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    Do you always pack a specific cardigan? Do you have magic shoes that can be worn anywhere on a trip? Share your must-pack’s when travelling!



    I always wear a sports bra or wireless bralette when I’m flying – it minimizes the damage a handsy TSA patdown guy can do and is just so much more comfortable on the plane.

    Also, this is kind of the opposite of an essential *item*, but I have really thick, finicky hair that requires a ton of different products to look good, none of which I buy in travel sizes. So any time I’m going to be out of town for more than 3 days, I book an appointment at a Drybar and get a blow-out halfway through to refresh, which cuts way down on the number of toiletries I have to carry with me. It costs about the same as a nice meal out and keeps me from stressing out and messing with a shitty hotel blow-dryer, so I consider it an essential.



    From the top of my head I always pack a blanket scarf from aritzia- I use it for a blanket on the plane when I’m cold and it doubles as a wrap when walking to the beach, or cover for the pillows in hotels and such. 🙂



    Not technically a clothing item (though it can be used as one) but my turkish towel – it’s 100% turkish cotton and is lightweight & quick-drying, and has a very neutral look. I took one to Greece this summer and used it as a blanket, a scarf, a shawl/wrap, a pillow, a beach towel, a sun shade….pretty sure it was the only item I used in some capacity every single day



    a comfy thick cardigan, a jacket, and a wool blanket scarf, for a variety of layering options for daily wear/blankets for the plane/pillow for the plane



    A sheet mask! It’s not fashion related but it’s a savior on long-haul flights no matter how ridiculous I look.



    * top with pockets (preferably kangaroo) to hold tissues, phone, etc.
    * compression socks to avoid Hobbit feet.
    * eyemask. I use a free airline one.
    * scarf/shawl because I’m inevitably cold.
    * ballet flats that are loose enough to slip on with socks. My Puma Sabadellas used to be my OneShoe that took me from plane to city to 5 star restaurant, but in past couple years I’ve switched to Cole Haan Zerogrand for city walking. The Pumas still do plane and fancy restaurant duty.
    * extra underwear because of an unfortunate case of a drunk seatmate spilling his drink in my lap. 10hrs in OJ sticky underwear was unpleasant.

    Non-clothing wise:

    * saline spray for my nose.
    * battery pack for electronics, but that’s becoming unnecessary due to plane updates.
    * earplugs and noise canceling headphones.
    * inflatable neck pillow, but I’m now eyeing a Trtl.

    Edit: haha, all the comments convinced me to get a Trtl for my next trip.



    +Packing cubes

    +Portable battery charger/extra charging cable

    +Extra credit card to keep in your luggage in case your wallet/purse gets stolen. Don’t keep everything in one spot if you can help it.

    +If your toiletries are taking up too much space, don’t pack non essentials such as soap/shampoo/conditioner. Unless you have specific hair needs, you can buy these things literally anywhere.

    +Only pack your bag 75% of the way full so you can bring back souvenirs and new clothes and then post them on r/femalefashionadvice for us to admire! Really, though, clothes seem to explode and expand as soon as you open your luggage, so extra wiggle room is nice.



    I’m pretty basic, but I always take black leggings from 90 degrees by reflex. They’re $20 on Amazon or st Marshall’s. I’ve worn them everywhere from the plane to backpacking in the Sierras to using them as long underwear.



    After getting stuck next to someone on a full flight who threw up violently from takeoff to landing, I always bring a scarf.



    Different pajama options. I can never tell if a hotel is going to run hot or cold, so I make sure I bring at least one cozy set, and then just get naked if I’m too hot.

    Overall though, things I can layer. My temperature really informs my comfort, and I hate not having the option to take something off or put something else on.



    I do a capsule wardrobe when I travel, usually in a navy/olive green/grey color way. My uniqlo green joggers (not sweatpant material, a bit dressier) and a non-wrinkling dress always come a long. If it’s fall/winter I also bring a uniqlo heattech gray top and leggings, and a packable down jacket too. Can be layered in and they pack up small.

    Just came back from a trip to amsterdam and I will never travel without a sheet mask and a bottle of rosewater spray again. Airplane lifesavers for sure.



    Some sort of shawl/wrap. Keeps you cozy on planes, good for use as a small blanket or scarf, and if you have a last minute conservative religious stop you can use it to cover shoulders. I have a blue and green one from Target that’s been with me to … 6 countries now, and will go with me to a 7th when we have our honeymoon next month.

    Also I cannot recommend [Isotoner ballet slippers](https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-2664085/isotoner-womens-jillian-ballet-slippers.jsp?skuid=73447708?skuId=73447708&ci_mcc=ci&utm_campaign=SLIPPERS%20%26%20FLIPS&utm_medium=CSE&utm_source=google&utm_product=73447708&CID=shopping15&utm_campaignid=196833692&pid=googleadwords_int&af_channel=CSE&gclid=CjwKCAjwjIHeBRAnEiwAhYT2hzeXtil72OtiP3zYiPjBtCZxW3V9woroWYgF-PZBQqg_L4nvCxjd9BoCGQ8QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=COusvOmmgd4CFYTawAoddBUH0Q) enough for long flights. Keeps your feet warm and the solid bottom means they don’t get gross in the bathrooms.



    If I’m traveling in cooler weather, my Doc Martens 1460s are coming with me. They’re great for walking all day, and they hold up to rain, mud, and anything else city streets (or the countryside) can throw at you. They transition easily from a light hike to dinner without any problems.

    Good socks are also key! I always pack my Smartwool and Darn Tough socks since they’re sweat-wicking and durable, and they won’t get too smelly if you walk around in them all day. Lately I’ve also been packing my Bombas socks a lot–the cushioned styles are really comfortable, and they’ve been better at sweat-wicking and thermoregulating than I thought they would be.



    Silk long johns from Land’s End. I wear them mostly as pj’s. They take up very little room in the luggage. I wrap my jewelry inside them to protect the jewelry. They keep me cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. And they can be used to layer under clothes if it’s colder than anticipated. Also can be washed in the sink and dry fast.

    The only problem is that they are a bit see-through so you can’t open the hotel door for room service while wearing them. For that, I have this long Theory cardigan that works great also as a robe.

    Patagonia packable puffers are great. I also have a packable raincoat. Take up little space but come in handy.

    I always travel with a pair of flip flops. They are permanently packed and come on all trips, just in case. Mine are nice ones – Jcrew metallic thongs. Use them in the hotel room. To the pool. But also, these flip flops have saved my feet when I’ve had a shoe incident (too many blisters, swollen feet post-flight, etc) and none of my shoes work.

    Lo&Sons laptop bag, the one that has the removable outer shell. I use the shell to pack clothing inside my luggage. The inner liner is lightweight and has a sleeve to fit over my roller. I tuck the Lo&Sons cross body (the small one, sorry forget the model names) inside the laptop bag.

    Flat clutches, the kind that are basically just a pouch with a zipper. I have in a variety of colors and patterns. They take up very little room in my luggage, and can also be used to organize stuff (although I have the Eagle Creak packing system for that). An extra clutch adds punch to an otherwise neutral outfit.

    Reusable shopping tote, the kind that rolls up into a small size. Comes in handy as a beach tote, for shopping, for separating dirty laundry.

    For shoes I do have a pair of black leather Chelsea’s that go on most trips. And I also love Allbird’s for travel as my feet feel so cozy in them.

    For pants, ponte knit 5 pocket pants are like leggings. For warmer weather, I like the EF slim ankle crepe pants. Both pack well and can be worn days in a row without stretching out, and still look good.

    I always pack a couple of scarves to change up outfits. I also love this cashmere poncho I have — works great on the plane.

    In summer my favorite travel outfit is a long black tank maxi.

    One of those stretchy no-buckle elastic belts, the kind that doesn’t leave any bulges under your top. These are also great for comfort on long flights when your waist expands.



    Some clothing/accessories:

    * scarf/shawl
    * neutral sunglasses (currently wearing [these](https://www.madewell.com/indio-sunglasses-A3958.html?dwvar_A3958_color=WN0648&cgid=accessories-sunglasses&position=3&position=3#start=1))
    * in winter, black patent leather brogues
    * black cashmere turtleneck

    Other miscellaneous things:

    * hand cream
    * squalane oil (for my face and lips)
    * Humidiflyer (a mask you can wear to prevent sinuses etc. from drying out too much)
    * reusable water bottle
    * hand sanitiser

    Pretty much all of my travel is either for work or to visit family, and it always involves an airplane. As a singer, I have to be really careful about the dry air, so I take a lot of precautions.



    -A mini humidifier because hotels always dry me out.
    -A robe, for comfy lounging.
    -fleece jacket or comfy sweater because I always freeze in hotels
    -small shampoo and soap in case I hate the hotel freebies
    -fold up shopping bags-always so useful when running around
    -drawstring bags for laundry and a separate ones for shoes. Just feels so much tidier than plastic bags
    – extra gallon size Ziploc bags. I end up using them for all kinds of random stuff- damp swimsuit, leaky sunscreen, coralling snacks, wrangling cords



    I vacation hard. Like 30k steps a day kind of hard. I bring a massaging foot ball (mine is from Amazon, it has spikes but isn’t huge) and it’s great. Bonus is to massage trouble spots on me when I inevitably start having major pains. And I second Turkish towels, comfortable pajamas and good shoes.



    on the fly pants by lululemon, the plastic material of birks and a blanket scarf 🙂



    Compression sacks, because I overpack



    I always pack:
    A pashmina shawl. Great for the plane and as an extra layer.
    Sesame oil nasal spray.
    Eye drops for dry eyes.
    Rose water facial spray
    Sanitizing hand wipes, wet wipes and a big pack of paper handkerchiefs.
    A very thin bathrobe. It takes very little room in the bag and I can wear it after showering and while doing my makeup. Or throw it on if I need to open the door.
    Thin slippers. I hate walking around barefoot in a hotelroom, especially if there is carpet on the floor.
    A roll of garbage bags and ziplock bags. Useful for everything.
    A light handbag that has room for everything. I usually bring a Longchamp nylon bag since it weighs nothing and I can carry so much in it.
    Sleeping mask, warm socks, ear plugs.
    A power bank for my iPhone.






    Black leggings, long sleeve plain top, sneakers, and an oversized zip up hoodie 🙂



    I bring an extension cord for sockets. I hate it when hotels I stay at don’t have a lot of sockets near the bed.



    – An Eagle Creek eye mask that has a pocket for ear plugs
    – Noise cancelling over ear headphones
    – First Aide kid (bandaids, pain medicine, allergy meds–in case I sit next to a cat person who can ruin my life for 48-hours)
    – Envirosax roll up bag (always find a use for one)
    – Large scarf for a shawl/blanket
    – Eyeglass cleaner
    – Sunglasses
    – Extra clothing that I stuff into a backpacking dry sack and use as a pillow against the window and have a change of clothing in case
    – ALWAYS bring a toothbrush and toothpaste, on 18-hour flights or 26-travel days, being able to brush your teeth can make a huge difference in quality of life
    – Pen, pencil and notebook

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