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    First post on this sub, sorry for any errors!

    So I have been reading through this sub for a few months now and have learned so much! My goal for next year is to refine my personal style, declutter my closet and slowly add some serious quality pieces to my wardrobe.

    I’m not a big fan of big name or flashy brands, so I have been investigating some promotional posts I’ve seen on Instagram and FB. Annoyingly, this means I now get promotions for pretty expensive stores and boutiques that I don’t recognize. So I’m a little nervous to start shopping.

    I thought you all would have some insight on the quality of the stuff I keep seeing online! Does anyone have any experience with the brands I listed below? Are there alternative options to these brands that are long lasting and good quality? Also, what are some indie brands that you all love for quality?

    [Lunya Sleepwear](https://www.lunya.co)


    [Rothy’s (The Point pair)](https://rothys.com)

    [Lingerie from Thistle and Spire](https://www.thistleandspire.com)

    [Boutique Libertie](https://boutiquelibertie.com)

    Note: Recommendations should ship to the US please <3… Thank you!



    I’m using my [Good on You](https://goodonyou.eco/) app to find brands that are better rated (4-5 stars) for animal welfare, environmental impact and labor conditions. Before making the conscious switch I noticed brands that are in earnest pursue of sustainability tended to make higher quality, longer lasting items across the board. The correlation is stronger than other indicators such as price. Besides moral reasons, I was also growing tired of price seemingly having nothing to do with quality. I’ve had everything from a $5 to a $350 blouse come apart a the seam or develop holes etc. Also items from the same store can vary greatly in quality, which was frustrating.

    Since seeking out more sustainable brands, I’ve been very satisfied with the following purchases:

    * [Alice + Whittles](https://www.aliceandwhittles.com/#): Their rain boots are so well made, and stylish to boot 😉
    * [Amour Vert](https://amourvert.com/): I used to really love Joie & Rebecca Taylor, but neither disclose much about their policy or practice, so I’m glad I’ve found AV. They’re great for feminine, patterned, silk blouses (solid replacement for Joie & RT imo).
    * [Naja](https://www.naja.co/): switched from Hanro. Their “nude to you” seamless undies are so, so great. My oldest pair is about 1 year old and looks completely new. Very soft too.
    * [Pact](https://wearpact.com/): I’ve only purchased basics and think the quality is there. Their jogger sweatpants are very thick and feel sturdy but still super soft. Much better quality than my Tory Burch Sport pair. There is inner thigh pilling after some wear, but I don’t mind, I use a sweater shaver. Tees will get loose/seams will “shift” after wear, but I’m not bothered, mainly looking for soft to the touch & durable. I switched from Ace & Jig which is another very well rated sustainable brand, but A&J’s “technical cashmere” items developed holes for me almost immediately from just normal everyday wear (exposed to dogs, keys, nails for example).
    * [Patagonia](https://www.patagonia.com/home/): switched from Columbia outdoor and winter gear. I first got a super thin (packable) rain jacket that is surprisingly water resistant. I just picked up a great puffer coat for winter, and I’m excited to make it the workhorse of the coming years.
    * [Raven + Lily](https://ravenandlily.com/): only bought jewelry so far, actually mostly earrings, but quality is solid and I personally like their designs.
    * [Swedish Stockings](https://en.swedishstockings.com/): switched my hosiery and socks over to them. Very durable well-made items.
    * [Veja](http://www.veja-store.com/en/): comfortable and stylish sneakers. I know Adidas is very well rated and I do continue to buy from them as well. Vejas has one silhouette similar to Converse, while Adidas does not. Also vegan sneakers.
    * [Vetta](https://www.vettacapsule.com/): Only bought a pair of peg leg, tie waist trousers from them so far but the quality is fantastic. They do mini capsule collections so selection is small. I like that a lot of their items can be worn multiple ways to extend versatility. I’ll definitely continue to be on the look out for more stuff from them.



    I have a pair of rothys! I absolutely love them. Navy “the point” is what I own and plan to buy another pair soon. I’ve had them a year and they look brand new. I wear them to work probably twice a week. They are machine washable which is another huge plus. When they were new they did smell a little on a hot day. After washing them they don’t smell anymore. Highly recommend.



    Recently loving:

    Hackwith Design House (seriously, the quality of these clothes are like my mom’s clothes in the 70s and 80s. The thickness of the some of the fabrics are something I’ve never seen any where else).

    White + Warren (Cashmere)

    Demylee (Really nice soft 100% cotton)

    Yogajeans (because they look 100% like jeans, but are comfortable like leggings, but are definitely NOT jeggings).



    Intentionally blank makes some absolutely gorgeous, wearable, hip and really high quality shoes. They’re a great price point and they also regularly have sales and promotions if you buy from them directly!

    Not sure if this is your thjng but I’m also a huge fan of simple oversized, graphic tees at the moment. I’ve been buying a lot of them from this brand called MNKR, I found them at a pop up several years ago and all of the tees and graphics have held up extremely well – they’re also insanely soft. Really affordable and I always get compliments from people.

    The last one that comes to mind is Girlfriend for workout clothes. They’re sustainable, super comfy, hold up really well and look so cute. The price isn’t bad either!



    I don’t know if it counts as indie, and I’m sort of hesitant to share this since they often sell out of their stuff and my greed is telling me to not share, but [Valija Gitana](https://valijagitana.com/collections) has been my recent go-to for lighter summer-y and more boho/witchy looks.



    If anyone has recommendations of places that ship to Canada, that’d be nice too!



    I have a ton of experience with Sezane; I own 2 pairs of their shoes, 3 of their dresses, and a dress shirt from them.

    For fit, while they run a bit smaller than U.S. brands, they’re clothing also tends to be flowy, so it’s pretty forgiving. Also, if you’re tall, you might have a bit of trouble with they’re clothing length; I’m only 5’4″, and they’re shorter dresses hit me mid-thigh.

    Quality-wise, it depends? Their dress shirt is great quality and the material is very soft, but some of their dresses can honestly be a bit scratchy. They are lined though, which is nice. Their leather quality is also pretty good; my Hunter boots from them hold up very nicely, and I barely have to clean them.

    I’m not sure if they’re still considered “indie,” but I do like Reformation a lot. I also like Sessun and a boutique Chinese lingerie brand called Atelier Intimo.



    I bought the t-shirt and shorts sleep set from Lunya. I liked the material well enough, but I’ve mostly concluded that I don’t have the body shape they design for (am a pear). The shorts fit okay and I still wear them from time to time. The top (a medium, my usual size) didn’t fit like I expected (loose in the waist, tight in the hips and shoulders) and had VERY narrow sleeves that squeezed the life from my biceps. Sent it back to get the tank top and it solves the sleeve problem, but it’s still a little tight in the hip area so I don’t wear it often.



    I love every single thing I’ve gotten from [Tradlands](https://tradlands.com/), they’re more mensware inspired but I don’t have to worry about a boob gap with my button ups. I’ve had two for over a year now and they still look brand new, just a bit softer!



    Allbirds, though I think they’ve really blown up recently. I freaking love my trainers. They are SO comfortable and cushy. One day when I get a raise I’m buying a pair in all of the colors. They’re pretty stylish yet minimalist.



    [Poppy Von Frohlich](https://www.poppyvonfrohlich.com) is one of my favorite small brands. Her clothes are her own original designs and she takes feedback from her followers and customers seriously and improves her designs based on this feedback. Great if you love unique flannels and handmade moccasins and high quality coats.






    Second Rothy’s! I’ve got a pair in point, loafer, and round, and they all look brand new! My original pair is at least 1.5 years old.



    [Prairie Underground](https://www.prairieunderground.com/), made in USA, great fabrics, all my stuff from them has held up well

    [Sabah](http://www.sabah.am/) shoes, mine are on their 3rd resole and look great, like a sleeker loafer

    [Cydwoq](https://cydwoq.com/), amazing made in USA shoes with unique designs. A bit hard to resole but some cobblers can do it.






    I like the quality of Alternative Apparel although I do sometimes wish that their women’s stuff was longer / drapier. Their unisex and men’s stuff, like the hoodies, is on point.



    Any recs on brands like Elizabeth Suzann but preferably European? I’m in market for high quality silk in relaxed fits, especially dresses.

    I’d be happy to support ES (since there’s no risk of accidentally supporting the prison labour system) but the import duty fees are absolutely ridiculous and turn a $250 dress into a $350 dress real quick.



    I didn’t have time to read through all of the comments, so I’m unsure if the brands I’m about to mention have been discussed in detail. That being said, I’ve loved Brass Clothing and the pieces I’ve gotten from them-washed well and received lots of compliments on even the post basic pieces-ponte pants and the maxi. AYR, while pricier, is consistently one of my favorite brands ever. Fantastic quality and they really fill in all of the gaps in my wardrobe. I also find myself rewearing everything from them more often than other pieces. Finally, I love Sezane and they are consistently my go-to for dressier, more unique pieces. I don’t really shop them for basics. Their fitting is wonderful and I found that if you read their size comments and size chart for each piece they’re spot on.



    Can we talk about perfumes here too?

    [Nocturne Alchemy](https://nocturnealchemy.com/), especially their Studio Limited.

    [Olympic Orchids](https://orchidscents.com/?post_type=product), even thair all-natural Kyphi scent.

    and a few [Alkemias](https://www.etsy.com/shop/Alkemia), like Miel de Sauvage et Tabac and Gateau des Rois.






    Another fav of mine: [Little River Sock Mill](https://littleriversockmill.com/). Love the designs, very durable and made in Alabama.



    [Envelope](https://envelope.co.jp/index_en_jpy.html) for clothes and [Linjer](https://www.linjer.co) for watches. Guaranteed quality every time I’ve spent there.



    I don’t know if they are indie but I love plae shoes http://plae.co



    Sisterhood // http://www.join-the-sisterhood.com is a great little chic indie that a lot of my friends live by. UK based but post internationally.

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