What are good casual shoes for someone with overpronation?

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    A few years ago, I sprained my ankle pretty bad and needed PT. While there, my therapist noted that I had overpronation and recommended some running shoes to help while I healed. Now, I’m pretty much back to normal and would like to wear some regular, everyday sneakers. Are there any that particularly work well for pronation?



    I also over pronate and run 3-4 times per week.

    Normal, everyday walking around will put different strains on your feet than running. Personally, my feet would get sore if I wore my running shoes all day (support across the arch would get annoying).
    There isn’t the same need for over pronation on casual shoes.

    Your needs may be different, but I find that as long as they are a decent width and have some cushioning, a lot of sneakers are good.
    Springy or spongey feeling shoes aren’t great as they will not offer much by way of support.

    Asics Gel Lyte are good. I even have some Nike SB with solarsoft insoles and Converse Chuck 2 with Lunarlon.
    For casual, non sneakers I find Clarks are good. They have a decent shank and quite a few models have cushioning.



    Get on Google and find a running store near you (no pun intended) I have “RoadRunner Sports” by me and they have a treadmill and a pressure mat that will measure how you stand, walk, and run and supply you with custom insoles and running shoe (trainers if in the UK) recommendations based off of it. I’ve put those insoles in other shoes too and they help alot. But it’ll run you $200+ for the insoles and shoes. I think the Insoles are like $80



    Disclaimer: I don’t have it, I know someone with it though

    He wears nothing but the original Jordan Grind.



    Anything from Ecco. They won’t look fashionable, but gets the job done and I have found them very comfortable. Avoid paying full price though and look for outlet products or off retail

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