What are, in your opinion the best pair of boots that can be used in both fall and winter?

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    I am looking to get a pair of boots this year that are actually waterproof. I’ve tried multiple times to water proof some of my existing leather boots to no avail. I live in Central/Northern Utah and it’s been pretty wet lately, and will of course get wetter in the winter with snow, so waterproof foot wear (preferably that’s warm) is a must. I’ve been looking at some of L.L. Beans duck boots and my roommate suggested some actual snow boots. I’ve lived in Southern AZ almost all of my life so this is something I’m new to. What’s your favorite type of boot to wear in the cold, wet months?



    If where you are gets salt, be prepared to have your boots ruined by it. I like my bean boots, but they do lack traction. I actually use the ice crampons they sell when I go for walks on trails and such in the winter, but generally it’s okay going to work and in the city without them.



    I’ve had a set of 5.11 boots for about 9 years now. Wear them almost every day on a construction site, riding my motorbike, hiking. Great boots super comfortable would recommend 5/7



    L.L. Bean duck boots are very effective at keeping your feet dry the unlined boots can get a little cold but wool socks or spending the extra money to get a pair with lining will keep your feet warm. The sizing on them is a bit wacked but, for utilitarian purposes they’re damn good boots that cost significantly less than other options.



    Boots that are thick, welted, and have a tread. Boots that are sturdy, but you don’t give a shit about. Something to beat up incessantly.



    All I’ve worn for the last few years as an Australian is R.M. Williams boots. Give them a shine and polish every so often and they’ll last forever.



    I used to live in the northeast. Tons of wet heavy snow.

    L.L. Bean Boots are pretty much on everyones feet from around october to about april every year. I bought a pair for myself as soon as I got there and bought two pairs for my wife.

    Heres the good and bad about bean boots.


    waterproof and warm if you buy the ones with goretex and thinsulate.

    Well made and sturdy construction. I’ve beat the crap out of these boots. Don’t take care of them at all. They are still in like new condition despite the water and salt and crap that comes with winter. Some salt stains on the rubber but that is about it. These boots are going to outlive me I guarantee it.


    Comfort: nonexistent. Thin soles with no support at all. Imagine rain boots you can lace up. The rubber bottom is soft enough wear you can feel the ground through it. My feet would be killing me after a few hours in these. Highly recommend some kind of cushioned insole if you end up going with these.

    The chain tread pattern on the outsole is alright, but can be kind of meh on slippery conditions. Works great for snow but not so great on wet surfaces like wet rocks and logs.

    Overall I trust my bean boots to protect my feet from the worst winter conditions, but they aren’t perfect. But as far as “actual snow boots” are concerned the warm and waterproof bean boots certainly fit that bill.

    If you want actual boots though I would look at the brand Danner. I’ve been wearing boots for around 40-80 hours a week for the last 8 years. Danner is the best. They have a large range of options for just about every need.



    Not sure how fashionable you need, but I have a pair of Wolverine Durashock boots for when it gets real bad. I live in an apartment in Cleveland which means I have to walk my dog in the snow, on slippery sidewalks very often. Plus a good portion of my job is outdoors. My wolverines have lasted 3 winters and look like they’re good to go for another year.

    I also have Bean Boots which I love but wouldn’t wear in serious snow fur to having less insulation and grip than the Wolvs. My Iron Rangers haven’t been in snow yet, but I doubt they’ll be much better than the beans.

    Wool socks are a must.

    If your roommate has lived there for a while I’d take their advice.



    Waxed boots.

    I love my waxed Taft Dragon Boots in Rust – they stand up to rain storms and snow and still look damn good.



    Any boots that are good year welted and have a dainite sole would be great against water and snow. I like my Daltons from Allen Edmonds.

    Edit: Also don’t forget shoe trees, but be sure to air the shoes out for a bit before inserting.



    It all depends on what conditions are like where you live, and how you will use them (drive to work/short walks, long walks to office/school, extended outdoor activities, just going out to the bar or whatever). If you get moderate snow, I would go with something with a Commando sole or at least a mini-lug for some traction. Dainite is *ok*, but if you hit tile or smooth stone walking surfaces with snow on your boots, you may be in for a bad time. You can apply nano sprays to suede/roughout for some water resistance, and various products can be applied to leather–[with a range of trade-offs](https://putthison.com/weather-proofing-your-leather-shoes/) in how much protection they provide vs. how much they darken the leather. It’s also ideal to have at least a couple of pairs you can rotate to allow drying time before the next wear in snowy conditions.

    Dry feet are warm feet, so wool socks that wick moisture away from your skin are a must. Foot powder is good if your feet sweat a lot. I’ve got woolies of varying thickness depending on how cold it will be and what I’ll be doing, and if I’ll be going between outside and heated environments.

    In OP’s extreme case, I would advise that fashion might need to take a back seat to function if he wants dry feet. Gore-tex liners like in the [Danner Mountain Light](https://www.danner.com/men/hike/mtn-light.html) are the way to go if you want a leather boot that is truly waterproof.



    I found these for 60. Sperry Avenue duck boots. Are they hot garbage? https://i.imgur.com/npq9VRp.jpg






    Hijacking the thread to ask something:

    Any guys from the Netherlands here? If things go well I’ll be staying there for two years. How cold are the winters there? Should I get myself a pair of lined boots?



    To one-up Met: Gaziano & Girling Urban Commando.



    I’ve been wearing a pair from the Norwegian brand Swims for a few years. Check it out.



    I’ve got a pair of Bean Boots that I’ve had since 2011 and they are so freaking good in the fall and winter. When I first got them I was working outside in the winter time so I got a pair of insulated ones. If you want more versatility in them get non insulated onces and choose your socks more wisely in the cold because they can get a little uncomfortable if you go out and about on those fall days with highs in the 50s and the sun is beating down on them all day.



    I’m originally from the East Coast so I own a pair of Bean Boots. Depending on what you’re planning on doing they can be a solid option. The traction isn’t incredible and they lack support, so I wouldn’t get them if you’re planning on any really far walks/winter hikes. But if you pair them with some good wool socks for insulation they’re great for day to day use. Short of buying designated snow boots, I’ve also had good luck with coating my leather boots in LP wax or Sno Seal (I have Chippewa lacer). The traction is ok and they’re plenty warm with the right socks and they’re not as visually out there as the Bean boots. If you go this route, just be aware that the LP/Sno Seal will darken up the leather a lot.



    Helly Hansen



    L.L. Bean duck boots



    Just got some Danner Mountain Pass boots and they fit the bill



    Ariat boots!! I bought a pair since I wanted something daily and rugged, and I love them! Fit so well.


    This is specifically what I bought, and I love them!



    Bean Boots all the way, just throw on some of their thick wool socks Bean sells when it starts getting real cold.



    Are wellingtons (rubber boots) ‘a thing’ in America? When the weather is crap here in the UK countryside, a lot of us just wear wellies.

    You can find nice leather and neoprene lined ones by companies like le chameau, hunter and agile.

    Settled on a solution?



    Dr Martens 2976 Crazy Horse.

    Great looking Chelsea boot with a non-slip sole. Most comfortable boots Ive ever worn.

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