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    Examples of rules:

    White after Labor Day?
    Stripes with plaids?

    Things out of trend:
    I went shopping with my teenage cousin. We have a similar taste in clothes. She said vests and suspenders are out of style. So naturally I bought a vest and she bought suspenders.



    “Flattering” isn’t generally a priority for me. I’m short and I sometimes wear things that draw attention to the fact that I’m short. I have broad shoulders and I sometimes wear things that make them look broader. I will wear colors that “wash me out” because wearing those colors makes me happy. Looking slimmer is often not a priority.

    I won’t wear anything that fits my body poorly or anything like that, but if a piece brings me joy and fits well, “flattering” goes out the window.



    “Women over 30 shouldn’t wear this”



    I’m 60 and shop at Forever 21.



    i saw a simple favor over the weekend (highly recommend for the clothes alone!) and in a scene, anna kendrick’s suburban mom character is chastised by a really fashionable, hip, nyc character for wearing “vintage hermès with a gap t-shirt.” that’s one of my fave things to do! i love the mix of high and low end, or pairing something really ornate (a patterned, textured skirt in a rich material) with something simple (a plain tee).



    I’m 5’11” and really like wearing heels. The feeling of towering over everyone is kind of fun for me. It’s also a big “fu@k you” to the adolescent insecurity I felt about being tall. Now that I’m an adult, it’s just something that helps me stand out and not look like everyone else. A little age can really change things!



    I wear white after labor day because I love wearing white during the winter- beige coat, white sweater, light wash jeans, etc…I think it works.

    I also wear over the knee boots to work. Admittedly I’m in an industry where there’s no dress code other than “wear clothing” but I wear OTK boots in a way that doesn’t necessarily look overly sexy. You can pair them with big sweaters, less “sexy” things. Same with mini skirts. With the right shirt and shoes they don’t have to be sexy. Of course, YMMV depending on workplace.



    Navy and black done right look spectacular together.



    I NEVER tuck my shirts into anything! I prefer to cover my midsection/FUPA and dgaf about tucking, even in situations where it might look better.



    I like the way mixed metals look (not just within the pieces themselves) so I do it. Dainty gold earrings and an equally dainty silver necklace. Stacked rose gold rings paired with silver midi rings. Love it.



    Anything like “less is more,” “take off one accessory before leaving the house,” or the minimalism trend.

    I LOVE detail, I love intricacy, I love costume-inspired elements and off-the-wall shapes and striking colors. Maximalism is my sweet spot, and as long as it’s cohesive, more is definitely more.



    I feel like a lot of these supposed rules are becoming outdated/irrelevant. I actually think winter whites (cashmere sweaters, wool coats, big fluffy scarves, silk blouses) are easier to pull off than summer whites, so I’m definitely breaking that rule! I’m also either a pear or an hourglass shape depending on how you measure, and I never wear the recommended knee-length a-line skirts and flared trousers. Also, I’m 26, and I occasionally shop at Chico’s.

    For things out of trend, I think it mostly comes down to ignoring certain trends for me. I never got into the minimal colour scheme thing, and I also have no interest in athleisure. I’ve also been wearing a specific shade of yellow-green that brings out my eyes since 2005, even though it was unfashionable for a good ten years. (I think it’s coming back now, maybe?)

    A lot of people with really great style break the rules all the time, and it works because they understand the reasoning. For example, stylish people wear navy and black together all the time, but it has to look intentional – so the shades need to be clearly distinguishable from each other.



    I wear colors that “shouldn’t go” together all the time. I’m wearing navy blue and black right now. Like someone else said, it makes me happy. I like the way it looks, and I’m comfortable. I’m overweight and I wear bright colors and patterns all the time. Horizontal stripes, too.



    That pear shapes should wear dark, long bottoms. While I do tend to prefer dark blue jeans, I LOVE colorful patterned shorts and skirts, and in fact, the shorter the short the better it looks on me. I HATE Bermuda shorts/culottes/anything in between a short that ends at mid-thigh and like a slim-fitting capri. Hate it. It makes me look like a middle-aged soccer mom and I despise looking prudish. I don’t care if it makes my hips, butt, and thighs look bigger, I WANT them to look bigger.



    Any size/shape based “advice”. I’ve been told by a former co-worker that women over a certain size shouldn’t wear skinny jeans, especially plus size. I looked at her and simply said, i wear skinny jeans all the time, in fact I wore them yesterday and I’m definitely plus size.

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