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    I’m in Canada and recently discovered muji. I bought a sweater and a cotton tunic, some socks and some pens, and will go back in a few weeks for some more items. I really love the simple, natural minimalist aesthetic (I love ikea and Swedish minimalism) and the quality of the clothes seemed to be very good. Does anyone else have experience with the clothes for Muji?
    Thanks 🙂



    Next time I’m in London I’ll definitely check the store out. I was reading about the brand and saw this interesting detail:

    > Typically for Muji, the Yamamoto connection has been kept quiet. In fact, the company was brought in two years ago to help improve the cut of all the clothes, but there’s no famous designer flag-waving going on. There’s not even any mention of his name on the white Labo label. The implication is that the discerning customer will simply recognise good design when they see it.

    > And Yamamoto isn’t the only internationally famous designer stealthily at work here. In the furniture department is a dining chair designed by Britain’s Jasper Morrison. You won’t find that mentioned in the catalogue, or on the chair for that matter, but it’s true. There are also several pieces of furniture, which between you and me are by the Italian maestro designer Enzo Mari. Those striking grey metal side tables – they’re by Konstantin Grcic. That award-winning white ‘second’ phone and a new sofa are by Britain’s own Sam Hecht (of Industrial Facility).


    Does anyone know if they still quietly hire designers to design some of their products? That article is from over 10 years ago so not sure if it’s relevant anymore.



    I was gifted one of their wool blanket scarves last Christmas, and it’s one of my favourite clothing items of all time! Quality is great imo, very warm but still lightweight for its size



    I love Muji!

    I have this [cotton hooded coat](https://www.muji.us/store/women-cotton-mix-double-knitted-hooded-coat-l8ab161.html) which is super cute (I loved it so much that I bought the last XS-S off the mannequin). The material is thick and warm–just right for the transitional period between autumn and winter. Unfortunately, the back started pilling a few wears in. It’s a little unsightly, but I think it’s to be expected of the material (cotton blend).

    I also have [a black and white striped shirt and long beige skirt](https://i.imgur.com/QZEZhBZ.jpg) from them as well. The shirt was a good buy–it was $10 on sale, and I got an additional 10% off during their student discount promotion. The skirt was full price ($59, IIRC), but I love it and I wear it all the time.

    Their clothes are on the basic and minimal side (i.e. they won’t have random frills or words anywhere), and the fit is boxy and flattering. Overall, their fabric always feels nice and sturdy. I definitely plan on buying more clothing from them in the future.



    I have a 100% cotton denim dress from Muji that I found secondhand, and it’s become one of my favorite pieces. It’s sort of an oversized shirt dress. It’s simple, practical, comfortable, and I’m really impressed with the quality especially considering their price ranges. I wear it constantly! Definitely looking to buy more from them in the near future.



    I have a gingham button down that I bought from a Muji in Shanghai and breton-stripe top that I got thrifting. Their clothes seem to hold up well, and in my experience, their white clothing is very opaque. I also like their minimal branding. Their clothing style, in general, is minimal and boxy (somewhat similar to a higher end Uniqlo). I think they adjust their sizes in North America, but I (5’8″) still find that their clothes tend to run a little short. On the minus side, their prices in North America seem to be higher than in Asia, and I’ve heard complaints that their return policy is not very good.



    I haven’t been there yet, but recently moved to NYC and have seen the stores around. How is the prices and quality? Also sizing, since it is a Japanese brand does it run small?



    best. notebooks. ever. all i use. also amazing stationary.

    i’ve felt their clothes before, though, and they all seemed pretty boxy and weirdly cut. nice material, but they really favor the japanese aesthetic (as they should, lol) which doesn’t work for me. some of it was really scratchy though. 🙁 and pretty expensive, even on sale!



    I didn’t know they had clothes… love their stationery and household goods, though!



    I used to work at Muji!

    I personally love their products and still visit often to buy stationary & clothing. I recently bought that cotton hooded coat that’s mentioned by swedenisntrealok and the quality is superb. Great transition piece, super flattering, and amazing quality.

    Muji’s products are known for being of good quality and well-priced. The most popular products are definitely stationary items (pens, notebooks) but I’m always drawn towards their clothing because of the simplicity, comfort, and design! Worth every penny imo 🙂



    I love their socks, they knit the ankle at a 90 degree angle to reduce bunching, good quality cotton, have different sizes and regularly go on sale 3 for $12. Great affordable skincare products too.



    Terribly overpriced where I’m from 🙁



    Muji is great. Simple pieces, well constructed for the price. I have a few simple dresses from them and they’ve all held up really well. I usually buy their linen line, though some of their linen dresses definitely need a slip underneath. I cook for a living and I love their aprons as well.



    I literally buy all my clothes from Muji because I’m small and a lot of their clothes are pretty androgynous. I find the quality a step up from Uniqlo. But I think Uniqlo U tshirts are better.



    I love Muji, and I love how unpretentious their stuff is. The socks are fantastic and the underwear also. the jeans with the hidden pocket are fantastic (though they seem to have had a price hike just now!). really well fitting shirts also. The cashmere stoles are fantastic for travel and so on. And there is something slightly refreshing about their stuff being the same season after season (I pick up some things in sale).

    That said, some things to keep in mind, the fit is not always optimal. Sometimes intentionally, they do that japanese thing of very very very wide fits which can weird and unflattering to lots of people, sometimes even when doing “normal” western fits, they seem to be doing things for a different body than mine – great plain cotton tshirts, but the shoulders do not fit me, look weird, too big shoulders if I use the size which fits my breasts. The pyjamas tops and bottom are mismatched on me and pyjama sleeves are slightly too short. Some pants are like 1 or 2 cm too short to be perfect. test everything.

    I love their plain nylon backpacks with the side pocket, so useful, and everything travel from theirs. The paraglide cloth totes, the packing cubes….

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