What is a comfortable alternative to leggings and yoga pants?

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    I like to wear leggings to do quick errands on my days off but after gaining weight I don’t feel comfortable or confident in them anymore. What other bottoms can I wear?



    Maybe try ponte pants?

    More structured, but still kinda comfy.



    Joggers, you can get them in materials ranging from full on sweatpants to more dressed up office-appropriate fabrics.



    Soft Wide legged pants are usually really comfortable



    Uniqlo has these “EZ” pants in a few different styles that provide a little more structure & look like normal pants but feel like leggings. They’re pretty cheap and so comfy and are perfect to pul on whenever. They’re pretty much the only thing in my wardrobe that I can wear to work and actually choose to wear on the weekends



    Try a wide leg linen pant! They’re super comfortable without being skin tight and they look much more put together than leggings typically do!



    Maxi skirts! I contend that these are basically comfy sweatpants



    I don’t exactly know what they are called, but my husband bought me these track pants / lounge pants from Adidas, and they are so comfortable. I wear them to do any sort of errand, or throw them on to walk the dog. And they have zipped pockets. I’m sold.

    [Not exactly it, but similar](https://www.adidas.ca/en/sst-track-pants/DH3159.html)



    Madewell Roadtripper Jeans
    They look like regular denim but feel like leggings. So comfortable but less form-fitting than leggings.



    I love skirts. They are so much easier to fit: the waistband is the only measurement that matters on a skirt with some volume. Easy to put on, easy to wear, loads of options for different kinds of weather. I always wear a split slip/tap pants underneath, which keeps things from clinging and rubbing.



    Uniqlo has legging pants which are jeggings. They are so comfortable!



    I always recommend all of the athleisure from Old Navy because it comes in talls and you don’t have to worry about it being too low because you can pull them up or being too short.



    Joggers. Also, in the summer, loose linen pants and Old Navy Soft Pants (they are super comfortable and many are in flattering/slimming prints, but the material is thin).



    I have a pair of the dress pant yoga pants from betabrand and despite their truly stupid marketing etc. I love these pants.



    Macy’s has a brand called Alfani that sells work type looking pants. I bought a pair of capris from this brand on sale. They feel like leggings or sweats when I’m wearing them. They don’t have any hooks or buttons, are high waisted, and you just pull them on and go. They make my butt look nice and I’ve gained a bit of weight lately so it’s good for the belly area too. I can try to find a link for the pair I bought and leave it later.

    E: [these](https://www.macys.com/shop/product/alfani-tummy-control-pull-on-capri-pants-created-for-macys?ID=817261&CategoryID=157&swatchColor=Ash%20Grey#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D8%26ruleId%3D78%26kws%3DAlfani%20capri%26searchPass%3DexactMultiMatch%26slotId%3D1) are the pants I was talking about, except mine are black. They come in a bunch of colors and then they also have some that are pants instead of capris. I really like them, they are very comfortable. My only complaint is there are no pockets.

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