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    Visvim Fall/Winter or This Is Hiroki’s Americana



    They look like me when I try to wear that style. Missing 90% of the rugged and just look silly.



    Moonrise Kingdom-core



    Lazy Monday so I figure I’d post. Not a single fall/winter collection just a collection from the last several years. You can view them all on the [Visvim website]( Featuring denim, corduroy, boots, cool outerwear, and a lookbook idea of Americana that never really was and only really exists to sell clothing.

    Also so no one takes this album so seriously

    The Honest lookbook from Fourpins about Visvim (RIP)

    **What The Lookbook Projects:** You live a quiet lifestyle centered around your adorable dog, smoking hot significant other and spend copious amounts of cash on things like vintage watches and fixer-upper motorcycles that inexplicably cost more than a new BMW.

    **What Wearing The Brand Is Actually Like:** You own a pair of FBTs. You take pictures of them on Instagram.

    Also from the [What does you favorite brand say about you](

    > Baghagsgs ggarhuusgb hargadsd.

    > That’s all it sounds like when you have John Mayer’s nuts in your mouth.)



    A lot of these looks are way too costumey in my opinion. Some of the individual basic pieces are nice though. Don’t get me wrong, as fashion I think it’s interesting, considering this is the result of a Japanese designer’s interpretation of “Americana” but I can’t imagine these looks working anywhere other than the streets of Tokyo.



    What are the best places to check out Visvim on the East Coast? Specifically NYC or Boston.



    Looks like a contest to see who can wear the most layers



    Looking forward to recreating some of these looks at a fraction of the price.



    god visvim hats are the absolute best.

    if I could own nothing but stuff from one guy it would be hiroki – his stuff is so so so great.



    Honestly surprised mfa fell on the [“too weird”]( side on this one. Ah well. Loved it myself.



    I love that blue umbrella



    This looks more like Ralph Lauren than RL’s collection



    I like the kid wearing 3 jackets and sporting 4″ of exposed calf between where his boots stop and his jeans finally start.



    That coat in the third picture is amazing



    Where can I get a coat like this?

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