What do you use to bring your work gear in (computer, etc.)? One-bag-fits-all? A backpack for everything? A computer bag plus your purse of the season?

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    Curious how everyone does their work gear. For every job I’ve had so far, I’ve been given a laptop that I lug to and from work. For my upcoming gig, I’ll have an extra phone, plus supplies I’ll need to bring back and forth. At my last job, they did give me a supportive backpack, but it was kind of ugly. I’d like to go with something a little more fashionable. What’s your setup? How do you do your work supplies?



    I use Matt & Nat’s Cara tote. It’s huge- it fits my 15 inch macbook pro, a tablet, two phones, chargers for all of those devices, a binder, my wallet, and some personal items (hand sanitizer, etc.). The vegan leather is really durable and it’s already waterproof, which is a nice bonus.

    Some of my coworkers have fashionable rolling briefcases that can hold everything you could imagine.. and they probably won’t have the back problems that I’ll inevitably face in a couple decades lol.



    I have a beefy 17 in super heavy laptop so I have to use a laptop backpack bag (people have asked me if I’m a summer intern ☹️) and a separate purse (dagne dover). The day I find a super cute, sturdy, comfortable backpack-purse combo I will be able to die a happy woman. All of the cute bags I saw on the other thread hold 13 and 15 in laptops.



    Since it became basically compulsory for my team to take our work laptops home and I like to walk home (it takes about an hour), my canvas tote + purse combo didn’t cut it anymore.

    So now I have one of the Hershel backpacks in [light grey with gold zips](https://www.theiconic.com.au/settlement-108455.html), it fits: laptop (with internal laptop pocket!), drink bottle, walking shoes n socks, purse – wallet and glasses case inside this, and lunch when I remember it. It also fits a giant scarf or a cardigan/light pullover which is key because in NZ we are currently in “spring” aka “cold morning, cold office, sudden warm afternoon”. The backpack also has a front pocket for keys, bus pass, work pass, phone charger, etc.

    I actually want a smaller purse and wallet for the days where I need to grab something at lunch or go out for coffee, that will still fit my glasses case.

    Edit: link to backpack



    I recently bought a Lo and Son’s OMG bag to carry my 13″ work laptop, wallet, phone, keys, lunch, water bottle, chargers, gym clothes, and sneakers. The nylon exterior is waterproof as well. Love it!



    I’m ashamed to admit I use a square-ish plastic insulated grocery bag (with zipper on top) for all my shit. Food, workout clothes, purse (wristlet), computer, mail/bills, magazines. And it’s falling apart at the seams, so I taped it. Fashion emergency 911.

    Edited to write I’m a professional woman who wears dresses and skirts every day. Heaven help me.




    I carry a large commuter tote (Longchamp) where I put my lunch bag, water bottle, blanket, hoodie, inflatable pillow and makeup bag.

    Then I carry a backpack with my computer, charging cords, wallet, small cosmetics bag, a book and whatever else personal items I need. I have the brown UTO backpack someone recommened off Amazon yesterday.

    I tried a purse, but I like it more when the weight is evenly distributed on my shoulders.



    For work and travel I’m currently using a [Fjallraven Totepack 4 Wide](https://www.fjallraven.us/products/totepack-no-4-wide) which is super handy, especially for travel as it can also be worn as a backpack. The Lagoon color is a little lighter than I’d like for fall/winter, though. Inside, I use a Coach [phone crossbody](https://www.coach.com/coach-phone-crossbody/65558.html) in a slightly darker shade as a wallet and then use that by itself for running errands and daily running around. My work stuff is mostly just a laptop and cords, but I also do barre after work so it also holds a small bundle of clothes for that. I also have a few toiletries and such just because I have the room.

    Since the tote is a little big and more casual I’m really looking for a new work bag but I’m not sure it even exists. [This](https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/dagne-dover-simone-leather-satchel/4849406) is pretty close but the reviews make me hesitant. If [this](http://surprise.katespade.com/WKRU4093.html) existed in grey it’d be near perfect, and I’m tempted to get it in black anyways. Any suggestions?

    * grey (real) leather
    * *just* wide/tall enough to hold a 13″ Mac, plus 3-4″ in depth for other things
    * simple styling with little to no branding
    * preferably zipable



    Longchamp Le Pliage (the large size with long handles) or MZ Wallace large Chelsea tote (which is basically the same size as the Le Pliage). I carry:
    -13”MacBook Pro in a lightly padded sleeve
    -charger and various adapters
    -lunch bag
    -water bottle
    -cardigan or similar
    -sometimes a notebook
    -umbrella if necessary
    -large sunglasses case
    -big headphones

    All of it fits easily, and the bag zips up fine. Multiple bags doesn’t work for me, as I commute by walking/bus. I’d be too worried about leaving one behind by accident! I do usually also have a reusable shopping tote with me, that I can use in a pinch to carry extra stuff.



    I don’t want to put more strain on my back than necessary and have the added issue of being petite and after a ton of research I bought the leather-looking black Anello bag off amazon and I love it! I’ve gotten so many compliments and had so many people ask me where I got it.



    I have a nylon backpack from the brand, Knomo that I absolutely adore. It looks super cute and has lots of pockets to hold all of my things. My only qualm is that I wish there was a water bottle pocket on the side or something for easy access




    I put everything (laptop, food, wallet, etc) in my North Face backpack. It’s very supportive. [I have the Black Heather/burnt coral metallic color, which I find is relatively professional looking.](https://www.thenorthface.com/shop/womens-surge-nf0a3kue?variationId=WBW#hero=0)



    I like a shoulder hanging satchel on one side and a simple light laptop briefcase for the other.



    I’m fond of the L&S Edgemont — so much that I went through the trouble of shipping it to me in Australia. My bag requirements were: dedicated laptop sleeve, convertible between a backpack and a tote bag but didn’t look too much like either (Fjallraven totepack looked too “totey” and so many bags that looked like [this](https://www.maryandmarieshop.com/collections/back-packs/products/singing-in-the-rain-shoulder-backpack-bag) which looked too much like backpacks AND bags that were “convertible” but that only meant you can wear it as a shoulder bag or hold it by a smaller handle >_<). I guess my only “complaint” so far is that it can feel a bit heavy as a tote, but that’s usually my cue that I have too much things in there & convert to a backpack. I use it as my EDC bag so I probably have different needs than you but it’s a nice bag so I thought I’d put it out there 🙂



    Backpack for everything. I was using an Everlane one (circa 2015) until this year when I transited to a rolltop Nike bag.



    I’ve had a Michael Kors saffiano leather jet set travel tote I’ve been using for work for almost 5 years now. It still looks brand new and I use it every single day, on work road trips, flights, and countless personal trips, etc. It fits my computer, large notebook, all cords, 2 folders with court documents, my phones, my wallet and a water bottle with ease. To be honest, I want to replace it because I just want change in style and colour (it’s a bright red) but I can’t bring myself to do it because it still looks brand new. I think they’ve discontinued this style (I can only find one on their website, I think it’s a touch smaller than mine – I’ll link it below anyway) but I’d highly recommend anything from any brand in that saffiano leather – it really holds up well!!

    [jet set travel tote](https://www.michaelkors.ca/jet-set-travel-medium-saffiano-leather-top-zip-tote/_/R-CA_30T5STVT2L)



    I have a big [Cuyana zipper tote](https://www.cuyana.com/classic-leather-zipper-tote.html) which I use with a neoprene padded laptop sleeve, but since I changed jobs and carry a lot more stuff around… I gave up and got a [North Face backpack](https://www.thenorthface.com/shop/womens-electra-backpack-nf0a2rda) (mine is black with gold hardware). I’m getting too old to carry all this shit on one shoulder. If I was just commuting the Cuyana would be fine, but I travel around during the day for my job and got sick of losing everything in a black hole of a tote. If I knew I needed to impress people I’d still carry the tote that day, but my backpack is sleek enough that I’m not super embarrassed carrying it if I need to stop unexpectedly at a client office.



    Kate spade yoga tote. Was pricey but so worth it. I generally don’t have to bring a laptop into work but do on on occasion. Itll fit a 3 inch binder and a 13 inch macbook or 15 inch acer with all my other crap in there. I can throw my lunch bag in there. Keep just in case stuff. I’ve used it as an overnight bag. Worth every penny.



    This is the second time in the last couple days I get to share my [Cuyana Oversized Carryall Tote](https://www.cuyana.com/oversized-carryall-tote.html) that I love! I have my laptop in a sleeve and it and the charging cord fit in this bag easily, along with a bunch of other stuff.

    The only drawback to this bag is if you’re someone who likes separate pockets for everything. It has a small zip pocket for valuables and a little slot for a phone, but other than that it’s just one big open space inside.



    I love my Dagne Dover for work. The small Landon Carryall is enough for me to keep my water bottle, wallet, phone, keys, snacks, bullet journal, and makeup bag along with my work computer, notebook, chargers, and various “I work with kids” needs (like my emergency can of play dough, wet ones, hot wheels, and some extra tissues). It comes in a couple sizes as well if you need more space. The neoprene is really shock absorbent and easy to clean as well! Mine has held up to a truly disrespectful amount of wear this year and it’s still going strong. Looking into a backpack from the company for field trip days but for my daily commutes between clients the Landon is perfect.



    I have a backpack. In it goes my laptop, bag of accessories (charger, cable, mouse, phone charger, ect), notebook, phone (work and personal), water bottle, umbrella, sunglasses, I can fit a scarf/hat/gloves in cold weather, earbuds and my “purse.” Most days I could fit my lunch but I carry that in a separate bag for ease.

    My personal phone is also my wallet, then I have what I call my “purse”. It is a small/medium makeup bag with all my purse stuff in it. This goes from purses to backpacks with 1 move. The “purse” has; pill box (Tylenol, benadryl, pepto bismol), hair tie, hand sanitize, eye drops, chapstick, shout wipe, lipstick, concealer, solid perfume, sunscreen, coin/cash purse, small swiss army kinfe, pen, mints and a few other things.

    I tried to do the big purse bag thing and it just hurt my shoulders. I gave up.



    Under armour backpack that I got from club volleyball – it has a laptop sleeve, and magically fits everything (laptop, volleyball shoes/outfit, a few notebooks and my pencil case, umbrella, lunch, and a water bottle)



    Backpack with a secondary pocket for my laptop whenever I need it.



    I use [this](https://www.tradesy.com/i/jack-spade-leather-laptop-davis-briefcase-laptop-bag-brick-red-20695125/20695125/)Jack Spade leather laptop bag for files and laptop, I carry a separate purse if needed. I’ve had it for five years and it looks great.

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