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    Skirts, dresses, shirts, pants, it seems like everything I try on lately is made of tissue paper! What are some brands that make dresses that aren’t as transparent as Kanye West trying to make a quick buck off the Nike burners? I’m looking to add 3 winter dresses to my wardrobe, preferably in black, wine, or pine, and have a budget of about $200 each.






    Go for lined items, thicker materials (e.g., wool, denim, cotton canvas) or, if all else fails, wear a slip under your dress – extra warmth and reduces transparency!
    Safe bets might be places like J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Club Monaco which focus on office attire.



    I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought everything was thin and see through now. I am often warmer than most people, so the thought of having to wear layers under these see thru tops does not sound appealing at all. IDK what aesthetic you are going for, but Everlane is a good place to start for something durable (aka not tissue paper) that will last. I’ve also had good luck at LL Bean, which was surprising to me for some reason.



    I love dresses from Boden and that’s within your price point. Usually heavier weight fabrics and good linings.



    For me, this is more about material and construction than brand. I have an Oxford shirt from pieces that was an Amazon add-on item and it’s perfectly opaque. And I have a white silk shell that was very expensive and is completely see through, even with my best nude bra. I just wear a perfectly fitting cami below. I think that white silk and viscose are going to be transparent, in general, regardless of the brand



    White House black market. I only buy clearance or outlet though!



    Very basic cuts mostly and sometimes very experimental, but try Muji.



    Aritzia!! Their clothes have so much structure and use natural/quality materials. Aesthetic is classic, femme-professional. I always passed them by thinking they were like ASOS or HM or something, but no, they pretty much only sell reliable clothing.



    I’m following this thread! I’m constantly frustrated by how thin and see through women’s clothes are, especially shirts. I actually buy a lot of my basic shirts from the mens department now, the fabric is a little thicker 🙂



    For winter dresses (I’m assuming you mean wool/knit?) I’d try the athleisure stores. Title Nine, Athleta, REI all have really sturdy dresses. They’re pretty casual but I’ve seen some you can wear to the office. For t shirts I go to Banana Republic or Everlane now, and for button downs I get the slim fit men’s oxfords from Old Navy (why don’t they make those for women?? The women’s button downs are basically gauze).



    Take a look at Brass Clothing – they are based out of Boston and is online only if you don’t live in the area, but everything they sell has a great weight to it and isn’t see through. I have a referral code for $30 off your first purchase and they’re doing free shipping all weekend – if you’re interested in the code, PM me.



    Tommy Hilfiger shirts tend to be pretty thick in my experience.

    White clothing, in my experience, almost always requires a bra that’s in the vicinity of your skin color, or else the bra will be visible. However there are degrees of opacity – some white shirts I have do a very good job of not being see through, while I have a white blouse that is like permanently 20% opacity and needs a cami to avoid seeing the bra, no matter what color it is.

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