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    Hey everyone,

    I’ve recently lost a lot of weight, 110 pounds this past year through portion control, learning about nutrition, and calorie counting.

    My body completely changed over the course of a year and I feel lost on how to style and flatter my new body. Mentally, I still feel like I’m 260 pounds and I think I may be limiting myself when I shop because I automatically assume certain pieces wouldn’t look good on me. Losing weight has helped me gain more confidence so I feel a will to dress in a way that expresses me so I’d really like to begin being fashion forward and having a cohesive sense of style.

    maybe you all can help open my mind and my options

    [these are my pictures ](https://imgur.com/a/RRD8cFO)



    1) Following bc we have similar shapes and I don’t know either.

    2) your makeup in that last photo is so good. So so good.



    You look great!

    I don’t have advice on specific cuts, but Next time you are out shopping, challenge yourself and pick one or two items you would usually not wear and just try them on. It doesn’t matter if you end up buying (or even liking) it. It will help you develop a better idea about what looks good on your body and your style.

    I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still surprised about what clothes I like on myself.



    From your last picture, I think pink, gold and other warm colors look great on you. I have similar skin color and warm undertone and stick to warm colors, light grey and navy. Black makes me look washed out during the day.

    For style, try on a wrap dress or shirt dress with a tie waist, it’ll bring out your curves. My favorite casual wrap dress is the BCBGeneration faux wrap dress and it comes in all colors and patterns (and pockets!).



    Congratulations! I’ve lost 85 pounds of the last couple years, so I know how you feel. The biggest thing that I did was to find a couple thrift stores that sold nice, upscale clothing so I could try lots of things out without wasting a lot of money. I can never really tell if something is going to work without wearing it a few times. Once I knew what I liked/what looked good, I could invest in better pieces.

    Mentally, it takes your brain a while to catch up with your body. So, what you see in the mirror right now is probably wrong. Asking here is a great idea, and trust other people’s opinions until you’re more used to your new body.

    Another big change is that suddenly you have lots of options available to you. I know when I was heavier, I just wore the few things I could find that sorta fit and didn’t cost too much. I found the [blog the Vivienne Files](http://www.theviviennefiles.com/starting-from-scratch/) really helpful to assemble a wardrobe that really worked, instead of just buying one of everything since I actually could!

    The last thing that made a big difference for me was the sub r/abrathatfits. I used their measuring and traded in my stretched-out-too-big bras for ones that really fit. People thought I’d lost another ten pounds overnight. If you haven’t already done something like this, definitely do it, because the difference is astounding.

    You look fantastic! Enjoy your new self!



    Perhaps high waisted pants to accentuate your waist more?



    Most importantly, that is a huge accomplishment. Most humans would not have the discipline to do what you’ve done. You should be very, very proud!

    I think you can pull off any style persona that strikes your fancy. It will probably take some experimenting to see what you really love and feel comfortable in, so second hand shopping is your friend while you work it out.

    The last photo with the bright colors is GORGEOUS on you! I can definitely see something like “Modern Urban Boho” or something like that working for you. Bright colors and patterns, interesting jewelry and silhouettes, but less “going to Coachella,” and more along the lines of “heading into my posh arty job in Manhattan.”



    You have a great shape! I would try some high waisted jeans and crop tops!



    Are you into dresses at all? I think a simple belted wrap dress would be great for accentuating your waist!



    I see a lot of suggestions of high-waisted jeans. Maybe also a high-waisted circle skirt? I like to pair mine with any tee or blouse and it really works to accentuate the waist. Also seconding the wrap dress suggestion.



    First off, congrats on your weight loss journey and making healthy choices for yourself! That is quite an accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself for all of your hard work. As far as what may flatter you style-wise, I highly recommend taking some time to try new things on and get reacquainted with your body’s new shape. Bring a trusted friend who will give you honest feedback or take photos and get feedback that way. Sometimes it can be really hard to see ourselves objectively and having a trusted third party opinion can definitely help.

    One service that you may find beneficial is LeTote. I’ve recommended it before and am not affiliated with it whatsoever, just really like it lol. It’s similar to StitchFix, but better IMO. You’ll create a style profile (which may help you pinpoint your preferences as you do it), enter your sizes, browse through and select favorites, etc and then the stylists will put together a box of items for you. Here’s the fun part- you can swap out and choose specific items, wear everything, keep what you like, and send the rest back. As soon as your current box is scanned, they’ll start styling your next one. I usually get a new one every week, so it’s an awesome deal. Perfect for trying new silhouettes, styles, colors, etc in the comfort of your home.



    Sign up for Le Tote or Armoire or infinite style – clothes rental until you find what you like with your new body! I’ve tried them all, Le Tote is my fav because I get the most bang for buck and get to try jewelry I wouldn’t otherwise buy. I just added infinite style – it’s all Ann Taylor and ok, the cost to buy and keep some pieces has been awesome.



    You look like a rectangle to me. Here’s some suggestions on how to dress:


    If you haven’t yet taken up any fitness or weight training, I’d encourage you to do so as your body type seems naturally athletic and I have a hunch you’d put on muscle mass easily.

    You do seem to have a high hip shelf. Read up on the 8 shape on this blog:


    Your natural waist seems fairly high as well, meaning you are short-waisted. Google for guidelines for that.

    I’d start there. But don’t get too hung up on one shape or another, just experiment with these guidelines as a starting point, and see what works for you.



    Congrats on the weight loss! 110 pounds, that’s like a whole other person! You must have worked very hard.

    Anyway, I think you’d do well to emphasize your waist. Perhaps with some high waisted jeans. Look for tops and dresses that have a defined waist as well. You have nice legs and personally, if I had legs like that I’d want to show them off, lol. Since you’re probably gonna have to do a lot of experimenting before you find a style you like, I recommend going to thrift stores and inexpensive shops so you can try stuff and experiment without spending a lot of money.



    Congrats on your amazing progress!!

    I would recommend anything high waisted and A-line skirts and dresses (this means they flare out starting at the natural waist, flattering on most body types)

    That being said, what matters most is that you’re comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. If you like it, don’t read into it too much 🙂



    I think we have similar body shapes, sort of ruler-like (rectangular) with broader shoulders; I find that high-waisted bottoms help to cinch me in, especially when paired with a blousier top. Square or v-shaped necklines to show off the décolleté. Dresses with tie waists also look great. As far as colors, I think you’d look stunning in jewel tones or muted darker colors like mauve or olive!



    I think you’d really turn heads as a blonde—maybe long and straight, with a center part? Or a nice ombré with dark roots? Also, a short twist out with a lot of volume on top would really suit your face shape imo.



    Your legs are really pretty and shapely, you could definately pull off a short shift dress!



    First, you look fabulous! You have a cute shape! Congratulations!

    When shopping, go in stores you may not have tried before. Look for pieces you are attracted to. Try a range of sizes, each brand cuts differently. Remember: the size is just a number.

    You are beautiful, have fun!



    Dude wow congratulations on your weight loss!

    I would say the things that make your body look more hourglassy would fit best. Just try to highlight your waist. Cuts that look like two opposite faced triangles (>< but upright) would look good on you imo. Try to avoid things that looks as if they have two vertical parallel lines. Even tucking in an oversized t-shirt and wearing a fancy belt would make a difference.

    This is actually a pretty generic advice but that’s all I can do 🙁



    Woah. You look amazing. Okay, I know a lot about the whole dressing for your body type thing, which I know is not popular on this sub, but here goes, keeping in mind you can and should wear whatever makes you happy!

    I notice you have a “ruler shaped” or “boyish” shape without a dramatic difference between waist and hips and that you have a young looking face (without knowing how old you are, your facial features read “young and cute”.) Look up “ruler” or “rectangle” body type, and Gamine style identity on Pinterest. You might also want to check out 1920s fashion, because ruler-shaped and Gamine was in vogue at the time!



    First of all that hair wrap in the last pic is SO cute and you are adorable. But as far as what fits would flatter you, I definitely think skirts would be fantastic on you and as far as dresses I think a fit and flare style would look amazing! Also you could totally pull of long flowy pants that hug your butt!!



    You are absolutely beautiful!



    First of all – congratulations! You’re badass. 🙂 I am a year into maintaining a 90 lb. loss (220 lbs -> 130 lbs) and went through the same thing as you. Not only trying to figure out fit, but I felt like my whole style changed now that I was no longer trying to just hide all the time.

    I ended up investing in a couple months of those online styling services. I figured it would just be easier for someone else to pick out some outfits and even if I didn’t keep everything (or anything) I could try on clothes at home at my own pace.

    I did both Wantable and Stitch Fix – it ended up being so much fun! I maybe did both for about 3 months, kept a total of 6-8 pieces, and from there was able to figure out what shapes and brands worked best for me!

    Best of luck to you and HAVE FUN!



    Congrats on your success, you look great! I have a somewhat similar body type (but I carry a lot more weight in my butt/thighs) and I am obsessed with midi length pencil skirts. They’re super versatile (dressed up with a blouse or dressed down with a crop top) and come in lots of amazing patterns. My personal faves are from Vince Camuto (e.g., [1](https://www.vincecamuto.com/marina-stripe-midi-tube-skirt/9124809.html), [2](https://www.amazon.com/Vince-Camuto-Womens-Skirt-Black/dp/B007XNA8ZE/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538936955&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=vince+camuto+midi+tube+skirt)) which you can usually find at Nordstrom Rack.

    I tend to lean towards monochrome prints, which makes it easy to pair with other monochrome tops or a bold pop of color. There are some fun printed ones on [Amazon](https://www.amazon.com/Fanii-Quare-Elastic-Bodycon-XL/dp/B071W17PN9/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1538937162&sr=8-14&keywords=midi%2Bskirt%2Bbodycon&th=1&psc=1) too.

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