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    I’m cool-toned, and I just really want to be able to find a red I can wear. Or a yellow. I know one common bit of makeup advice is that there’s a red lipstick for anyone, but I’m wondering if the same is true for clothes? And if so, can anyone link to clothes they’ve found that work for their undertone?



    Cool yellows will be something along the lines of lemon if you’re more winter-y or champagne if summer-y. As for the reds, well, there are really too many to list them all. I always make mistakes with the red reds, so I try to look more in the direction of berry/pink/bluish reds.

    I absolutely can’t wear very warm colors, they drain the life out of me, but if I had to I’d wear them as far from my face as possible.



    I’m fair and cool-toned, I wear a lot of burgundy. I also like deep reds, and one of my favorite lipsticks is roughly the color of a Swiss Army/Victorinox knife. I don’t really have any non-burgundy red clothing right now, but I used to really love the shirt I’m wearing in [this picture](https://scontent-lga3-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/a3538fe614b12fab44cbe4186f554deb/5C4511DE/t51.2885-15/e35/17883187_1761052037538319_8359900812255690752_n.jpg)



    I’m a true cool tone, and I struggle with adult acne, so anything outside of the classic “cool palette” brings out the worst in me. I’ve found though, that any red or pink that doesn’t look orange when held to my handy pocket cool palette swatches will work for me. Magenta might be awesome on you! Also any red with bluish undertones. I’d be careful with orange or yellow. Be sure to look at your face, not the fabric, when you try on those colors. You’ll know if it works by whether or not it deepens the shadows under your eyes, or brings out or hides any blemishes on your face.



    I’m cool-toned (pale skin, auburn hair) and I have found that orange-based reds work better for me than blue-based reds. Also, orange-y corals work great too. For yellows, I would say something with a gold hue might work.



    I’m cool-toned and wear yellow all the time. It’s one of my absolute favorite colors. I like a neutral or blue-toned yellow more than an ochre or mustard, but if I love a garment and the shade is just a little “too warm”? I don’t care. Undertones are a guideline, not a rule. If I only wore the colors that supposedly flatter a dark-haired cool complexion, I’d only be wearing blue and green for the rest of my life. Boring.



    Yes! I’m the same with pinky skin hues and I love to wear color. Seek out deep reds with blue/purple undertones, experiment with mustard yellows vs pastel yellows and if you want to go orange go bold! I’m wearing [an orange dress](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/eb/8c/9f/eb8c9fbea144172075e88362301eb479.jpg) today and it is one of my very favorite work outfits.



    As a cool toned person, the only colors that actively look bad on me are, like, highlighter/neon orange and yellow (probably some similar shades pink but I don’t wear most pinks?). That’s it. Try out whatever color you want but are afraid of because of some arbitrary rules!



    Have you ever looked up your season? It’s kinda gimmicky, but pretty solid advice. I am a true winter (cool toned with light skin and eyes and dark hair) and red is one of my best colors. It’s less about specific hues and more about the tone and saturation. True red to raspberry reds are best for me, but a summer (cool toned light everything) will not wear saturated colors as well. Yellow in theory will also work if it’s vivid and saturated, but that’s not a yellow I’m interested in wearing.



    I’m just here to show love to your username.



    Yes! I am a winter and I have found these “warmer” colors to work for me: olive green, burgundy, taupe, dark brown, eggplant, forest green.

    What never works for me: mustard, camel, any shade of orange.




    There are definitely cool reds out there, though I don’t know how easy they are to find. Maybe search by the color names? Crimson, cerise, ruby, raspberry. I’m sure there are more I’m not thinking of. Cool yellows would be harder as I think you might have to stick to lemon or creep into chartreuse territory a bit. Or maybe you could go less saturated and try a wheat gold or mustard gold?

    Echoing what other posters have said, the standard “cool colors” that are supposed to look good are just a guideline.



    I’m cool toned, and the majority of my clothes are blues, inky brown and black, but I have some blue toned red and burnt umber orange and mustard or sunny yellow tops that look fabulous on me. You can wear warm colors, you just have to look for shades that are flattering, I tend to go for cooler toned warm colours.



    I’m a “cool summer” in terms of color analysis – natural light brown/blond hair, blue eyes and cool skin. Bright red looks terrible on me, but reds that are in this family: https://encycolorpedia.com/7c0a02 or this family: https://encycolorpedia.com/9f1d35 both tend to work on me.



    Cool-toned is a euphemism for pink undertones. The idea that cool-toned people should only wear cool colors is honestly nonsensical in actual color theory. You ought to look great in pinks and reds, since they will make your skin look less pink and more neutral by comparison. Warmer toned (orangier) yellows are also more flattering than cooler toned (greener) yellows, because green is the complement of pink and will thus exaggerate the pinkness of your skin.

    If I was you I’d seriously consider whether these colors truly do not look good on me, or if I’m just nervous about wearing them because of what I’ve internalized about the colors I’m “allowed” to look good in.

    ETA: Michelle Williams is about as cool-toned as they come, and here she is looking radiant in a yellow gown and red lipstick.


    Oops, did not realize someone already linked this pic.



    I’m really fair, blonde, and cool-toned (Elle Fanning and I have very similar coloring) and I look better in scarlets and burgundies that true reds or anything with a hint of orange. [This sweater](https://www.madewell.com/wrap-front-pullover-sweater-in-coziest-yarn-H6985.html?dwvar_H6985_color=BR7244&cgid=apparel-sweaters&position=7&position=7#prefn1=color&prefv1=Red&start=1) and [this shirt](https://www.madewell.com/central-drapey-shirt-F9367.html?dwvar_F9367_color=BK5229&cgid=apparel-topstees-tops&position=12&position=12#prefn1=color&prefv1=Red&start=1) are flattering.

    I do think that people with cool undertones can look great in yellow, but I have yet to master that. [Emma Stone](https://s-i.huffpost.com/gen/1732604/thumbs/o-EMMA-STONE-900.jpg?16) and [Michelle Williams](https://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/fashion/2016/01/12/michelle-williams-oscars-2006-ap_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqEf65f8GYV8FD0odE3lOPhGpDVSCPlYrd3uo9QGfx-zY.jpg?imwidth=450) have both worn yellow beautifully, fwiw.



    I look nice in more orangey yellows or the mustard color that’s everywhere right now and deeper reds like maroon and crimson more than true reds. I also look better in bright yellow than pale yellow.



    I am cool toned and I love cooler toned reds. I am thinking something like [this](http://wardrobelooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/red-sweaters-for-women-3.jpg) or [this](https://pin.it/oa2tbviyqkadh3). But even brighter reds [can look nice.](
    http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-nbj0v76Z1Pc/Trvpb-J1RuI/AAAAAAAAPmY/s2bLz8puFO4/s1600/273789518_zTv2mQY0_c.jpg) Yellow on the other hand I have never been able to make work.



    I’m very self conscious about whether the clothes I’m wearing are flattering or not. I try to incorporate colours that aren’t flattering by wearing it as bottom. So trousers/skirts. Then I get to wear burnt orange without making my face look strange.



    I’m pretty wintery, and I wear tons of different cool reds. The trick is to train your eye to notice the difference between a blue-red and an orange-red at a glance. Yellow is a little harder…I personally love a warm, buttery yellow, but that color doesn’t look great on me. I’ve tried to go for yellows on the icy side, or now I just skip it for the most part, honestly. I went through a yellow-loving phase last year and came away with one lemon yellow shirt I really love, and one icy yellow dress and pair of sneakers I’m only ok with because I just don’t like those colors as much.



    There are cool toned reds and yellows…



    Of course there are! Just because your skin is cool doesn’t mean you always have to pair cool colors with it. I have a lot of warm yellow and olive in my skin and I find that for some colors, I prefer a cooler version because the warm versions look too matchy matchy. This is especially true with purpley MLBB lipsticks and brown anything. One time I tried dying my hair a warm chocolate brown and I absolutely hated it. It really comes down to whether you want harmony or contrast with that specific item. If you want it to harmonize with your skintone, try cooler colors. If you want contrast instead, give the warmer colors a shot. And don’t be afraid to experiment! People can really exaggerate the effects of choosing the “wrong” colors — no red lipstick is actually going to make you look “jaundiced” or “corpselike” or whatever. Worst case, you’ll look a little less naturally radiant than you would otherwise, and that’s it.



    Raspberry! Its my hair color and it does great things for my skin and eyes. It’s my only red …probably because it’s really a pink.

    I love yellow and have too many purses in it. As long as it’s away from my skin I’m fine. Lemony yellows look nice but are rare in fall.

    Another thing, try to get “iced” colors, I don’t mean pastels that often are warm. All looks great.

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