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    What items do you own multiples of?



    Black shirts ever try to find your favorite black shirt in a pile of them?




    * Supima cotton tees (3 white, 3 gray, 3 black)
    * AIRISM mesh undershirts (12 charcoal, 2 light gray)
    * Black AIRISM boxer briefs (14)
    * Non-iron white dress shirts (2)
    * White OCBDs (2)
    * Navy chinos (2)
    * Socks (3p blue, 3p gray, 3p charcoal, 3p dress navy)


    * Suits (1 navy, 1 charcoal)
    * Denim (waxed black SLP D02s, vintage wash SLP D02s, black Acne Stay Max)
    * Jackets (TOJ black QDR, TOJ black varsity, black parka)
    * Sneakers (CPs, MMM GATs, NMDs, SLP breds)
    * Shoes (walnut Strands, black CP derbies)

    Over the years I’ve minimized to a personal uniform where I wear a variation of the same thing every day. Easily organized, laundry is simple (every two weeks), no time wasted in trying to figure out what to wear.



    Socks. I have a lot of em’.

    No seriously, do you mean an identical thing?

    Kirkland underwear and undershirts come in multiples, so I got this… I snagged a pair of Gap x AMI jeans in an off-price department store which I bought to replace my pair if it ever comes to need to be replaced… May end up on ebay.



    I’ve formed the bad habit of always buying two of the same shoe.



    Blue OCBDs
    Blue VTG deadstock chambray shirts
    White pocket tees



    [Black/grey skinny/slim jeans from varying brands. ](https://i.imgur.com/Avj1HCG.jpg)



    Uniqlo Supima T-shirt in several colors, comfortable, cheap, and fit great



    A Black t-shirt. Like I literally have a dozen of them.



    Solid heather-grey t-shirts (new Fruit of the Loom series sold at Target)

    Solid white Hanes Beefy tees

    …think that’s it.



    Clark Desert…Boots (7) Mali (3).



    Gap T’s, Gap denim, Goodfellow boxer briefs, Gap long sleeve waffle t’s, Uniqlo Polos, Gap OCBDs.

    I find one that fits and buy multiples b/c finding things to fit is hard for me.



    3x Patrik Ervell shirt jackets. One in forest camp and light insulation, one in grey jacquard and no insulation and one in black parachute nylon with some insulation

    There is no better piece of clothing for me – I just toss these on and I feel well dressed

    I also own 3 of the same wash of han kjobenhavn Jeans

    I own quite a few cardigans if we are talking categories



    4 pairs of ultraboost





    -white tee’s x5

    -white OCBD x3

    -gray sweatshirt x2

    -topcoat (gray and camel) x2

    -handful of texture knits



    Lots of white dress shirts.



    Depends on what you mean by “multiples of.”

    I have a lot of blue shirts. But I don’t know two or more of the same shirt.

    The only thing I own multiples of are these chambray pants that J.Crew made a few seasons back that are some of my favorite summer pants because they’re light, they breath well and they’re perfect for hot weather. After realizing “damn, these are good pants,” I caught a second pair on sale so that, in case I f—-ed up my first pair, I had a backup pair.



    About a dozen pairs of underwear and a dozen pairs of plain black socks.



    Allbirds. Obsessed with the fit (perfect for my wide feet), comfort level, material, and overall style. I have a pair in grey, taupe, yellow, and light blue/salmon. Also doesn’t hurt that I get plenty of compliments about them.



    White dress shirts






    underpants. i own fifteen la sourire des plombier boxers. of which most are the same model. they’re just the best at what they do. i also own two identical light-blue crewneck undershirts by icebreaker, for similar reasons.



    I love the JCrew French terry sweatshirts. Got one in classic grey, cream, navy and forest green. Super comfy, fit is great and the quality has been excellent too. I only wish I could wear them more often throughout the year.



    Black long sleeve thermal shirts from walmart. 10 bucks a pop, girlfriend likes them on me, i like them for cold work days. Really show the guns, helps get the huns.



    Four pairs of skinny dark khaki chinos from Hollister that I picked up for super cheap a while back.

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