What is the best fashion advice you received from your grandma / an older person which seems to be timeless?

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    My Grandma told me that it doesn’t matter if you are on the bigger or thinner side, wearing pricier or cheaper brands, the clothes you are wearing must fit.
    I always go for this advice – regardless the current fashion trend and my current body shape, I always make sure I’m wearing things which fit the way they should be.

    So what do you think is a timeless good advice in fashion?



    “Don’t slouch. Posture, Posture, POSTURE.”


    Not really clothing advice but I always followed her “attitude makes the outfit” principle.



    “If your hair looks good and your shoes are polished, you can get away with almost anything”. – Grandma

    Also never buy cheap shoes or coats, save until you can afford good quality. Don’t gain weight, unless you can afford to replace your whole wardrobe. My maternal grandparents both had the same size in clothes their whole life. Grandma thought it would be too expensive to get a whole new wardrobe and alter all her favourite sewing patterns. She made a lot of her own clothes and also thought that clothes should be altered to fit your body properly.



    Per Grandma:
    If it doesn’t fit now, it never will

    Leather shoes only

    Moisturize and sunscreen EVERYDAY – and then a chemical peel every five years after 50.

    A 3/4 or 7/8 sleeve is effortless and always chic.

    When in doubt – what would Jackie O wear?



    > “Nothing is timeless.”



    My mom:
    1. If you’re sad, put on some fun makeup and wear fun underwear. Nobody can see the underwear but they’ll make your day better, and people will compliment you and tell you that you look nice, which will also make your day better.
    2. If you’re going somewhere and you’re going to run into people you don’t like, wear something that makes you FEEL fabulous.



    My Nana always told me to be myself regardless of what others are doing. That extends beyond fashion, of course, but she was always a big proponent of dressing in what she liked and what she found comfortable no matter what anyone else said. She kept it simple too. Nana always wore a variation on the same basic outfit: loose blouse tucked into a wrap skirt with simple jewelry, because that’s what she liked. And boy did she look classy when she dressed up that simple outfit with silk blouses and pearls!

    I have a few outfit formulas that I wear over and over again, and it makes my life simpler and cozier. 🙂



    My greatgrandma would always tell me to not waste money on clothes. “Invest in land. Be very frugal. Wash your clothes with care. Wear your old clothes for as long as possible. “



    One older woman I worked with would buy medium range stuff but on sale and then have it all tailored to fit her perfectly. She always looked amazing.

    And my mother told me that fashions come back around so if you have something of excellent quality you shouldn’t get rid of it. Clean it well and put it away. Great advice if you have storage space but difficult to do if you don’t.



    My grandma always had really nice, fairly simple jewelry. She died last year and I got a few necklaces and a brooch from her stuff. Whenever I think my outfit needs a subtle change I try to wear one of her pieces or the earrings she gave me when I was ten. Helps keep her close. I still miss her greatly.



    Don’t wear shoes that don’t fit and always wear mascara (my mom)

    Simple jewelery can really make a plain outfit dressier



    Always keep your head and feet warm or you’ll catch a cold!



    my grandmother rocked bloomers and im thinking of getting a pair the next time i go to the renaissance festival.



    My grandma told me to only buy quality leather — no fakes. She taught me how to differentiate good from poor quality leather and how to take care of it so it would last forever.

    It’s great advice (I’ve never seen vegan leather that wasn’t awful) but I’m vegetarian and wearing animal hide does grate uncomfortably on my conscience.

    She was also a fan of poking me in the kidneys so I would stand/sit up straight. She would do this to all the girls in the family, but never to the boys. :/



    Not fashion— but taking care of your skin. Sunscreen daily even when cloudy. Working towards having great skin will elevate any look.

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