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    After losing my favorite watch, I noticed that most women around me don’t wear watches, except the few with a smartwatch. Do y’all wear either? If you wear a smartwatch, do you wear it all the time or just working out/active? Do you change your watch/watchstrap depending on your outfits and think of it as an accessory? Would love to know what everyone’s wearing and y’all’s recommendations!

    r/watches seems to be mostly very expensive and male so apologies if this is the wrong sub



    I LOVE watches!! I don’t have a lot of money so I have inexpensive ones. I’m a super fan of Skagen watches – cool designs, slim profiles (I am small and dislike too much chunk in watches).



    I love watches and I’ll admit that I feel much more put together with one than without.

    I used to wear the Cartier Tank Française that I received as a graduation present, but now I wear my dad’s old Tag Heuer (resized to fit me) which I actually love more. It’s more masculine and heavy, which makes it feel like a “real watch” (weird complex I know), but also it’s a bit more meaningful since my dad chose it, wore it for years and then wanted me to have it.

    As for /r/watches, yeah, it skews heavily male, but the Seiko and Casio love is super strong so not really expensive IMO.



    I wear mine. Everyday. An ex boyfriend gave it to me. Sometimes I look down and think ‘I am never going to be with a chump like that again’

    Good motivation.



    I love my Olivia Burton watch! I have the vegan woodland bunny watch, and it’s adorable – I get so many compliments on it! I’ve had it for a couple years and I still wear it most days. I love their vegan/eco friendly options, but they sell leather for those that want it as well.

    [my watch](

    [best sellers](



    I wear my Longines watch every day. I don’t like smart watches (which some people find contentious).



    I wear an Apple Watch and have every day for nearly 3 years. I have a few bands that let me create different looks, and coordinate with outfits.

    I saw someone point out that they don’t want notifications on their wrist. neither do I (most of the time). I turn off everything except text messages and phone calls, as these are typically urgent, and I use the do not disturb feature aggressively. This has actually been great for untethering me from my phone. I leave it wherever at home, and in my handbag at work, and I know I won’t miss anything important.



    I wear a watch every day. The only ones I’ve ever owned are Casio watches (#notsponsored I swear) because they’re pretty cheap ($10-$50 in my experience) and reliable.

    The one I wear the most because it goes the best with all my outfits is this [Casio calculator watch]( I get two reactions from this one: “Woah! I used to have one of those decades ago” and “is that a smart watch?” To which I say “yes, it can do basic arithmetic of the real numbers!”

    I also have two other Casio watches: a [gold calculator watch]( and [this one]( I wear the gold one on fancier occasions.

    In the past, I’ve had these two Casio watches which are a bit simpler, but I love the minimalism: [this one]( and [this one](

    Edit: Another brand that I’ve known about for a long time but haven’t bought one of their watches yet is [Aark Collective]( Their watches are so pretty!



    I’ve worn a watch every day for the last 23 years, and for my last birthday I purchased a fitness tracker that also displays the time.



    Had a Daniel Wellington watch with a plain blue band. Wore that sucker near everyday for almost five years or so until I lost it travelling. I loved it, but it definitely didn’t wear well and by the end I think I outgrew it/felt like a high school instagrammer wearing it.



    I love my watches. I have a few in different color metals and never leave home without wearing one. They’re basically like jewelry. I have a kit from Amazon so I can change my own batteries. Also, I have a Citizen Eco-drive watch that’s solar which is pretty neat.

    I’m interested in smart watches too but I don’t want a watch that will be obsolete after 3 years. I’m sick of wasting money on tech stuff. Regular watches are good basically forever.

    Here’s a pic of my watch collection from the last time we had a watch post! Three of those were thrifted. 🙂

    Watch collection



    I love digital watches but they seem non-existant for slender, femenine wrists. I don’t care for smart watches cause the last thing I want is another gadget that needs to be charged every few days.

    I was studying hard for an exam earlier this year and I needed a cronometer to use during the mock exams. I found a Casio F-91W in a drawer at home and feel in love with it. It’s so ugly, sturdy and practical that it has become my battle watch and I use it everyday.

    If I go out with people who get embarrassed by my 8€ watch, I switch to a pale pink analogic one from Parfois I got as a gift last Christmas. It’s elegant and fashionable, but I’m used to seeing the weekday and day of the month. I just wish Casio invested in their women’s line instead of obsessing with the G-Shock.



    I wear a watch every time I leave the house. I have a few watches (2 Omegas, 1 Tissot, 1 Tiffany & Co, 3 Seikos, 2 Burberrys); I do not change the straps.

    The Burberrys and Tissot are the watches I wear most often, largely because they’re not _too_ nice (fine for a business casual environment), they have a date function, and they have sapphire crystals. One of my Omegas is vintage and solid gold; I wear it for fancy evenings out. The Seikos are all casual watches.



    I have big boned wrists and am picky about how watches fit. I have worn movado watches for about 30 years now. They are unobtrusive and simply designed. I always get a metal link band. I do have an Hermes Cape Cod that I also love. It has the double wrap leather band and can be adjusted to wear loose or tight.



    I wear my Fossil hybrid smart watch every day! Looks like an analog watch that goes with everything, but tracks steps and programmable arms and vibration to get notifications! Love being able to glance and see whether a notification is important (1 o’clock is text from partner, 3 o’clock is just snapchat, etc.)

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