What are some closet essentials you should ALWAYS cheap out on?

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    What are some closet essentials you should ALWAYS cheap out on?



    Shoe laces for gym shoes



    I’m not going to say *always* go cheap on anything. That said, the Uniqlo tier is perfectly fine for t-shirts and underwear.



    shoe trees



    I don’t think anything should really be cheaped out on, but what you choose to prioritize will vary. Personally I wouldn’t spend much money on lounge clothing.



    No need to break the bank on a set of white t-shirts.



    T-shirts. Seriously, just work out . Long discussions I see here about which $50-$90+ t-shirt is the best material and fits *just* right seem just a little dystopian to me.



    I never had a “high end” leather dress belt. Always from macys or bargain department store and it seems to be fine for me at least.

    I was thinking what I’m missing from not having the sub $100 belts from say allen Edmonds.



    I’m wary of making hasty generalizations, but I see no need to spend inordinate sums of money on undershirts. That’s really it, though — just undershirts. In terms of solid tees and other basics, Uniqlo is an exception because it’s cheap, but also well-made.



    flip flops…. unless you need to FLEX at hotel pool in Las Vegas or something there’s no need to spend hundreds on rubber slippers that will get trashed after a few months anyway.

    and controversially, mens broadcloth dress shirts worn under a suit jacket or blazer is something that can be had on the cheap. Especially for standard business colors of pale blue & white/cream, the differences won’t be noticeable by observers if you’re wearing a jacket, even less so with a tie covering up the space. I can see some ppl arguing that collar spread on higher-end shirting can complement your head/face shape, but I don’t think the less sartorially-inclined would even notice. A different haircut or facial hair style would have much more impact.



    I fail to see the return on ties over $30. Hardly anyone wears them all the time anymore, as most places are business casual in the professional world. Why spend a ton of money on something you may wear once or twice a year?



    I wouldn’t say there’s anything you should ALWAYS cheap out on. But there are definitely items which you don’t need super high quality.

    Undershirts can just be the cheap hanes shirts. Sweatpants don’t need to be expensive. I’d say nylon jackets aren’t necessary to spend a ton on (I have a couple bombers from h&m, that clearly aren’t as good as alpha industries, but still serves its purpose).

    That being said, if I could afford more expensive items I’d definitely buy more. It’s not only the differences in materials, fit and longevity, but also ethics you are buying when you spend more on clothes.



    This. I prefer my $20-$25 ties from the Tie Bar over costlier ones I’ve gotten from other fashion name-brands.



    For 95%+ of the adult population, exercise wear. *Especially* those of us (myself included) who are doing mostly weight lifting with some very light cardio thrown in. The very expensive synthetic fabrics etc do have a real place for hard training in the elements, but that’s not reality for a lot of us. An old t shirt and basic gym shorts do the exact same thing on a bench press or in a squat rack as a $250 outfit from whatever the sportswear brand of the year is. Shoes are an exception to me here and not something that you should cheap out on.

    I save my expensive sportswear for days hiking, skiing, etc where my clothing’s performance has a notable impact on my comfort and ability to perform.



    Shoelaces, undershirts (to some extent), jeans (to some extent), and I’d say tee-shirts for the most part.



    In my opinion, wallets. At least not for longevity. Cheap ones hold up surprisingly well. As long as it isn’t a stupid color or full of plastic, I’m fine.

    Although, nice wallets can be pretty nice…



    Maybe it’s just me, but sweatshirts. I was terrified of getting my Reigning Champ gray crewneck dirty. I don’t give a shit was happens to my Lands’ End crewneck that was one-third the price.



    There are so many ways to splurge on a hoodie, but I just don’t see the point in spending real money on such a casual item. I only ever wear them when I need a layer to throw on before walking the dog or running a quick errand. My $20 H&M and Old Navy hoodies are fine for that, and they hold up for quite a while because hoodies rarely have to be washed. Every once in a while I’ll see a Facebook ad for a $300 cashmere hoodie and I don’t get it.






    – Sneaker socks

    – A belt, if it’s gonna be hidden by your shirt all the time anyway

    I can see why one would buy more expensive sneaker socks if their cheap ones always get holes in them, but I’ve never had that issue with my cheap socks.

    But I agree with other comments that there aren’t really any items which one should *always* cheap out on. It’s highly dependent on your lifestyle.

    For example, someone who rarely wears a suit won’t need to spend a lot of money on something like a tie or a pair of dress shoes. A lawyer on the other hand is pretty much wearing a tie and dress shoes daily, so spending a bit more could be worth it for him.



    Sweatpants and sweatshirts, especially ones for just lounging in. It’s for comfort not fashion.
    Pyjamas aren’t worth spending much on imo. Most of the time, cheap 100% cotton pj’s are just as good as expensive cotton ones. Maybe if you want silk you could spend more but personally, I hate silk pyjamas

    I think a casual belt that’s being worn with an untucked shirt you can cheap out on. A canvas D ring belt that costs pittance will do just as good a job as a £200 leather belt. Save the leather for when you’re tucking your trousers in



    Some people will disagree but IMO you should only buy the cheapest possible white dress shirts that fit you well. Mind you, they MUST fit you well, but whatever is cheapest of them, go for that. I guess maybe it’s more accurate to say “You should never pay a ton for them” but still. You’re perpetually one splashed glass of red wine or black coffee away from ruining the shirt and the collar will start yellowing after just a couple wears. Constantly having to upkeep the shirts with washes and dry-cleaning affect fit and finish over time.

    I’m not saying buy the $10 dress shirt from Walmart, but I think you’re better off buying the $30 dress shirt from Tyrwhitt than you are getting a bespoke white shirt for $150 from a taylor. White shirts are too unforgiving and require too much upkeep.




    Always buy the cheapest, because things get stained or torn long before they wear out

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