What brand have you finally learned your lesson with and what was the final straw/breaking point?

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    I did a massive clean out (planning on moving and downsizing soon) and found myself setting aside several Ann Taylor and LOFT items with tags still on (final sale, so to the thrift store it goes) to the point where I have to admit the feminine prep biz caz vibe of Ann Taylor/LOFT is just.not.me. when the rubber hits the road.

    How about you?



    Ha! I read your title and couldn’t click in fast enough to write LOFT.

    When they started making literally every top in the shape of a box (too wide and too short) is when I finally gave up. I want to love their soft athleisure stuff (Lou and Grey, I think it is?) but the shapes… they just do not work for me.



    I was gonna say Chobani yogurt and then I realized what sub I was on 😂



    Kohls. The never-ending coupons, Kohls Cash, and discounts by using your Kohls card kept me coming back when I was on a budget, but literally everything I try on only looks good in the store. I get home and it looks terrible on. I have a few things from Kohls that I don’t even think I’ve worn once.

    The juniors section is a bit too young, and the women’s section is almost too old. There’s not very much “20’s/30’s” style. And everything fits boxy. I still go there for kitchen towels and cute home decor every now and then, but no more clothes.



    Fucking Banana Republic. I bought a pair of olive green pants that when you put them on they stretch like leggings and become semi-transparent, and I bought a super cute knit top that wore a big hole in it the 2nd time wearing it! I didn’t even get these items from the outlet!

    Edit: I will say that their denim and no-iron long sleeve tops have treated me well, but that’s about it.

    Though if I had to choose I’d take my DL1961 denim over BR any day.



    I don’t buy Everlane any more. I know it’s popular here but I think it is overpriced for what it is, and I’m not as convinced that production is as ethical as all of their ads seem to make it out to be. It IS transparent. I gave it a good shot and I really, really, really wanted it to work but I’m over it.

    The breaking point was a cashmere sweater. I had one from several years ago when they first started selling them and that one was such good value for the money. I ordered one of their $100 ones last Christmas and I ended up returning it because it was noticeably lower quality than my old one.

    I think they’ve got an excellent business model, and managed to nestle themselves into the position that J. Crew used to occupy. More expensive than the other standard American mall brands (because they rarely do sales) and still better quality than those. And then there’s just a huge gap where there aren’t many options before the next tier of price and quality.

    For example, Everlane’s $88-$100 silk shirts are better than say… Banana Republic (which might be priced at higher than $100 upfront but cheaper during one of BR’s many sales.) Equipment silk shirts are around $200 and a significant step above in quality. But there are plenty of BR shoppers that may get an Everlane (and be impressed by the increase in quality for the still-affordable price), but comparatively less that scale the gap to Equipment.

    Now I just stalk sales from brands like Equipment and Eileen Fisher and Brora






    Target shoes. They look cute in the stores, then they always kill my feet. Final straw involved me hurling them off my feet into the drivethru trash can at Macdonald’s



    I got ONE dress from Coldwater Creek and it looked so cute, but then I wore it in the rain and it straight up leeched dye all over my legs and stained my purse and shoes. Never again, Coldwater Creek. Never again.



    The Gap. They were my go-to for many years for decent quality, comfy stuff at reasonable prices (great online sales). But the quality has diminished to a point that even if each piece was $5 it would be wasteful. The last 20ish pieces I’ve bought from there have been inconsistently sized even when buy multiples of one product, they stretch out shape in the wash or shrink severely and basically are trash after 1 use.
    I bought a denim button up shirt from them and the sleeve ripped after one season.



    Free People. I used to have this deep desire to be that kind of boho, artsy girl. Some of their dresses were great and I still wear the more basic ones, but pretty much everything these days is way over the top with fringe and ruffles and bell sleeves and I am just not young enough to wear it anymore! I think it was more the idea of the girl/the vibe that kept me coming back. Plus the quality is complete garbage.



    H&M. I just don’t even go in anymore – it’s not worth it and I know I’ll be tempted to buy some random trash I don’t need and it won’t look as good as I want it to if I actually wear it.



    Not a brand so much, but ROSS. Every time I buy something from there I never end up wearing because A it fits weird or B I liked it in the dressing room but can’t style it with anything I own.



    Frame Denim. They are expensive, but I managed to grab a pair on sale. Unfortunately after the first time I washed them, they developed an odd flaw right by the crotch. Disappointed, I contacted the company and they offered to send me a new pair! How nice! The replacement pair did the same thing.



    Not a brand, but Jumpsuits/rompers. I want to love them so much, I just can’t wear them.

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