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    As I am upgrading my wardrobe to higher quality pieces, I am starting to see a stark difference between what I wear in the streets and what I wear in the sheets. After college I shifted my pajama game from old t shirts to a handful of thrifted chemises but since then there hasn’t been much movement.

    Honestly, I am not sure what other well dressed adults wear to sleep in. We can’t all be ignoring this aspect of our wardrobe, can we?

    What are you people wearing on a normal night to bed?

    Are there any excellent brands that should be on my radar, if I want to update my adult pajama game?



    I’m married with 2 small kids. I’m afraid the whole “2xl tshirts with threadbare yoga pants” look will be my style for a bit.



    At home? Aerie boy briefs and confidence.

    At a friend’s house? Sofee shorts and a tank top

    At a guy’s house? 3 square inches of something lace or satin.

    I don’t feel like I’ll ever grow out of my current pajama game. It works for me.



    I’m fairly passionate about loungewear but hate wearing clothes to bed. If I gotta, I’ll wear an ae tank (i buy the soft & sexy ones and cut the bottom 3 inches off bc i have a short torso and like things to hit me above the hip. i also wear these to gym so i have a bunch of em) and f21 pj shorts.

    however! what am I wearing to bed, but not to sleep? I have a gorgeous silk anthropologie robe that was bought for me like 15 years ago (wow). and I just treated myself to a pair of the absolute comfiest track pants from oiselle for wearing around the house. they are stretchy and warm and, according to my sig fig, make my butt look great. i love them.



    so its basically a mix of old tee-shirts, flannel pjs, and old workout shorts ha. i’m not sure if ignoring would be the word i would choose. i’m satisfied with my house lounge wear! but then again i know i won’t be winning any best dress awards.



    I love Eberjey pajamas for nightly wear and La Perla for *fancier* evenings. Anthro always has pretty sleepwear, too.

    Something about wearing a matching pajama set just makes me feel like I have my shit together lol.



    I wear pajama bottoms and a fitted t-shirt or tank top. Usually in cotton or linen. I like to hang out in pajamas, so I’m going for comfort and things I’d be okay with my friends seeing me in.

    I generally get things from Nordstrom.



    PJs are so personal. Do you run hot or cold at night? Do you care about exposure? Are you trying to impress someone?

    I’m a “change into comfortable clothes as soon as get home” type of person. I have something similar to [these pants](https://www.loft.com/lou-&-grey-zen-bounce-upstate-sweatpants/485040) from Loft and a pair of cheap men’s plaid fleece pants that I alternate between. They fit my requirements of being super soft and having functional pockets. I have a ton of soft old cotton t-shirts that I pair with them.



    I love Victoria’s Secret pajama sets for fall and winter nights. They often come with matching slippers and eye masks!



    A hoodie-footie. Till i die! I’m too old to be chilly for the sake of a fetching nightie.



    The Beyond Yoga sweggings are amazing. Tapered, so the legs don’t ride up, super soft, and non-pinchy waistband. I pair them with the fitted, stretchy, A New Day tanks from Target.

    I have never been happier in PJs.



    Upgrade your sheets. They are my PJs.

    If not naked then I wear a t-shirt and nothing else to bed. When there are guests I add shorts before I leave the bedroom.



    I lovvee this simple midi tank night dress I got from Target. It’s a brand with the name Gilligan in it, I believe. It’s super soft and I got it in two colors, grey and black. It looks good on me too.



    I stopped my search for the perfect pajamas last year after not being able to find pajama pants that fit me appropriately and generally disliking the “matching tops” that come with. I lift weights and got tired of not being able to get good cotton pants that fit my butt and thighs right. Once you’ve blown the seam out on a $50 pair of matching pjs, the matching shirt is generally useless.

    I thought about my favorite comfortable pants and decided my “house pants” would be sweatpants. My go-to sweatpants are the men’s Hustle pant from LuluLemon. They’re heavy duty, have pockets, and I have them hemmed. For shirts, I like the tri-blend short sleeve, and 3/4 sleeves from Next Level.

    I know it’s not fancy and sophisticated, sorry.



    I’ve only recently started wearing pajamas. I’ve reached the age where the sight of my aging body depresses me, and I don’t want to be confronted with the stark reality of the relentless march of time right before I go to bed.

    I wear full piece cotton pj’s from H&M when it’s chilly, and boyshorts and camisoles when it’s warm. I’d really like to find a nice camisole that has lined cups but no shelf bra, because the bands are restrictive. I haven’t had any luck. Recommendations would be great, if anyone has one.

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