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    What glasses style are in right now?



    I’m so against trends for glasses. Always go with what looks best on you. I don’t care if they are thin, thick, wide, tortoiseshell or whatever. If they don’t look good on you then you’ve killed the style anyways.



    I sell sunglasses and have so many people come in to buy rounds or club masters that look terrible on them. With glasses you just have to buy what looks good on you. But we sell a lot of round lenses and ray ban club masters.



    Clear frames are very much the big trend currently for eye and sunglasses but it definitely doesn’t look good on everyone.



    The important thing about glasses is getting a pair that fits your face, and that you feel comfortable in (and pulling off). I think Warby Parker is a good place to look if trendy is what you’re going for. I recently ordered [Moriarty](https://www.warbyparker.com/eyeglasses/men/moriarty/jet-black-matte) and have been getting complemented on them a lot.



    Round was popular for a while but it seems now to be moving over to squarer shapes, more intricate metal frames often I see with the top bar too and I have being seeing those side-shield things quite a bit. Generally seems like a lot of 80s styles.

    IMO too much emphasis is put on certain eyewear shapes to match your face shape. Frame shape matters less and more about frame size.



    Semi-rimless or rimless. I get most complaints from both those, especially women.



    I like my Oliver Peoples Follies (Faded Fig).



    I’m wearing a lovely pair of Ic Berlin sunglasses, screwless, minimalist and light as a feather, my favorite and surprisingly one of the cheapest pair I’ve ever bought, still though it’s not that cheap for $200.



    Is there a good resource for seeing what looks good? I just get big lense glasses so I have more to see and thick plastic so I don’t break/bend easily



    Fuck what’s “in”. Just buy some ish from Warby Parker and you’re golden.



    Ignore trends and styles, get a par of frames that fit, are big enough (main mistake so many make is getting a pair to small, so have large areas of their field of vision uncorrected, or have the arms pressing into their temples), have long enough arms to be supported correctly, and are not too heavy

    You are going to be wearing them for years – two at minimum, but if you’re sensible and just have them re-glazed when your prescription changes, for much, much longer



    Horn rimmed. Hard to find a pair that doesn’t go well with most people.

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