What are your favorite “luxury” brands that do not have name recognition?

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    I recently moved to Germany and have been discovering a bunch of luxury European brands I have never heard of before.


    For example, I’ve discovered Strenesse (German brand), Daniel Hechter (German), Hunkydory (Swedish) and Lilith (French). I’ve been really impressed with the quality of these items. They use excellent fabrics, like lots of cashmere, or merino or virgin wool blends.


    These brands are very expensive in store (for example a Strenesse blazer is around 500 Euros). But what I love about these companies is they are completely affordable on eBay! They offer the same quality as luxury brands but since they are not a “known” luxury brand, the items I’ve seen on eBay have not been very expensive.


    What are some “unknown” luxury brands that you enjoy?




    I adore Brora cashmere (£200-500 for a sweater). I don’t hear about them much. I have a large Stole from them and the quality is so much better than my Burberry cashmere scarf. It’s like I’ve got a gorgeous heathered moss green cloud around my neck all winter.

    I was clued in to Eric Bompard on this sub a few weeks ago and I’m in love with their aesthetic, but obviously can’t speak to actual quality as I don’t own anything (yet).



    Falconeri in Italy isn’t “luxury” but their clothes are excellent, excellent quality. I drool every time I pass a shop.

    In terms of bags, I think Valextra isn’t very well-known, but they’re gorgeous and I’d love to own one someday.



    Reiss. Brunello Cucinelli.



    Dale of Norway, Pringle of Scotland




    [Fauré Le Page](http://www.faurelepage.com/) for totes 🙂



    Empreinte, the Bentley of the bra world! I work in French lingerie, they are my favorite. Lise Charmel is another great one.



    Strathberry, Senreve, Maison Kitsune, and Bash Paris are some of my favorites.



    I work in an office building attached to a high end mall in Asia and I really enjoy walking around to window shop during my lunch break. I recently learned about Shiatzy Chen and the qipao/cheongsam inspired stuff look so cute. Need to work hard, save up, and buy a few pieces!!!



    By Malene Birger, danish designer. Love everything, especially the handbags and soft wool scarves with the signature flower print.



    Reiss! I suppose I wouldn’t say it’s unknown, but the quality of their garments is excellent, and you can sometimes get some things at quite reasonable prices for the material/quality.



    M. Gemi for shoes was my favorite discovery this year.



    Not really luxury, but I love Tsumori Chisato. Kind of like Marc by Marc Jacobs but with more cats.



    Delvaux and Moynat for handbags.

    They don’t have name recognition for the average person, unlike Chanel/Gucci etc. but are certainly well known among people who like their handbags.

    Also, TSE cashmere!

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