What on earth am I supposed to wear when it’s 93 F out still and yet mid-September?: An Inspo Album!

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    **edited to add: I’m not actually asking the group, although you’re welcome to pitch in with ideas about what to wear—that’s just the title of the album inspiration 🙂

    I have two modes in my inspo albums: total fantasy and fun OR solving or trying to solve realistic problems.

    It’s in the low 90s Fahrenheit in the Southwest and Western US right now yet it’s mid-September and breezy tropical brights, all white, and nautical stripes aren’t *doing it* for me right now, ya know?

    But layers of wool, heavy chunky tunics and leggings, tall boots, tweeds, velvets, corduroy: yeah, no way.

    I pulled together an album of lightweight, breezy, comfortable and fun clothes that I feel have an autumnal vibe:

    [Gossamer: A Heat Wave Fall album](https://imgur.com/a/6N6rE3d)

    The tones and colors of changing leaves, details like leather, heavier cable knits, rich subdued colors make it fall, but lightweight layers, open, flowing silhouettes, and looser styles make it breathable for a burnished, oh so hot early fall.

    [Pinterest album: will be added to a bit more, but runs the risk of being deleted to make room for new albums as time goes on](https://www.pinterest.com/naokel79/gossamer-hot-fall-outfits/)



    Amazing idea but its still way too hot to wear any of these outfits 😭



    Where are all the dresses and skirts? This, IMHO, seems like the most practical option.

    I love this aspect of hot weather–i don’t have to cover up in pants and a million layers.



    I live in a desert climate and I feel you on this; fall is my favorite season. I’m really digging the wide legged pants comeback and light materials in this album (that overall outfit is adorable). Color combos seem to usher in a fall feeling so we can at least pretend!



    Ohhh I feel you on this. In Germany it’s going to be 30 C again and I’m like summer fuck off already. You have had your turn this year, please make way for milder temperatures.



    Nothing. Just go nude. Screw it. Screw Mother Nature.

    Kidding. It’s been back up in the high 80s and humid in Minnesota. I hate life. I was so excited for fall. At this rate we will have two days of fall and then a snow storm will hit.



    I’m in Northern California and taking advantage of this weird in between season to wear all the clothes I have that don’t make sense for any season. Long sleeved shirt dress with short hem! Mesh 3/4 sleeve blouse and destroyed denim pencil skirt! Fall dress that I ordered online without noticing the pointless cut outs!

    The seasons don’t make sense here and neither does my closet.



    Same. But tis the burden of the South lol it doesn’t get really cold till maybe Thanksgiving? Right now I’m wearing either jeans and layers up top like light cardigans or fall colored scarves with neutral shirts, or a maybe dress/cardigan combo. Basically, I HAVE to wear light layers or I’ll die of heat stroke but I make it fall with the colors and patterns. I’m picturing Tyra Banks saying “Make it autumn, but cool” lol



    I’m feeling the spirit of this collection, but it’s still just way too humid and hot in Kentucky for any of that. I’m sweating just looking at that turtle neck.



    Oh, I am so happy wide legged pants are in! I got some cream linen in a sale (M&S, £12.50!!) and figured they were just a leftover from summer so I could squeeze a couple of wears out of them (in the UK and expecting an Indian summer for a day or two…) but now I’m thinking about a dark green or burgundy knits and them actually making it through AW ☺️



    AKA The Climate Change Inspiration Album!



    I usually start off by pairing lighter weight sweaters with shorts! That way I’m not completely dying outside but I’m also not freezing inside. For some reason the shorts + sweater combo has become one of my faves for transitioning in the fall & spring.



    You mean to tell me that there are places where 80-90-something degree heat isn’t typical for September? I’ve never lived somewhere that felt like fall during the day before October. In maybe another week, the late evenings and nighttime will feel fallish but right now it’s still 84 and that’s normal…



    Linen. It’s linen season, toned with warm colors or deep ones. I love linen season!



    Aaaand I looked at this album then promptly changed my outfit to something more warm autumn appropriate lol… thanks for the added laundry 😉



    Canada is like that since ever…. Just keep wearing your summer clothes but carry a sweater. Solved



    OP, i feel you so hard. it was 90 yesterday, and it’s 87 today.

    i’m in minnesota. i’ve been hiding in my dorm room so i can wear a hoodie and pretend it’s cold outside.

    ~~fuck this shit and fuck climate change~~



    I am infinitely jealous! Where am in Canada it’s currently snowing (which is a bit unusual for mid September. ) I love the idea behind your album though!



    I LOVE that first outfit (the second picture). Any recs for where I can find something like that?



    I keep telling myself that fall doesn’t actually start until the end of September so I’m still wearing summer clothes! 😉



    I’m still shaving my legs. Not officially fall yet 😩



    These are great!

    Is there some way to see the photos on imgur without the gnarly compression issue? Maybe it’s just me but the imgur album is super pixelated on my screen 🙁



    Phoenix here. It was 104 today. Fashion is for November-May. Hahaha. ~~Help me.~~ This is a great album though. I wish that loose linen look worked on me.



    Love it!



    I gave up trying to dress for the season. With a, maybe, two month exception, it’s spring/summer all year round.

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