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    Sometime during college, I visited Anthropologie for the first time. It was like being in heaven. The style of the clothing wasn’t exactly my style though; too frou frou, too boho, etc.

    But I ended up finding this absolutely adorable white cape thing with a slight shearling feel to it. It was lovely, super cute, and perfect for winter. I thought if I paired it with earmuffs I’d look like a rabbit or something. I think [this is it](https://imgur.com/a/1iqMH44), but all of the second hand versions have been since sold out.

    But you can imagine, a jacket at Anthropologie was upwards of $150 or something, and since I was poor, I just couldn’t justify spending half my months allowance on it. Now I wish I went back in time and like, borrowed money for it or something. It is slightly frumpier than my current style, but I still think it’s cute for the wintertime and regret not splurging for it. I didn’t realize that Anthropologie doesn’t bring back styles and it’s haunted me since.

    What have you lot passed on, and have since really regretted it?



    Black low heeled leather booties. They come out every winter but not quite the same as the ones I wanted originally. One day maybe.



    A pair of Oxford heels on ModCloth that were absolutely perfect. Under two inches, cute, and vegan. As much as I love the look of high heels, I really, really want a low pair to work up to wearing the higher stuff, and there is literally no cuter pair of heels than Oxford heels. Unfortunately it seems like low Oxfords aren’t a mainstream look unless you want flats that look like men’s shoes, which I don’t.



    Just happened recently. Found the perfect pair of booties I have been relentlessly searching for, at Nordstrom Rack. Upon closer examination, it seemed like the item should have been a sale item (missing the box, obviously a return, no other shoe like it in the store). So I checked the Rack website to see if I could find it–I did, sold out in my size *and on sale.* I asked customer service if they price matched to their own website and they said no, very rudely. I was a bit annoyed with the way they responded, so looked up to see if I can find them anywhere else. Found the exact pair in my size on Poshmark, for the same price it was on sale for on Rack’s site. Immediately sent a request to purchase and put the shoes up. Seller ended up already selling the shoes on another site. Go back to NR swallowing my pride after looking EVERYWHERE for a dupe or the same shoe to no avail, only for it to be gone from the shelves 🙁



    This past summer I was thrifting in NYC and found a really cute maroon-ish hawaiian shirt. I went with a yellow/green/beige striped top (70’s vibes) instead but now I wish I bought that hawaiian shirt too because it’s a nice alternative to the blue one that I own. My reasoning for not getting it was that adding more Hawaiian shirts to my wardrobe was gonna get me into 2018 Justin Bieber territory.

    If you got a gut feeling and you’re normally super-picky about your wardrobe, GO FOR IT.



    I saw a red silk Chloé maxi dress in the charity shop. It was within my budget, my size, EVERYTHING but I decided not to buy it and put it back on the rack. Within seconds, another girl picked it up and brought it to the trying room.

    My friends talked me into buying the dress, so I loitered next to the design rack waiting for the girl to come out. If she put it back, I would buy it. If not, it wasn’t meant to be.

    WELL the girl bought the dress + two other high end dresses and I have been salty ever since.



    When I was 24 (so in 2010), my friends and I took a trip out to the LA area for a girls vacay. We did a lot of shopping and I bought a lot of cute clothes, but at one store, I found a pair of absolutely amazing little black suede booties. They had the most interesting heel – it was kind of like an inverted pyramid. They were heaven. I don’t know why I didn’t buy them.



    J Crew dutch floral pencil skirt from 2014/2015. If anyone has it in a size 12 or 14, hit me up. It was literally a piece of art.



    A gorgeous long wool coat with a fur collar at a second-hand store. I’m not even a fan of fur but I loved that coat. I was broke at the time so I couldn’t afford it.



    I found [this](https://www.lyst.com/clothing/helmut-lang-teddy-long-shearling-coat-navy/)
    incredible shearling Helmut Lang [overcoat](https://i.imgur.com/UkAOMGN.jpg) in a store in NYC a few winters ago marked down from $3000 to $700. It was honestly the most luxe gorgeous thing I’ve ever put on and it looked incredible. I was not about to spend $700 on a coat no matter how on sale it was (and I lived in Miami at the time) but the sheer perfection of it coupled with a discount I’ll definitely never see again haunts my dreams.



    There was a lilac leather tote by Isabella Fiore tote that I wanted like 10-15 years ago. It was one I had coveted for awhile and then it went on sale for like $200-ish. I had the the money but was short $20 and I asked to borrow it from my mom which she had never had a problem doing before. She said no because she thought it was too much money to spend on a bag. I’m still bitter about it and look for it on eBay every now and then but have never seen it. The funny thing is I kept saving my money and a few months later bought an even more expensive Anna Corinna city tote and I still use that bag regularly to this day.

    Also these Chloe Mary Janes which I never would’ve been able to afford anyway, but still. Rachel Bilson has them and sometimes she would wear them years later which always made me happy because at least someone else got them and seriously loved them.



    I moved to California about a year ago and gave away half of my clothes. I had this white lace gothic dress I had gotten from a Greek festival a few months prior but never wore because it didn’t really match my aesthetic at the time. I gave it away thinking while I loved the look and embroidery, I would probably never wear it.

    A few months ago I chopped off my long ashy blonde hair to a blunt A-line Bob and dyed it Platinum white. Now I am obsessed with this modern witchy gothic aesthetic and all I can think about is that white dress and how it is all I want to wear but will probably never be able to find again.



    I have two. Both from Nordstrom Rack. One is a beautiful white blazer. I even took a photo of me wearing it. I didn’t buy it. It was 2 and a half years ago and I still think about it.

    The second was a light blue dress that fit super well.



    Cameo the Label’s ‘[We are Young](http://wheretoget.it/link/1199775)’ dress in black and white. I couldn’t justify paying full price at the time, and when I found it secondhand and excitedly bought it, it turned out to be the peach colourway. I love the version I have, but the black and white is so timeless and perfect for every occasion and it haunts me that I didn’t just suck it up and buy it.



    About 7 years ago, at Gap, there was this army green shirt with John Lennon’s face on it. I didn’t have money at the time so I told myself I’d come back at the end of the month to get it. I went back and I never saw it again 🙁

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