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    I just started my first full-time job and we are having a Halloween party soon but I don’t know what to wear!



    When I worked at GEICO HQ, I went as Flo the Progressive lady. It had reactions.



    LOL I’m picturing that episode of the Office where Pam wears an all-out costume to her new office (a temp job in NYC)…she’s dressed as Charlie Chaplin “and I can’t take the hat off cuz then I’m Hitler”



    Will other people be in costumes? Has anyone told you their plans? Do you have pictures of how other people dressed at previous parties, if there were any? How creative is your job?

    We have a costume party at work that some people totally get into. I tend to dress a lil more spooky as we get closer to Halloween and I like being subtly frightening tbh.



    How about Wednesday Adams?



    I once dressed up as my general manager. I was a 20-something waitress dressed as a middle aged guy, complete with pleated front navy Dockers, a slightly mismatched button down (he was colorblind), fake glasses, my cell phone and keys clipped to my hips. Also doctored up a bald cap to copy his bald on top, very short back and sides look. I introduced myself to all my tables as Steve. I got the idea and put everything together just the night before, too. I won $100 in our costume contest!



    I manage a gym, and this year my assistant manager and I are going as Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda! Obviously the majority of workplaces wouldn’t allow this, so we’re taking advantage. I plan on wearing opaque leggings OVER the leotard so it’s not too risque!



    I’m probably gonna be Mr. Rogers! Super cozy and work appropriate, and honestly the perfect healing vibe for this hellworld we’re livin in right now. Plus, my org’s co-founder was tight with Mr. Rogers IRL so it’s super on-brand for our office, haha.



    My workplaces have all been pretty casual, vampire is always an easy one and you can easily whip out a set of teeth if you need to be out of costume quickly. One year I went as Daria… problem was people thought I just got new glasses and forgot a costume.



    It’s really fucking cold in our office, and I’m well known as “That one in marketing who always wears a blanket.” So last year I bought a fake pig nose and went as a pig in a blanket.



    Have you made any friends? Ask how dressed up people get before going too crazy.

    One year I was a steampunk forest fairy, skirt, blouse with vest, little green top hat(that I got in Disneyland and had tinker bell on it), and either goggles or a necklace I can’t remember…

    Last year I was an alien from toy story (part of a group costume) blue pants and shirt and a bright green hat that I put giant googly eyes and an antenna on.



    I did [a Marty McFly costume](https://i.imgur.com/ProDHQv.jpg) back in 2015 and it went over well with the folks who were old enough to recognize it (some of my younger friends didn’t get the reference).

    It had the bonus of being very comfortable as well as nice and warm when going out for tricks and treats later.



    I was a lumberjack last year. It was a super easy and work appropriate costume.
    Jeans, doc martens, buffalo plaid shirt, a beanie, and a fake beard. I like a little bit of drag in my Halloween costumes though.

    My fiancé and I have been batting around the idea of being The Dude and Walter from The Big Lebowski this year.
    I need some jelly sandals to really sell it.



    Inflatable t-rex costume off amazon



    Bat or Pirate – but like a real pirate. Not a sexy pirate. Your bloodlust and love of the high seas will be sexy enough.

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