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    I’ve never been a brand snob, but the past few months (maybe as I longed for fall during a hot summer) I’ve been on an LL Bean kick. Flannels, jackets, fleeces, boots, it’s all so pretty!! As soon as they send me a 20% off coupon or there’s an online sale, I’m scouring the site and adding things to my wishlist. I’ve been trying to be very practical and buy things I know I’ll use, like jackets or wool socks. But I’ve had my eye on [this fair isle sweater in navy ](https://m.llbean.com/llb/shop/119325?productId=1646176&attrValue_0=Classic%20Navy&pla1=0&mr:device=m&mr:adType=plaonline&ds_e_product_group_id=433766981976&ds_e_product_id=0TCF212004&ds_e_product_merchant_id=7908&ds_e_product_country=US&ds_e_product_language=en&ds_e_product_channel=online&ds_e_product_store_id=&qs=3137140_google&lsft=qs:3137140_google,product:0TCF212004&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIm9Tq7uHo3QIVREGGCh2dUgQdEAQYASABEgLD2PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CJ-L1fPh6N0CFUUxKgod3WUF8A&pn=pd&skCatId=119325) since last year, so I was very excited when I saw it was back in stock. I waited til I had both a $10 off and 20% code to use, and bought it. Don’t *need* it, but it’s so pretty. Thank you, LL Bean, for taking all my money.
    I assume I’m not alone in being partial to certain brands/stores. Who else is doing this, and what brand?



    Madewell marketing really does something to me lol. The clothing quality is nothing to write home about, but I am powerless when I see their models. I can’t count how many Madewell sweaters I have because I convinced myself I would look like blonde Emma Stone in them.



    Uniqlo. I love their pants, their sweaters, their tops. I just don’t like their dresses. But they have been doing so well for me recently.



    Athleta. The “just strutting home from yoga” cozy, urban dweller who loves the outdoors aesthetic just vibes with my lifestyle- I bike to work, so I need comfy clothes I can sweat in, and am too lazy to change.



    I haven’t shopped in a while because I put myself on a no-buy for ALL OF 2018 but, Everlane and Uniqlo for their basics. Pretty sure I have at some point owned every iteration of tank top Everlane has ever released.

    Edit: and if you’re curious, I broke the no-buy when Ibex went under for a pair of mittens and a sports bra but otherwise have stuck to it!



    LOFT plz help me make it stop



    I’m 55, so likely a bit older than many here. Hudson jeans, Dale of Norway sweaters, Stuart Weitzman shoes, Lafayette 148, Theory, St. John, Alo yoga wear, Santana Canada and Pajar winter boots.

    Oh yeah, Tieks for flats (yeah I know, but can’t find anything more comfortable)



    I know it gets a lot of (justified) criticism here on FFA, but I still really love J. Crew. There was a giant J. Crew right next to the campus bookstore of my preppy New England college, but I was much too broke to buy anything and had to content myself with window shopping. Now, I still find their designs really appealing, even though their quality has declined somewhat. I love the colorful, preppy aesthetic, especially the fun prints and wool blazers. Their button up shirts fit me better off the rack than any other brand I’ve tried. There’s also usually a good selection of J. Crew items in thrift stores.



    All Saints, Rag & Bone, and Helmut Lang have been my weakness lately which has not been good for my wallet.



    Vince. Bought so much of it on sale this last year. I really hope I burnt myself out on it cause I need to stop.



    Acne Studios is my weakness. The quality of everything is just damn good, I love the minimalist-scandi meets avant garde art weirdo aesthetic, and I’m totally suckered into their too-cool-for-you pedigree. I bought [this](https://m.shopbop.com/disa-wool-turtleneck-sweater-acne/vp/v=1/1557357047.htm) sweater during their archive sale and I’ve been literally counting the days until it’s cold enough to wear it…



    I have spent an embarrassing amount of money at Boden since discovering them in Aug 2017. Every few months I check out the site and end up buying way too much. To be fair, I do return about 50% but I also buy like 8 things at once…



    Patagonia – I currently own four fleece jackets. and I’m actively trying not to buy more. I feel like it’s appropriate to say, “the struggle is real” here.

    Citizens of Humanity – racer jeans – whenever these pop up second hand, I buy them. I own 4 pairs, 3 blue & 1 black.



    With the exception of one sweater from Anthropologie, all of the new clothes I’ve bought over the last year has been from Aritzia. I’ve tried shopping around but their aesthetic and fit just works out for me better than other stores? 🤷🏻‍♀️



    White House Black Market. Only on sale!! Not the matronly crap tho

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