What is your “Cinderella shoe” and how much and where did you get it?

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    We all have that shoe that makes us feel special…what is yours, where did you get it and how much did you spend?



    Mine have since passed so please pay your respects

    They were the Jeffrey Campbell boots

    These stupid things went with everything. Dresses, skirts, jeans etc. I would get compliments on them every day and I swear to god they were the most comfortable shoes of all time. I used to walk 10k+ every single day and I live in scary big bad winter Canada, these things survived blizzards and falling down the stairs drunk. They had this platform and heel that made me feel like a bad bitch that could crush everyone but at the same time I didn’t even feel like I was wearing heels. I also have actual real life cankles that make me really emotional and these covered my shame, I felt like I could really face the world with my giant cankles…THIS IS ME WORLD, THESE ARE MY BIG BEAUTIFUL CANKLES. Wore them literally every day for 3 years straight. Well worth the $300+ I had to pay for them thanks to Canadian shipping and duties

    One day I was going grocery shopping and I couldn’t figure out why I was walking funny and falling over. Turns out the entire heel on one of the shoes just fell off, never to be found. I ugly cried while limping back home

    You always miss your first true love. It’s been 2 years now and I still think of them every time I put on my new inferior boots. I have a serious illness and haven’t gone outside or walked in 9 months, but every night I close my eyes and fantasize about strutting my cankles down the street in those bad boys. I hope in another life where I’m not a broke ass bitch we will meet again.

    In the aaarrmmmsss of annn anngeeeellll

    Why am I actually crying typing this https://m.imgur.com/r/jimlast3/gMnfqLB



    A long long time ago, I saw a tumblr post with these absolutely beautiful ballet flats. They were as close to real toe shoes while still being actual not for ballet shoes I’d ever seen, and I loved them. There was no source on the post, and it took me ages to figure out that they were Chloe ballet flats, and by the time I was in a position to buy myself Chloe priced shoes, I couldn’t find them anymore. Found a pair in my size in the color from the original tumblr post I fell in love with on The RealReal a couple months ago. $100 and they were mine. They were years in the making and I am super sentimental about a used pair of shoes.



    I found a pair of plain black Stuart Weitzman pumps at the thrift store below my apartment for $2.50… whoever marked the price tag I am very grateful for lol. I feel like a queen wearing them to work and I feel a little like a criminal for getting them so cheap lol



    5” platform block heel nude suede peep toes with a bow on top by Louis Vuitton. I bought them on a business trip to Paris for 650€ and they are my Cinderella shoes because the sales person coached me that I’d been wearing the wrong size (too big) for years. I feel like a pinup in them!



    Sounds really stupid, but I have a pair of $12 holographic shoes with stars on them I picked up on clearance at Kmart. I wear them whenever I need that little boost of cuteness in my day and they are super comfortable. I have other pairs of more “grown up” shoes that I also wear but none of them give me a massive happy feeling every time I put them on even though I do like the others.



    Gold glitter shoes by Betsey Johnson . Though they are no my expensive shoes but whenever I wear them they give me that extra oomph to the look.



    Christian Louboutin “Marchavekel” sandals. Blake Lively wore them when Ryan got his Hollywood star. I wore them to a wedding over the summer. Snagged them for about $420 on super sale.




    as someone with size 5 feet literally any shoe that fits me is a cinderella shoe




    [Freebird Clip](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91VmHdb7HyL._UY500_.jpg) booties. I found these beauts at Ross for $35! I legit ran out of the store after purchasing because it felt like such a steal haha. My style is typically feminine and structured, so they always add a little edge to my outfits, and I get compliments every time I wear them.



    One day I was shopping with my (at the time, very new) fiance, and (soon to be) brother in law. We were wandering through DSW. My brother in law and I like to play a game where we find the cheapest shoe and compare what we found. I found this box with a colour sticker I had never seen before, and pulled it out. In small print it said 80% off.

    And they were my size.

    They ended up being $13, and I wore them at my wedding. I told literally everybody about them, I was so excited. [Here they are!](https://imgur.com/7jmkVCA)



    [This](https://imgur.com/vZidypN) pair of Dr Martens. I seriously had a saved search for them on EBay for four years before I found them at a reasonable price. I ended up paying about $175 with shipping. Totally worth it, as I wear boots almost daily in fall and winter.



    I have a pair of silver beaded flats I got in India, made of camel leather. They’re so comfortable and so cute and unfortunately absolutely irreplaceable. I’m trying to remember to find a cobbler (do these even still exist??) to add another layer of sole to them because you can see an image of my foot on the bottom where my weight is wearing the sole down



    [These Jeffrey Campbell black heels](https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/jeffrey-campbell-rezist-boot-women/4887924) with spikes. I’m going to Vegas and I was looking for a new pair of heels to wear with my night outfits. I saw these and at the time, they only had my size available. I thought it was meant to be but I was wary if they’d be comfortable. I bought them anyways and I tried them on when they arrived and the shoes fit like a glove and were super comfortable!

    The spikes are actually pretty sharp so if anyone gets too close to me……. 🙂

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