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    I’m trying to pare down my wardrobe as a whole, leaning towards minimalism (but not full on I own three dress shirts and that all I need type of minimalism). What jackets do you think are essential / the most versatile for a men’s wardrobe? I’m trying to limit it to 6-10 overall. This would be a for a range of styles and for a climate that is somewhere between 20-40 in winter.



    >minimalist wardrobe

    >6-10 jackets


    Minimalist would have 2 or 3 likely.

    Hell most people I know wear 1 to 2 jackets, I just figure since people on here are more fashion-forward, they’d probably want like 3 or 4 or 5.



    > minimalist

    > 6-10

    Lol that’s a lot of jackets.

    I have a dark grey pea coat, a navy Harrington and a black leather and it has me covered. Except in the Massachusetts winter when style goes our the window and I wear a big parka



    My picks (top 5) would be a suede bomber, navy harrington, dark denim, olive field and brown or black leather jacket depending on your aesthetic. All versatile and stylish jackets IMO.



    classic overcoat or peacoat. Both very versatile



    An ultralight down puffy and a rain shell are the only two jackets you need to cover any range of temps outside extreme extreme cold. But if you’re looking at 6-10 then you can pick like one of every style jacket imaginable. There really aren’t more than 10 categories I can think of



    6-8 styles (choose as per your personal preference, line of profession, and climate):

    – Bomber Jacket (Black, Navy, or Olive)

    – Black Leather Jacket (Biker or Cafe Racer style)

    – Harrington Jacket (Navy or Olive)

    – Denim Jacket (Light or Dark rinse)

    – Shirt Jacket / Chore Coat (Navy, Khaki, or Olive)

    – Peacoat (Navy) or Overcoat (Black, Charcoal, or Camel)

    – Raincoat or Parka (Black or Navy)

    Note: I’m not a minimalist, in fact I own most of these outerwear in my wardrobe, but I adore minimalist fashion.



    I have one jacket. Goretex shell. If it’s wet i wear it. If it’s cold and wet I wear a sweater underneath. If it’s really cold I wear a coat.

    I think you need to look up minimalism again.



    Overcoat, suede bomber/leather jacket, olive/navy military jacket.



    you can get that down to 3 items reasonably.

    * Rain coat – to be used in warmer months as a standalone or during colder months to go over your layers. Mac or Anorak.
    * Parka – there’s no substitute when it’s icy, but you can skip it if winters are mild where you live.
    * Formalwear – Your average formality level should be taken into account here. Some people can live without. Topcoats are nice.



    A classic denim trucker. It can go from fall to spring and an awesome layer in the winter. Medium/light to medium wash.



    Olive field and/or classic trucker



    Leather jacket is one of the most versatile piece.



    Gotta love peacoats for the versatility, which seems to be the consensus.



    a dressier jacket, a casual jacket, and the rest should be functional jackets for the weather w/ insulated & base layers.



    Every man needs a “dress” jacket, one you might wear over your suit to a funeral or wedding in winter. Usually black, but dark grays can work too. I have a j.crew herringbone English Tweed topcoat for just the occasion. It’s also not so formal that I can’t wear it around the town on errands. Found it like new at a thrift store for $25.



    If I HAD to pick, I’d bring my brown leather jacket, my zegna sports jacket, my heavy Paul shark cotton/cashmere jacket & my ted baker trench-coat



    Wool peacoat, wear open when warmer, wear a sweater under it when colder.

    I wear my peacoat the most, when it’s warmer than 60 sometimes I switch to a light chore/barn jacket.

    6-10 is a lot for a minimalist wardrobe I think.



    Coat (pea coat), black or blue trucker and be something weaterproof like bedale



    I posted my “dad” wardrobe earlier today and someone just said I have a minimalist wardrobe which is fine I guess I’m not sure but I have a olive military type jacket and navy chore jacket.



    My essentials; colors don’t matter as much as long as it fits into your entire wardrobe scheme and can go with any outfit.

    Windbreaker, Hoodie, Leather Jacket or Denim Jacket, Knee length Rain Coat, and a Great Coat/Overcoat.



    Peacoat (schott,military issue,or stirlingwear… in that order.)
    Parka(military issue n3b)

    Maybe add in a leather motorcycle jacket



    I have a casual overcoat (but a peacoat might be more versatile), a warm tweed blazer, a lightweight summer blazer, and a zipper sweatshirt. Not including the non-stylish stuff I keep for sailing, I think that’s it. I’d like to add a trucker jacket and upgrade the overcoat at some point.



    I have that many and I have way more than I need! Peacoat, wool trench, bomber, windbreaker (may be combined with the bomber), jacket for errands/gym/hiking/athleisure, light but stylish jacket for fall and spring.

    Colors would vary by your pallet, obviously.



    the one that fits your personal style that can withstand various temperatures?

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