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    I online shop mostly, but I’m such a weird shape/in between size, I often find myself returning a lot of what I buy. I don’t want to spend a million dollars on returns, which leads me to shopping exclusively on ASOS most of the time. Any other good websites with free returns? I’m in USA if that helps.



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    Nordstrom – even if I find something on another site I will always check if Nordstrom stocks it before ordering because their free shipping / free returns policy is generous and efficient.



    If it helps, if you pay with Paypal, they’ll reimburse you for return shipping if the item doesn’t work out, up to $13 (I think) and up to 15 times a year. I use it all the time with places like Everlane and Uniqlo.



    The whole Gap family of brands has free return shipping (Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta). I appreciate this a lot since I can get clothes for most of my life activities at these stores; I usually find some good casual pieces (ON, Gap), work clothes (BR), and workout clothes (Athleta) without having to worry about paying for returns.

    Zappos is also awesome – fast shipping AND free returns!



    Madewell, Amazon, Zappos. I shop online often and I’m in between sizes now too, so I return things pretty frequently.

    Madewell returns can be a little slow in my experience, but they have good customer service.

    Amazon returns are super easy and you can return stuff to a locker if you don’t want to go to UPS. I love Amazon because their pricing algorithms are ridiculous and sometimes you can find really amazing higher end items for like 90% off.

    Zappos is great for panic-ordering when you waited until the last minute and need something for tomorrow since they have free overnight shipping. They used to not have sales but now they do, and they sometimes price match. Their customer service is unparalleled and returns are super easy, they even refund you the moment your package ships instead of waiting til they receive it, so it makes it a lot easier to consider ordering a couple of sizes knowing you’ll return one.

    Edited to add: Check out Shoprunner! If you have a paypal account, you can get a year for free. It’s free 2 day shipping and free returns at a bunch of stores. Saks Off 5th, American Eagle, Lord & Taylor(they have GREAT sales, I don’t know if it’s because their online store maybe isn’t that popular?). The cool thing about Shoprunner is that they won’t automatically charge you when your free time is up. I actually have had an account for like 5+ years and my membership was “deactivated” for a long time and still worked the whole time.



    Does anyone have any recommendations for Canadian websites or ones that ship to Canada with free returns?
    I was living in Europe before and spent all my money on Zalando, but now I’m back in Canada and don’t know where to shop!






    Zara (whole Inditex company), Mango and Asos.

    But I do love Zara more, they have trendy designs and low prices. Asos can have overprices items sometimes



    Hands down: Amazon Prime.



    Honestly, Stitch Fix has been amazing for this. I have that annoying “big hips, small waist” thing and have *never* been able to find pants that fit me right- they always gap at the waist and slide down, or they’re too short or too tight on my hips or knees. I put that into my profile and they somehow conjured up pants that fit almost every time.

    It’s not exactly online shopping because you can’t go pick out what you want- but I’ve gotten so many “oh that’s a brand I’ve never heard of and I LOVE it” items that I am totally sold on the idea. I think the fact that they have such a big resource base of clothes helps a lot. They know more about what’s out there than the normal lay person. Almost everything I get complimented on came from Stitch Fix at this point.



    Lulu’s! I think it’s free shipping on orders over $50. Their dresses are usually fully lined and I’ve always been happy with the quality.



    zappos hands down, they have a 365 day free return policy so you dont need to rush a decision or if you are lazy and forgetful like me, wait for a while before getting around to the return.



    It’s a specific store/style but I don’t think I would have ever gotten into lululemon if they hadn’t had free returns. It makes it so easy to get a good pair of leggings.

    I like urban outfitters, american eagle, and nordstrom for free returns also. American Eagle and UO can be a little slow refunding, though.



    I almost exclusively shop online because I get a lot of anxiety going to stores so I figure why not make my life easier 🤷🏾‍♀️ I love ASOS, Amazon, American Eagle, all of the GAP brands, New Balance, Running Warehouse, and Zappos.



    American eagle, urban outfitters, madewell, Nordstrom



    Amazon, hah.

    I have to REALLY disagree with you on Asos. I ordered from them once and they sent me a completely wrong item from Abercrombie and Fitch.

    When I contacted them for a refund, they required me to return the A&F item back before they gave me a refund. When I asked why they couldn’t just refund me straight away since I never actually got the item I ordered and it was their mistake, they said they needed the item back to “adjust their stock lists” or something, which should not be my concern at all as a customer.

    After much harping and trashing them on Twitter, they offered me a refund out of “goodwill” once I showed them proof I mailed the item back.

    I realize this is probably an edge case, but this happened at a very stressful time for me and as a result I never want to shop there again because I don’t trust their refund and return process.

    *Edit:* I know it’s normal for them to ask for the item back for a refund in the case of a return. This was not a return. I ordered an item and never received that item. They should have refunded me the moment I told them of their mistake. They were essentially holding my refund hostage until I rectified their mistake for them.

    I had no problem sending back the item as it was not my style or size, but I stand firm that this should not have been a requirement for me to get my money back.

    ALSO I remember that I used a 10% off code that they then took the liberty of applying to my refund. So if my total was $100 – 10% = $90, and my refund was supposed to be $50, they only sent me $40 back.



    I’m pretty much exclusively Asos and Nordstrom for online shopping (occasionally postmark…less so now that I’m pretty much done losing weight. They don’t have free shipping but it was amazing to buy cheaper clothes while I transitioned through 70 pounds)



    Boden is another one I haven’t seen named, they are great with returns

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