What clothing pieces from your life stand out in your memory? Did they have a lasting affect on your personal style?

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    Some of mine:

    * Late 80s: A skirt/top set with a parachute-material skirt with three tiers: one neon yellow, one neon pink, and one neon green. The top had an abstract squiggly design in the neon colors and black, and short sleeves with more of the parachute material with one sleeve neon pink and one sleeve neon yellow.

    * Late 80s: Another skirt/top set, this one teal and black. The top was teal and the skirt was a jumper-style (with suspenders) in a teal and black houndstooth pattern. I cycled through these two outfits constantly until I outgrew them.

    * Mid 90s: A soft sage-green colored babydoll dress I found at a flea market. It was made of some wretched polyester material and the spaghetti straps tied at the top. I adored it.

    * Mid 90s: A red a-line skirt from The Limited with an Eiffel Tower and French words like “oui” and “oh la la” design printed on it. I felt VERY sophisticated in this skirt. 😅

    * Late 90s: An iridescent pale blue strapless ballgown that I fantasized about getting for prom. I must have gone into the store (I forget which store it was now but it was a very trendy store; they sold a lot of those weird tiny popcorn shirts) and tried it on a dozen times, but it was too expensive.

    I do have a penchant for bright colors and bold designs, so I guess that is something you can see in my childhood clothing obsessions. I can’t really see anything in my present style represented in the green babydoll, but I really did love it. The blue ballgown taught me that if you really love a piece, the money is worth it. I will always wish I had bought that dress for my prom that year instead of the one I ended up with. How about you?



    My elementary school [uniform](http://m.cpbc.co.kr/CMS/newspaper/2006/06/rc/185225_1.0_titleImage_1.jpg) (sorry potato quality) was pretty cute and may be why I like to wear bright colors as an adult. I’ve never seen another uniform like it either. They changed the design later slightly which is bullshit but what do I care, it’s not like I wore it.



    When I was a kid I got a new Christmas dress every year. Big poofy taffeta, plaid, velvet, each one in either red and green or deep jewel tones. Big headbands or bows to match. A few even had matching capes! Probably the big reason I found Blair Waldorf to be a kindred spirit. I still love festive holiday apparel and I wish it were winter all year round.



    * Childhood, mid-90’s: I had this pink poofy confection of a dress that was my absolute favorite. Big puffed shoulders, pink satin rosettes, and a bell skirt. I wore it to church with white tights and patent shoes and looked like a doll. I’ve always loved a good dress.

    * Childhood/00: My family didn’t have a lot of money, so most of my clothes were from yard sales and KMART. In late elementary school, like 5th grade, I got two pairs of trendy flared MUDD jeans and just felt like the. Coolest. Thing. I would wear them with white off-brand Keds and a too-small tee (my approximation of the babydoll tee).

    * High school prom/2008: I was (am) such an awkward late bloomer, but I got asked to prom by a friend of a friend and went dress shopping with my mom. I found a dress at Bon-Ton that wasn’t in the prom section; a sapphire blue column dress with a few inches of train and pleating at the bust. It wasn’t quite the Keira Knightley Atonement dress I wanted, but that blue is one of my best colors and I felt very pretty and sophisticated.

    As a whole, the clothes I remember are the ones that made me feel good: feel like I was pretty, or cool, and fit in.



    Childhood, 00’s / 1) a chunky black and grey sweater with stripes of geometric shapes in different colors (imagine like a full line of yellow triangles and red squares and blue circles and then another row of alternating ones). Wore it almost every day of cold weather for a solid two years and in kindergarten. I guess I’ve always liked slightly eccentric, bordering on ugly, chunky sweaters.
    2) a pair of purple corduroy Oshkosh overalls I wore for every outdoor activity and field trip. Also solidifying the eccentric “looks like my grandpa helped me pick this out” style I still have.



    Not my full answer but wasn’t 90’s Limited great?



    I had a yellow shirtdress with white polka dots and a white pleather belt. As a blonde with fair skin, it wasn’t the best color on me, but damn, I felt like Drew Barrymore in it. And I stole it from my grandmother’s closet when I was in ninth grade. Randomly learned recently that a friend from high school still remembered me in that dress because I was always happy and smiling when I wore it. We graduated 16 years ago.



    Early 90s, my senior prom dress. It was a huge red ballgown, the first time I ever got to wear one and I loved it.

    Early 00’s, my wedding dress. I saw it as my only other chance to wear a ballgown in public again without drawing strange looks. It was very large and heavy, and I felt amazing in it.



    I had a few pieces of clothing when I was around 14 in the late 90s that I particularly liked. Brown zip up biker boots, brown high waisted corduroy pants (they even had pleats and tapered legs), tan plaid flannel shirt and a blouson style black leather jacket with a faux shearling collar. I also had a leopard printed, furry paper boy cap I wore literally everywhere.

    It looked completely weird, none of it was on trend and I got bullied quite a lot for it, but I have very vivid memories of enjoying wearing those clothes as a kid. You know when you put something on and it immediately makes you think “yeah, this is good”? I think those were the first clothes I experienced that with.

    It’s no surprise I still like flannel shirts, corduroy, leather jackets and combat boots. I feel like the most recent mainstream trends have a lot of those 90s vibes in them.



    Red fleece cloak with black fleece collar. It was the first femme item that made me actually feel feminine and luxurious. I owned a few dresses and bodysuits and such, but when I transitioned, the cloak actually made me feel feminine when I wore it.



    My most memorable outfits are definitely from childhood:

    Age 3, mid-90s: black and white striped dress with cherry accents and a tiny stuffed cherry hanging off the waistband. Went really well with my signature red shoes and red corduroy jacket.

    Age 5, mid-90s: pink velour dress with 4-paneled circle skirt in 4 shades of pink, pink velour buttons and a pink velour collar. Definitely the start of my obsession with twirly skirts. I wore this dress 3-4x a week for 2 years.

    Age 7-8, early 2000s: mint green shorts/tunic set from Hannah Anderson. Probably when I started focusing on girly+practical as an approach to fashion.

    Age 10, early 2000s: finally got to wear the American Girl Molly Christmas dress that my cousin had gotten back when they still made these. Still one of the prettiest (and twirliest) dresses I’ve ever worn.

    Age 12, mid 2000s: green low-rise corduroy flares that dragged on the ground and a pink henley with brown heart elbow patches. I wanted to dress trendier, so I dragged my mom to a local boutique and made her get me this outfit. Wore it alllll the time. Felt like the coolest person in school. It went really well with my Kangaroo sneakers because they were also green and pink.

    Age 17: I found EXACTLY the prom dress I wanted. Blush pink, one shouldered, with intricate swirls around the bodice and a simple skirt. So pretty. Felt gorgeous.



    When I was in 8th grade or so, my grandma visited and took me to Nordstroms. She bought me this beautiful gold pea coat. It’s still at my parents house and is probably the most glamorous thing I’ve ever owned. I’ll be trying it on again over Christmas to see if my boobs have shrunk since I lost weight (I’m almost 23). I think about it almost every day. My grandma indirectly taught me to not be afraid to be bold, and that one piece of clothing can really make an entire outfit pop.

    I miss my grandma. She knew how to be stylish, and she would have been able to help me figure out my aesthetic.



    The first sweetheart neckline top I got post puberty. I have broad shoulders, a fairly short neck and my breasts are a bit small in proportion to the rest of my body. That neckline makes my body look great, and the first time I found out what really suited my body lead to me beginning to experiment. Now if I see something with a sweetheart neckline I’ll grab it, even if it’s a colour or pattern I’m not sure of till I try it on which means I’ve really branched from my all black comfort zone.



    Early/mid 90s I had a mustard yellow pair of bellbottoms that I thought were just the coolest things in the whole world.

    Also mid 90s, I got some hand-me-downs from my mom’s friend’s older daughter. They included a pair of boyfriend-ish Calvin Klein Jeans that were totally destroyed, and a black super soft BUM t-shirt. I lived in that outfit for days on end.



    My brownies uniform (early 2000s when I was in grade 2). I absolutely loved that dress and I remember feeling so cute in it. I still love wearing dresses with collars, buttons, sleeves, a-line or they cinch at the waist … I’m always trying to go for almost a casual vintage look?



    I was devastated in my second year of brownies because as one of the “big girls” I had to wear the uniform with brown pants and a striped shirt… so ugly.

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