about it, my preferred method of shopping is to go into a store and try on many items from the category I need (like jeans, nursing shirts…). When I find something I like, I will purchase it that day if it’s available for a good value. If not, I’ll make a note of the exact size/style/color and wait for it to go on sale. Once I know what I like I’ll purchase online repeatedly when sales or coupons bring the value up.



    Time seeker. I like clothes but I don’t like the time-sink that is shopping. So, once I find a brand/style that I like (I’m definitely a person who likes a uniform), I tend to stick with it regardless of the cost. Right now I’m building my work wardrobe for the next few years from the ground up, and it’s all black, grey, and navy from three different brands.



    Value/style. I like quality items and thrift as much as possible looking at fabric content/brands I enjoy first then the item second to see if it works for me



    I’m most aligned with the Value Seeker, but there’s a little bit of Time Seeker in me too. I don’t hate shopping and price is certainly a concern for me, but I really appreciate having a uniform. For example, pretty much all of my v-neck tees are the same brand and style, but in different colors. I have the same jeans in different washes because I like how they fit. And I own an embarrassing number of cardigans that are the same style but different colors… what can I say, I like consistency! I lean heavily on places like LL Bean and Eddie Bauer that have reliable basics in the same cuts season after season, year after year. But I definitely wait for sales and deals on these things like a Value Seeker.



    I think these types are very limited for your retail brand, which is fine, but this doesn’t work for everyone.

    For example: where is the frugal shopper who keeps an eye out for (not the value but) the cheapest prices? Where is the shopper who makes impulse purchases? Shopping addicts?

    There are many more types than just three.



    Style Seeker on a budget, so I kind of identify with the Value Seeker as well, but only as far as trying to get a good deal on a great piece and hitting sales and consignment stores.



    Overall, value. I’m willing to pay more for quality, but I need to be confident that it’s gonna last and not be an inconvenience to wash and deal with. I won’t buy a cheap thing just because it’s cheap.



    Style/time! Between work and class the only time I have is snatched 10-20 minutes to look around on social media and online window shop. Plus, I’m a poor college kid, which sucks because I’d love to experiment more.

    At the same time, I know what I like to look like and what I feel physically comfortable in, so once I know a store that stocks that, I’m gonna stick with it.



    I am 100% in the style seeker category, and I love it, but I admire and am a bit envious of those in the value seeker category. I need to be a little pickier, and a little more patient.



    I think that I’m all three, totally depending on what I’m looking for! I’ve bought into trends, been loyal to good quality brands, and sometimes bought a “bad deal” because I just didn’t have the time to find what I really wanted.

    Some days I’m willing to spend two hours with my salesperson and try on the whole store, and sometimes I really just need to get in and out because I have no matching socks and it’s a 911.

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