What color(s) are you obsessed with this fall? Or spring for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere.

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    Recently I bought a T-shirt and a pair of linen shorts in what I can best describe as curry yellow. It’s a jewel toned yellow and goes so well with colors like wine, olive, and teal.
    If I find anything else in this color, may cosmic forces take mercy on my wallet.



    I love that color but it looks TERRIBLE on me, so please enjoy for the both of us lol. I love burgundy, navy, and hunter green the most.



    That kind of emeraldy bottle green I’ve been seeing around. SO gorgeous.



    Rust or terra-cotta or sienna. Any of the orangey/red/brown type colors. Luckily this color is getting popular so I’ve been able to snag a few items, but I want MORE



    I’m all about glacier tones this fall – ice blue, deep teal, grass green, shadowed cool greys, lava black, pops of golden yellow, white of course. We went to Iceland this summer and the color palette in the glacier areas won’t leave my head.



    I’m stoked on natural fall colours from my area, which is overcast and grey evergreen forests. So dove/charcoal grey, bottle/pine/olive green, slate blue, Cognac leather/cinnamony red (think wet cedar bark), and this one particular muted/burnt shade of mustard that is the colour of wet, fallen, dirty leaves.

    And black because always black.



    I’m loving the marigold and rust colors, as well as wine. I just bought a second-hand anthropologie cocoon coat in wine, and I can’t wait!

    Also, this may be too basic, but cream/ivory. I hated those colors when I was a kid because it felt like white but worse, and I felt like an old lady wearing them.

    Now I’m realizing how soft they look in fluorescent light and how cozy they feel. Like wearing candlelight.



    I’ve been really into a bunch of different green shades rn – cool olive, blue-toned emerald, forest green, rich teals. I’m also into oxblood and blush together. For neutrals – navy, soft dove greys and gunmetal greys. In the past I was more into black, but I’ve recently started liking how navy looks on me more, and how well it meshes with the green tones I’ve been into. I’m pretty cool toned and look best in muted colors, so I’ve been admiring the yellow and rust colors that are big right now from afar, lol.



    I love a lot of the food and beverage colors like mustard, russet, pumpkin, kalamata, chocolate, burgandy.



    I’ve been knitting a bunch of stuff for myself (yay for finishing projects and not buying shit) and so far I have two sweaters in copper/teal combos, a scarf in a rich honey color, and I’m about to finish another sweater in a bottle green. I also bought a pair of lipstick red boots.

    I also have two projects inspired by a tv test card because I’m an ‘80s baby and like neon.



    I might be 5 years too late but I’m really into dark maroon paired with cream and dove grey.




    My fave color all the time is forest green, and recently it’s been more trendy again. I used to wear it a lot in high school but I lost most of those clothes to time and lack of care. But I’m really hoping to collect more clothes in this color. It’s kinda funny but as a kid dark green and blushy pink were my two fave colors and now I think they just go best with my complexion as well.



    I got this [satin bodysuit](https://imgur.com/a/abMIdwS) in rusty orange. For [$22.90 at Forever 21](https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/product/f21/top_bodysuits-bustiers/2000296216) it’s pretty high quality.



    Mustard yellow and various shades of green, generally darker greens.



    I’ve decided that I look really good in orange after getting some compliments. Not all shades of orange, but the stuff more like Carrot, Squash, Royal, Apricot, Ochre, or Honey on this chart:

    24 Shades of Orange Color Palette

    I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to find the right greens. What is it about greens in stores nowadays! So much Olive, Jade, Mint, and Kelly green, not a lot of variety beyond that. I love stuff like Sage, Hunter, Fern, Moss, Russian, Pine, and Sacramento on this chart:

    24 Shades of Green Color Palette



    Reds , browns and all browns shades 🎃 🙂 not a print or snake gal so I will keep these prints to my shoes 👠 👢👟



    I’m obsessed with hunter and forest green at the moment! I also love this warm mustard gold trend we have going on. Oh and I love dark vibrant blues. Rust is also amazing. Basically, give me forest and autumn colors and I’ll be in love.



    [This](https://i.imgur.com/ZAooDDC.png) is my color palette for the fall/winter! I made a [pinterest board](https://www.pinterest.com/emileeloo/winterfall-2018/) as inspo and noticed a lot of these lush, orangey-based reds and browns and yellows (I think your curry yellow if one of these, actually!) and I loved the way they look together, and of course I’ve added a few of my personal tried-and-true neutrals. I’m currently building up my wardrobe with owned items, and then I get to shop for yarn/fabric/clothes!



    Currently I’m loving rust and mustard, and also leopard print even though it’s not a colour.



    Downvote me if you must but I’m already sick of the mustardy yellow. It’s fine and I have a couple things that color, but I feel like stores are trying to shove it down my throat at this point. Makes me want to wear bright purple in rebellion.



    Hot Pink, to match my new glasses.



    Dark green, navy, grey and curry/mustard.



    I’m also into the jewel tone yellow you described. I just bought a blazer in that color! But it’s still a bit too warm where I live to wear it.



    Warm earthy greens (lighter or darker). It’s an absolute nightmare to fine when blue based forest greens or grey khaki olive are everywhere in the UK. But I did spot [one item](https://www.zara.com/uk/en/glossy-blouse-p07563253.html) this season in my favourite shade of Pre-Raphaelite worthy green.

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