What are some items you spent $$$ on that have stood the test of 10+ years of time and were totally worth it in retrospect?

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    What are some items you spent $$$ on that have stood the test of 10+ years of time and were totally worth it in retrospect?



    [Hanover went out of business around 1996](https://i.imgur.com/ZbdyPZa.jpg)
    These shell longwings still are my go to for dress shoe.

    [Thrifted this mohair jacket from the 80s.](https://i.imgur.com/rdIfyNT.jpg)

    [This LL Bean sweater](https://i.imgur.com/tudFdJX.jpg) is from 2000 or 2001. It’s been battered and patch sewn half a doz times but still sturdy and warm AF.

    This [Buffalo plaid Woolrich jacket](https://i.imgur.com/ICBf87J.jpg) has never been cleaned other than by pouring rain. I got it used in 1990 for my first deer hunting trip.



    A white dialled Rolex Explorer II (ref. 16570) with a tritium dial and optional 93150 bracelet (with quick extension clasp, as opposed to the default one which doesn’t).

    Bought this in 2008 after 6 months in my first job. It was my grail watch for 12 years until I finally ponyed up the cash for it. It has seen many vacations, weddings, my own wedding, plus a couple of funerals. Considered switching it up a few times and always stopped short of doing it.

    So it’s still on my wrist, worn with a suit at the annual horse races at Melbourne tonight.



    I think not many people are into fashion for nearly or more than 10 years here in this sub.

    But yeah, watches and leather shoes are the obvious answer. Usually they are classic in styling and can be repaired if they break.

    On a side note: I still have the very first shirt I bought with my own money (10 years ago, henly t-shirt from H&M) and still use it as a sleeper-shirt. Still no holes. Fits terribly though.



    My black woollen pea coat. It’s travelled half the world with me. It’ll last more than a lifetime. You can dress it up or dress it down. It’s kept me warm and dry in the most fucked up weather. Totally worth it.



    My Barbour Bedale jacket. Lots of people seem to have differing opinions on these, but I’ve had mine for 12 years (re-waxed twice) and its held up great. I’d actually argue that I like it alot more now that its a bit worn in.



    “Never pay full price at Gap or BR!” But six years ago, my wife insisted on paying full price, about $50, for a gray chambray shirt that was wonderfully heavy, and well-detailed. Still looks better than anything you can find under $100, anywhere. Notably, they have never stocked anything like it since, that I’ve ever seen.



    I bought a trench coat when I was in France 10 years ago (IKKS) and this was before the dressy resurgence in menswear so I spent a long time looking for something tailored, in cotton, peppery lined. It still looks pretty new and is the only piece of outerwear I have that has survived this long. It was also made in France which was a criteria.

    Same with a small carry (le tanneur) all I bought that was made in France and limes with ballistic nylon. There was also way less options back then and that bad has been thru hell being overstuffed with leaky lunches, piles of folders and laptops.

    I had an Aspinal wallet that held up really nicely until I washed it 🙁

    In general for me only outerwear and accessories will be worth it. Our seasons are pretty extreme which mean I’m less prone to invest in seasons pieces. I only buy good shoes and they last me forever (I leave them at work so less wear). I’d put in the watches I have but I’m mildly obsessed with watches so…



    Not necessarily fashion but Minnetonka moccasins. I get a new pair about every 8 years, and that’s just because my dog got ahold of them.



    I usually don’t post but thought I’d share this.

    Got a bedale exactly 10 yrs ago this fall actually. This past summer I finally had to get damaged parts replaced by Barbour (cost almost as much as the jacket) — replacing various plackets, rebinding cuffs, patching tears and holes of various sizes, reattaching parts of the lining. Got a different color for the patching for fun. Through the years thing gets more mileage than anything else I’ve owned, though, and for whatever reason I am usually very hard on clothes. Has definitely been worth it to me.

    It’s been singed at campfires, had beer spilled on it countless times, has served as a blanket and a pillow, has kept me warm while working outside, has been sandblasted for thousands of miles from desert motorcycle camping trips in the middle of the winter, has survived yearly rewaxing from someone who has no idea what they’re doing (me), and then has kept me dry while dressed up in rainy occasions.

    [the repaired jacket](https://imgur.com/a/6X0eNbG?fbclid=IwAR3EzhgT_voxEYK2ZnPShF4g321ijn883TSJrjf-g-Q-seb2bIr6FRvMa6Q)



    Not serious $ but I have a swatch that I bought when I was a poor student that’s now older than some of my coworkers. Totally worth it.



    Not 10 years But close – I bought two Canada Goose jackets 8 years ago. A Parka and a mild weather jacket. Both look brand new because I’ve taken care of them, still great condition.
    My SO had her parka for 11 years. Looks old, but still in great condition.



    Ugg slippers. I got them as a Christmas gift in 2011 and they are still going strong. I hope the QC is still strong!



    A greyish marks and Spencer 100 cotton dress shirt from their Italian inspired collezione lineup held up and still holding up abuse for over 8 years now. No stains or piling so far



    The notion of $$$ is relative, I guess. But at the time these seemed expensive
    Levi’s leather jacket (racer style). Cost me 200GBP about 15 years ago. Virtually lived in it for the first 5. Still going strong. Still looks great
    Bought myself a wool pea/reefer coat by GStar for about the same amount (reduce in the sale from about 300GBP). At the time I was unsure about the expense but I have worn it hundreds of times every autumn and winter without fail. No signs of it needing replaced any time soon.
    Quality in classic pieces really is an investment

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