What are your favorite brands to pair together, even though each are a distinctly different style?

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    After going through my closet lately, I’ve noticed I really like pairing Madewell and Free People. In my mind, they are quite different – Madewell is casual preppy, polished and clean, fresh and bright, not trying too hard. I gravitate toward the Free People lines that are sexy lace and embroidery, plunging, confident, a little grungy and rebellious. I’ve noticed my favorite outfits will combine something like a Madewell trouser or overall + a sexy FP top. Maybe I’ve finally found the style that fits me best!

    What are your favorite, but seemingly contrasting, pairings?



    I love contrast in outfits! I think that’s the element that really makes me like a look, and if an outfit feels “off” on me it’s usually because it’s all one style. I don’t really have specific brands but some of my favorite combos are:

    feminine/masculine- think men’s jeans and tee, but also perfume, dainty jewelry and lacy underthings. Or men’s vneck sweater with extravagant fur coat. Arguably the best contrast pairing of all time. So many ways to do it and it’s so hard to describe what makes a good outfit in this category for me.
    punk/prep- think band tees and grungy jeans paired with loafers and a nice bag
    gothy grunge/classic- camel coat and 14 eye doc martens. Lets me express my inner 14 year old goth child without scaring people.
    crunchy yoga gear/techy sportswear- makes me think of a bright, eco friendly future!



    I don’t have a particular brand pairing, but here are some contrasts I like:

    * something innocent or feminine (like a lace blouse) with something sexier or more masculine (like leather trousers or an oversized blazer)
    * wearing my fancier vintage tops with distressed jeans and flats
    * a pencil or mini skirt with a borrowed men’s shirt
    * crazy shoes with sensible “staple” clothing like classic jeans and a white shirt
    * my worn-in leather jacket with all sorts of “business” clothes, and maybe a turtleneck in a weird colour layered underneath
    * my go-to errand look: jeans, a t-shirt and oxfords/brogues/loafers, plus a red lip and a silk scarf tied around my head

    Getting dressed is much more fun when you play with things that don’t match 🙂



    I work at Eileen Fisher, who does loose/boxy minimalist Sante Fe art teacher stuff, so I pair that with slightly more edgy stuff like Doc Martens, a Wrangler branded baseball tee, vintage, etc.



    I don’t have specific brand pairings, but I like the contrast of feminine/sweet/girly with something more masculine or edgy. I find that this is easy to do with accessories/shoes.

    For example, a few weeks ago I wore [this jumpsuit](https://goo.gl/images/i6fQm6) to work with a mustard yellow cardigan and loafers. But after work, I swapped the cardigan for [this oversized jean jacket](https://www.target.com/p/women-s-acid-wash-denim-trucker-jacket-wild-fable-153-light-wash/-/A-53493586?preselect=53468314#lnk=sametab) and [these ankle boots](https://goo.gl/images/S2LJfn). I like the contrasting vibe of the post work outfit much more.



    i pair a LOT of all saints with AA. I can’t explain why. it’s almost all black (a couple of white) pieces, but i think it’s this perfect mashup of goth, preppy, and edgy that suits my aesthetic. slouchy cashmere all saints sweater over an AA tennis skirt with knee socks over tights. An AA crop with an all saints lambskin leather skirt. a silk sheer all saints top with an AA circle skirt.



    I’m all about wearing fit and flare botanical print dresses or other more feminine high waisted styles but paired with more edgy, masculine, or bold accessories like lots of cuff rings, layered necklaces, thick framed glasses, and ankle boots, combat boots or sneakers. I love wearing some ass kicking boots with a pretty dress, it makes me feel beautiful and powerful at the same time and it keeps my feet happy.



    Chanel + Frye.

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