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    I’m a tall girl who just discovered lacy/ruffled top extenders for the first time. I weep for all the cute, too-short shirts I never got to wear before now. What’s an article that you’ve found is super useful/handy/cool? I’m wondering if I’m missing out on anything else like this, or at least not utilizing certain articles to their full extent!



    Camis. My mom failed to inform me that they were a thing (i.e. people wore them regularly under clothes, rather than individually in the 90s spaghetti strap sense) and I discovered them well into adulthood. Now I’ve finally stopped shivering in my work blouses and complaining about the AC. Also reduces my dry cleaning. The Jockey Elance cami has been my favorite for summers. Uniqlo Heat tech for winters. I also buy skirt slips since more and more of my dress skirts come unlined (or of such thin fabric they might as well be). You could say I go full on granny with my underwear.

    Also, bra strap holders. I learned what these are from a poster here actually, and now I regularly look for them in dresses and sleeveless shirts (and sew them in when they don’t come with them).



    Invisible socks! These skimpy socks have a slightly adhesive rubbery spot on the heel to stay up, while being “invisible” under most shoes. My favorite brands are Vans, Nike, and Stance.



    Sports bras for under tops/dresses that are too low cut. (Bralettes also work, i just havent found many that are supportive enough) i hate wearing a cami under a dress, especally in summer!



    Jockeys Skimmies slipshorts! They are perfect for wearing under jersery maxi dresses that are a teeny bit sheer, or under shorter dresses in case of accidental exposure.



    Shapewear. Specifically Spanx. I don’t wear flowy dresses without it for jiggle management. Even tighter dresses look better because it gives a smooth silhouette.



    I basically never wear sleeveless stuff casually, but I found out a couple years ago that some dresses come with [bra strap guards](https://www.seamwork.com/issues/2018/07/creating-bra-strap-guards) you can clip your straps into so they don’t fall down your shoulders and then I immediately sewed them into every sleeveless cocktail or black tie gown I own. So easy. So smart.



    There are also lacy skirt extenders, if you’re into that look.



    Wool socks by a quality manufacturer! Cozy, comfortable, breathable, resistant to smell, don’t retain moisture, warm but not hot, no weird holes or seam rips… I’ll never go back.



    Tunic full length camis. There are so many shirts, I could have worn as well.



    Wait. Wait wait wait.

    Where do I find this magic?



    For me personally? [Spanx High-Waisted Shaping Sheers](https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/spanx-luxe-high-waist-shaping-pantyhose/4245429?origin=coordinating-4245429). They make it so that I don’t have to layer my undergarments when I want to wear a dress (or skirt); they’re all consolidated into a single article of clothing. It may be pricey, but for me they’re worth it.

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