What do you do with pieces that are practical, look good, and comfortable, but you don’t feel good in?

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    I have a black wool cocoon coat that I picked up 3 years ago for $20 on sale at Uniqlo. I get plenty of compliments on it, it’s extremely practical, and it perfectly fits a gap in my closet between heavy winter wool coat and light anorak/denim/leather jacket. It’s also comfortable and pretty much feels like a bathrobe.

    The problem is, when I wear it, I always feel somewhat frumpy. I think it has to do with the sleeves being slightly long and the wool not being as premium as some of my other (heavier) coats.

    What would you do in this situation? It was $20, so I’m hesitant to tailor the sleeves, but perhaps that’s unreasonable.




    If it can be tailored to address the issue, I tailor it (it doesn’t really matter if it was $20 or $200, tailoring is still worth it if it means you’ll wear it more).

    Otherwise, get rid of it–sell, donate or pass it on.

    Uniqlo has an in-house alterations service–not sure if they’d work on a coat that’s 3 years old but they might.



    I end up giving them to charity after they sit in my closet for years unworn. Even if it looks good or makes sense in some way, no need to have it if you don’t love it and want to wear it. For me if I’m not comfortable in it for any reason at all I just won’t reach for it ever. E.g. I bought a dress that was on clearance for 20 bucks last year – fit great, looked great…but totally not me (doesn’t fit my signature aesthetic that I actually feel like myself in. Wearing it feels like dressing up as someone else for halloween) – its been sitting in the back of the closet, tags still on. Because there’s always something else I’d rather wear. And always will be. So eventually I just donate things like this hoping they’ll become someone else’s favorite things.



    Don’t wear it. If you can’t return it or don’t want to sell it or whatever, it’s a sunk cost. Life is too short to wear things because you feel you “should”.



    Either tailor it or donate it. I would donate, because warm coats are always needed by shelters (either shelters for people without homes or people who have experienced domestic violence).



    Be honest – what bothers you more? If it’s the sleeves then definitely get it altered but if it’s the material then maybe it’s time to let go and upgrade 🙂



    I’ll usually try first to test a buuuuunch or outfits with it – sometimes I realize I just wasn’t styling it right and then end up loving it. If that doesn’t work, donate/sell. It’s never worth keeping things that you aren’t excited to wear



    I’d definitely get the sleeves altered – it’s not a particularly expensive bit of tailoring, as far as I know. Then you might try challenging yourself to wear it with pieces you don’t wear very often; maybe it’s the perfect thing to tone down a crazy statement piece you’ve been afraid to wear!

    But if you still don’t feel good in it after trying these things, I’d say donate it or maybe find a friend who’d enjoy it more 🙂



    I’ve had pieces that I’ve purchase with he intention of wearing till I get it altered, then could never justify the price of alterations. So, I donate.



    Have you considered altering it yourself? (Or asking a more experienced friend to do it for cheap?)



    I try and keep track of how often in 6months/a year I wear them. If I don’t reach for them at all then it’s time to move them along.



    Pinning the sleeves with safety pins yourself could be an option to see, first, whether paying for tailoring is worth it.



    I try to give them away to friends or my sisters, or donate to a thrift store.



    I’d tailor a $20 coat if it wasn’t an expensive fix. If it ends up being a $60 coat, that is still so worth it if the good you mentioned will outweigh the bad once it fits right.



    tailor it and maybe add a nice brooch and/or a belt. or whatever you need to make it feel less frumpy. otherwise find it a new home.

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